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Chapter 743: Trump Cards

The Immovable Foundation Seal was a top-tier Dharmic seal from the Daming True Sutra of the Buddhist monasteries.

However, the Daming True Sutra was lost along with the annihilation of Daming Monastery.

To think the World Cleansing Green Lotus phenomenon of Fahua Monastery was not the only thing that reappeared during this Phenomenon Ranking – a lost Dharmic seal of Daming Monastery was here as well!

Monk Yuan Kong, Monk Wei Fu and a few other Nascent Souls of the Buddhist monasteries exchanged bright glances.

The Immovable Foundation Seal possessed an extremely frightening defensive capability when it was released together with the Daming Mantra.

Rooting a foundation to the ground like an immovable mountain!

When Di Yin’s Great Chaos Essence Palm landed on Su Zimo, streams of divinely Buddha light were triggered and a tremendous amount of energy was reflected.

Su Zimo did not budge at all!

As for Di Yin, his torrential flurry of attacks paused momentarily.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and his lips moved as he uttered another Sanskrit word.


The Sanskrit rang throughout the world.

At the same time, he reached out with his palm and another Buddhist Dharmic seal was formed as spirit energy gushed.

A bright golden palm appeared in midair with outstretched fingers, resembling a jail that moved to imprison Di Yin.

It was one of the Daming Dharmic Seals, Immortal Trap Seal!

Even immortals could be trapped by that Dharmic seal!

Su Zimo managed to stabilize the situation with the Immovable Foundation Seal and counterattacked for the first time!

Di Yin was expressionless and the muscles on his ears twitched, causing them to close sinisterly in the direction of his cheeks – the sound of the outside world was entirely blocked off!

With that, the power of the Daming Mantra decreased significantly right away.

“Annihilation Sword Qi!”

Against the incoming gigantic golden palm of the Immortal Trap Seal, Di Yin let out a long howl and his fingers shuffled to create a hand seal, causing a gray, hazy stream of sword qi to burst forth from his fingertip.

The sword qi streaked through the air and devoured the life and spirit qi in the voids completely!

“That’s a secret skill of the Human Emperor!”

As the current generation’s legacy disciple of Enigma Palace, Lin Xuanji was knowledgeable and recognized the background of that sword qi right away. “Di Yin has indeed obtained the legacy of the Human Emperor.”


A jarring sound was released as the sword qi glided across the golden palm.

Instantly, a gray scar appeared in the middle of the palm.


The golden palm was sliced into two parts by that sword qi!

“Is that all you’ve got?”

Di Yin sneered.

Before his laughter stopped, he was overwhelmed by the deafening sounds of sword qi blanketing the air.

Clang! Clang!

Streams of sword qi streaked one after another through the void in a blinding manner.

There were 27 flying swords and all of them were at supreme-grade.

Furthermore, each individual sword shone with blinding lightning with electric currents that coiled around them in an extraordinary manner.

The flying swords followed a unique trajectory and left scars in midair, rapidly forming an extremely sharp formation!

“Ah, to think that it’s a sword formation!”

“Who would have expected that Su Zimo had that up his sleeves.”

In the crowd, the paragon of Ancient Array Sect gazed at the stone platform, frowning in deep thoughts.

Although the gleam from the sword formation was so frightening, he could not identify its origin!

“Have a taste of my capabilities as well!”

Su Zimo shouted and controlled the Level 3 Illumination Sword Formation, engulfing it over Di Yin.

Sword qi buzzed and swiveled endlessly in midair like a blazing sun – it gave off a destructive aura as though it could rip everything apart!



Sanskrit sounded once more.

Both Su Zimo’s hands shuffled to form different spirit seals and his Golden Core spun. Spirit energy gushed, forming a halo with a saintly glow behind his head.

The Fiend Suppression Seal and Demon Subduing Seal!

Two other Daming Dharmic Seals appeared at the same time!

Two gigantic golden palms surfaced and crushed Di Yin from two different directions!

It was not over yet!

After he released the two Dharmic seals of the Buddhist monasteries, Su Zimo channeled a mental technique and gestured as though he was hugging a ball in the air in front of him. A flare burst forth in his palms and a fireball was gathered!


Su Zimo pointed forward.

The humongous fireball bolted forward and the temperature in the void climbed rapidly.

While it was in midair, the fireball suddenly exploded into dozens of fist-sized fireballs, raining down like a fire rain of a spewing volcano!

“Instant Thunder!”

Dark clouds lined up above Di Yin’s head and spun continuously, forming a gigantic pitch-black vortex. Lightning flashed, thunder crackled and the entire world spun.

A thunderbolt thicker than a water bucket struck down ferociously towards Di Yin!




At that moment, more than a hundred thousand cultivators beneath the stone platform and the 17 Nascent Souls were dumbstruck with shock in their eyes.

Nobody expected Su Zimo’s counterattack to be this domineering, sharp, ferocious and suffocating!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo released multiple spirit arts and secret skills.

Apart from the sword formation, there were even lost secret skills of the Buddhist monasteries, fire spirit arts and thunder spirit arts that Zephyr Thunder Palace specialized in…

Ren Tu, Xu Cheng and everyone else watched with widened eyes. If they had to face such a terrifying attack, they would only be able to escape if they released their Golden Core phenomenon!

Di Yin narrowed his eyes without a trace of panic in them.


He controlled Annihilation Sword Qi and struck the core of Illumination Sword Formation!

That was the brightest spot of the sword formation and also its weakest point.

Instantly, Illumination Sword Formation shattered.

Annihilation Sword Qi dimmed lifelessly and dissipated from the world as well.

“Mountain Support Technique!”

Di Yin shuffled his hands rapidly and conjured a spirit art, creating two spirit mountains that towered into the clouds in front of him that shielded him from the two Dharmic seals of the Buddhist monasteries!

Bang! Bang!

The two Dharmic seals collided against the spirit mountains and let out deafening explosions!


Di Yin opened his mouth and a terrifying air current transformed into a cyclone in midair, extinguishing the incoming fireballs!


All the cultivators gasped when they saw that.

This was beyond the scope of spirit arts and secret skills.

Even if everyone present had the method of cultivating that secret skill, none of them would be able to do it.

It required an extremely powerful lung; without the support of an immensely strong bloodline and organs, one’s lungs would explode if they released that secret skill!

The only thing that troubled Di Yin was Instant Thunder!

It was too fast.

Di Yin did not have time to conjure a spirit art and secret skill to defend against it.

He raised his head.

His pupils constricted swiftly like a round moon that was being devoured, leaving nothing but a pair of crescent moons surrounded by a milky white shade.

His visual technique, Eclipse Eye!

Two cold beams shone in Di Yin’s eyes.

Right in front of everyone, the thick thunderbolt that descended from midair was sliced apart by the two cold beams, turning into pieces that sizzled wildly!

That was the power of visual techniques.

A frightening burst of killing power could be released with just a pair of eyes!

Di Yin released secret skills in succession and defended the entirety of Su Zimo’s frightening attack!

For the cultivators watching below, it felt as though the world had opened up.

“Well, well, well!”

Di Yin nodded repeatedly with a cold gaze that did not conceal his killing intent and shouted, “There has never been a cultivator who could force me to use my spirit weapon in a hundred years. You’re the first!”

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