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Chapter 741: Final Battle

There were only two ranking battles remaining.

The top four of the Phenomenon Ranking was going to be determined with the two battles!

The next battle was between Ren Tu of Asura Sect and Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace.

The fight between them was even more intense!

Both of them were almost representative of the peak of the Golden Core realm for the immortal and fiend sects.

After a thousand years, there was finally another cultivator from Asura Sect who managed to fuse Corpse Mountain and Blood Sea together and burst forth with a frightening might.

At the same time, Xu Cheng was also one of the few paragons in Zephyr Thunder Palace that managed to cultivate the Apocalyptic Five Thunders!

Both of them possessed a myriad of cultivation techniques and secret skills from the Dao of the immortals and fiends.

Lightning flashed in a blinding manner and the blood sea raged with a torrential blood stench on the stone platform.

The power of thunder was the most effective counter against evil and fiends.

However, Ren Tu’s fiend techniques were way too terrifying and there were at least thousands of vengeful souls circling him with a sinister aura – even the power of thunder could not purge them completely!

Both of them had met a strong foe.

It was only after a grueling duel when they were both almost exhausted that Ren Tu stood out with a slight edge to claim victory!

The end of that battle meant that the ranking of the new Phenomenon Ranking was almost entirely determined!

There was only one last battle left.

All eyes were on this!

It was destined that among the two of them, one person was going to leave an unparalleled mark in history today!

Di Yin opened his eyes with a deep gaze. As though he had fused into the universe, his aura became chaotic, ethereal and unfathomable!

He rested with his eyes closed throughout the entire ranking battle earlier on and was not bothered to watch.

Be it Monk Jian Kong, Ming Zhen, Ren Tu, Xu Cheng or anyone else, their fights were not worthy of his time!

It was only at that moment that Di Yin rose slowly.

An ancient aura of a lord overlooking the world was exuded and the cultivators present felt their hearts skip a beat!

Even people the likes of Ren Tu and Xu Cheng frowned at the sight of Di Yin at that moment as a feeling of uncontrollable defeat surged into their hearts.

It was way too scary!

Before he even attacked, the pressure he exerted on everyone in the vicinity was already this terrifying!

Not many people have witnessed Di Yin fight ever since he obtained the top spot of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago.

That was because there were not many cultivators that were worthy of him fighting.

To think that a monster incarnate would appear out of thin air 20 years ago and similar to him, left a name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele that would last through eternity!

“Be careful,”

Lin Xuanji reminded with a voice transmission, “I heard from seniors in my sect that he is not only terrifyingly talented, he is even blessed with great fortune. He managed to obtain a legacy of the Golden Core realm left behind by the Human Emperor in a ruin!”

“It is said that this legacy of the Golden Core realm is complete and is superior to many secret skills, spirit arts and even body tempering techniques of Glass Palace and Overlord Palace!”

“He is definitely not inferior to you in melee combat!”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

Lin Xuanji was not wrong.

They had a short melee combat exchange previously at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, resulting in broken bones and light injuries for the both of them.

Up till this point of Su Zimo’s cultivation, Di Yin was the only one who could defend and even undo a killing move of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

However, that was ten years ago.

Su Zimo’s Golden Core had not fully recovered ten years ago.

He was also not at the perfected stage for his Inner Core.

For the past ten years, he took in the spirit water at the backyard of the old temple continuously and his body was refined further to a terrifying degree.

After he entered the ancient battlefield, he obtained the refinement of the electric pool in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair and right now, his Inner Core was already at the perfected stage!

Su Zimo believed that if he channeled his Golden Core and Inner Core at the same time and released his blood qi together, that amount of power was something that even Di Yin who had obtained the legacy of the Human Emperor would not be able to endure!

Right then, Di Yin turned around slowly. He gazed at Su Zimo who was not far away and said slowly.

“I’ll let you accomplish something. Among the paragons that leave their names on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele, you will be the one that dies the fastest!”


That confidence came from his hundred unrivaled years!

A tremendous pressure gushed over.

When it reached Su Zimo, it dissipated silently into emptiness.

Su Zimo had a calm expression and replied indifferently, “I have the same intentions as well,”

Di Yin smiled in disdain and flashed.

Su Zimo leaped at almost the same time and the two of them arrived on the stone platform.

“I’ll make one thing clear beforehand,”

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Hun Yi spoke, “This Phenomenon Ranking belongs to the human race. I don’t care if you’re a demon or just someone who has cultivated demonic cultivation techniques, I forbid you from using any means available to demons!”

“If you dare use any of them, I’ll kill you personally!”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi said the last sentence with a cold, murderous aura!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun frowned slightly.

With that, the battle became unfavorable for Su Zimo.

How long could Su Zimo last in Di Yin’s hands after his demonic capabilities?

Perfected Lord Yu Jun wanted to speak but stopped.

Although he wanted to help, he could not refute Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s words.

After all, this was a fight for the Phenomenon Ranking.

If someone chose to compete for the Phenomenon Ranking using means of the demon race, it would definitely be somewhat inappropriate and incur objections.

“Su Zimo, if you disagree, we can forfeit this battle,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply, “The rewards for the second place of the Phenomenon Ranking are decent as well.”

Su Zimo could tell that Perfected Lord Yu Jun had his interests at heart.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was worried that half of Su Zimo’s combat strength would be crippled without access to his demonic capabilities – he might be killed by Di Yin on the stone platform without a chance to even escape!

“Su Zimo, are you afraid? Are you thinking of running?” Di Yin’s eyes were filled with mockery.


Su Zimo sneered and said slowly, “I can still suppress you even without demonic capabilities!”

“Well, well, well!”

Di Yin’s eyes shone as he nodded. “Let’s see what you have to suppress me!”


No one saw how Di Yin exerted his strength but in a flash, he appeared right in front of Su Zimo.

They were dozens of feet apart but he closed in instantly at an extremely fast speed!


The sound of Di Yin’s blood flow echoed from within his body like a raging tide.

Tsunami blood!

That was the highest realm of the power of bloodline!

Even Xi Wuya of Glass Palace and Pang Yue of Overlord Palace who specialized in body tempering were not at that level.


A gigantic fist flew out and expanded gradually.

A torrential power crushed forward as though it could destroy all living things!

The air current in the void was compressed to its limits and became incomparably scorching!

“They’ve begun!”

“So fast!”

“To think that it’s a melee combat fight!”

A series of exclamations broke out from the crowd.

All the cultivators knew that melee combat was the most dangerous.

For paragons and monster incarnates of that level, a split second was all that was required to secure victory in a melee combat fight!

A split second was the difference between life and death!

All the cultivators present watched with widened eyes and did not dare to blink, afraid that they might miss out on anything in that brief moment.

Little Fatty and the others tensed up subconsciously as well with nervous expressions on their faces.

They did not know whether Su Zimo could defend against the frighteningly powerful attacks of Di Yin without his demonic capabilities!

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