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Chapter 742: Great Chaos Essence Palm

Instinctively, Su Zimo wanted to release a killing move of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering, when he was faced with the punch with a torrential might that resembled an emperor looking down on the world!

This was his combat instinct.

Combat instinct was for someone to make the right call and judgment through muscle memory. Although one might be in a blank state of mind at the moment of an enemy’s attack, their bodies can react without thinking!

At many times, it wasn’t because someone could not see the attacks of their enemies – it was because it was too late by the time they thought about how to deal with the attack or dodge it.

Their talent in melee combat relied entirely on their instincts!

However, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly recalled that Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and was considered as a technique of demons!

At this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had cultivated the killing moves in the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness to a point where he was mentally and physically harmonized with it in a mysterious manner!

If the bystanders were to close their eyes, instead of Su Zimo, they would witness a Sanguine Ape Demon King with a torrential blood stench and killing intent in their minds instead of Su Zimo!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi and the others would definitely attack him!

That single thought caused Su Zimo to hesitate and his aura was disadvantaged instantly!

He did not have time to counterattack and could only defend passively.

In that flustered moment, Su Zimo merely managed to prop his arms up.

By then, Di Yin’s fist had already descended!


Their flesh and bones collided!


Su Zimo’s bloodline gushed and he staggered a step back!

Up till this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had been in many fights and overwhelmed countless strong foes. However, this was the first time that someone could knock him back in melee combat!

He lost the initiative with a single distracted thought!

A monster incarnate like Di Yin would definitely not let that opportunity slip.

Di Yin strode forward and hurled his arms, smashing down like a steel whip violently on Su Zimo!

The wind howled!

Su Zimo had a calm expression that had no trace of panic. His bloodline surged with the sound of raging tides as his bones crackled.


Su Zimo threw out a punch along Di Yin’s arm!

A ball of blinding light was released by that punch!

Six spirit patterns, a connate spirit weapon!

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

That connate spirit glove was obtained by Su Zimo from the Glass Palace cultivators he destroyed early on when he entered the ancient battlefield.

No matter how strong or tough Di Yin’s body or arm was, he could not withstand the impact of a connate spirit weapon!

Di Yin’s lips curled and a mocking look flashed through his eyes.

Just as his arm was about to make contact with the connate spirit weapon, Di Yin changed tactics and spread his arms. His fist opened up and he slapped down on Su Zimo’s head with his palm!


Di Yin roared with a murderous intent!


Su Zimo’s expression changed.

There was a powerful mincing force from Di Yin’s palm.

It was like a gigantic mill that suppressed Su Zimo’s fist at the bottom, swiveling, suppressing and mincing continuously!

In fact, the energy it gave off had already penetrated the surface of the glove and was acting on Su Zimo’s fist directly!

Su Zimo could clearly feel his fist and arm being pushed down by a gigantic mill but he could not break free at all!

“Great Chaos Essence Palm!”

In the crowd below, Lin Xuanji murmured softly with a grim expression.

The Great Chaos Essence Palm was a secret skill unique to Chaos Essence Sect and was extremely frightening.

At its limit, a single palm strike was enough to split mountains!

Cultivators that wore connate-grade defensive spirit weapons would appear fine on the surface. However, their organs would be ruptured into sludge, killing them completely!

The Great Chaos Essence Palm ground through everything!

Even a connate spirit energy could not withstand the grinding power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm.


Su Zimo staggered another step back and shrugged his arm gently, secretly alarmed.

If he had not released Tidal Might at the very last moment, his arm would have been crippled and he would have been severely injured after that exchange!

Su Zimo had not procrastinated for the past few years after the Asura, Yan Beichen, imparted to him the Tidal Manual.

There were a total of nine levels to Tidal Might.

Right now, Su Zimo was at Level 3.


Di Yin was even more alarmed.

Under normal circumstances, there was no way Su Zimo would be able to defend the instant he changed tactics during their fight and released the Great Chaos Essence Palm.

However, the moment they collided, three layers of power surged forth from Su Zimo’s fist, resembling crushing tides!

That power was the thing that dispersed the grinding power of his Great Chaos Essence Palm.

There was no time for him to ponder deeper about that question during a fight.

Now that Di Yin had the initiative and a tremendous aura, there was no way he was going to give up on his superior position as he charged forward once again. He extended his arm and crushed down on Su Zimo once more!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dull thuds of their collisions sounded repeatedly.

Di Yin pushed in continuously.

Su Zimo was forced back endlessly.

Back at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, Di Yin revealed his frightening talent in melee combat and even managed to cancel out killing moves of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness in succession.

Now that Su Zimo was unable to make use of his demonic techniques, his strength was significantly reduced and he could not release many melee combat killing moves as well.

He was hard-pressed to reverse the situation in that short period of time and was suppressed by Di Yin constantly – he could be killed at any moment!

“Sigh, the difference between them is too great. To think that Di Yin would suppress Su Zimo right from the start of the battle. Su Zimo is completely helpless.”

“That’s right, the only thing that remains is how long Su Zimo can survive.”

“Although he has the title of the strongest monster incarnate in history, he is still inferior compared to Di Yin.”

“Actually, the situation can be considered rather decent. The fact that Su Zimo is able to withstand so many attacks from Di Yin is already proof of his strength.”

The crowd discussed.

Little Fatty and the others had grim, nervous expressions and their bodies were strung tensely, afraid that something might happen to Su Zimo.


At the side, Lin Xuanji was extremely calm as he pointed to the two people on the stone platform. “Take a good look. Although Zimo seems disadvantaged and has been on the retreat, there aren’t any signs of his defeat. This still remains an extremely close fight.”

On the stone platform, Di Yin’s flurry of attacks was getting faster and more intense.

His agility was frighteningly fast as he flickered left and right.

His palm technique was even more terrifying as hundreds of afterimages from his palm rained down from above and all directions, pushing towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo had a calm expression. Although he was on the retreat, the glint in his eyes merely intensified!

Even without his demonic capabilities, he had many trump cards still!


All of a sudden!

A Sanskrit word boomed without warning!

Su Zimo uttered Sanskrit and clasped his palms together. His forefingers made contact while his other four fingers intercrossed into a mysterious spirit seal.

After he conjured that spirit seal, Su Zimo stopped retreating instantly.

It was as though roots had grown beneath his feet that connected him with the stone platform – his body was unshakable like a mountain!

Di Yin shuddered.

His bloodline and spirit energy was interrupted by that Sanskrit word and there was a momentary sluggishness!

At the same time, his Great Chaos Essence Palm was slightly affected as well.

Above the clouds, the expressions of several Nascent Souls from the Buddhist sects changed as they exclaimed, “Immovable Foundation Seal!”

Even Monk Yin Lu let out a beguiled expression as he muttered softly, “How is that possible?”

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