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Chapter 730: Joining Dapamkara

Monk Yuan Kong looked terrible.

On the clouds, Monk Wei Fu of Diamond Monastery asked indifferently, “Monk Yin Lu, there has never been a disciple of Dapamkara Monastery that inherited its legacy and took part in the Phenomenon Ranking in all these years. You guys are nothing but an embarrassment, so what are you doing all the way here at Myriad Phenomenon City?”

“I’m here to select a disciple,” Monk Yin Lu smiled gently.

In Myriad Phenomenon City, any itinerant cultivator with a stellar performance would naturally be invited by the various super sects to join them.

However, it was difficult for the Buddhist monasteries to accept disciples and their requirements were extremely stringent.

There were extremely few people who cultivated Buddhism in Tianhuang Mainland to begin with.

Even less Buddhist cultivators could pass through the various obstacles and make their way here – almost all of them came from the six Buddhist monasteries or the 108 upper sects.


Monk Yuan Kong sneered, “Dapamkara Monastery is here to choose a disciple? How laughable? Who is going to join you guys?”

Su Zimo was puzzled.

No matter what, Dapamkara Monastery was one of the six Buddhist monasteries. As a super sect, they could also be considered as a place of pilgrimage for all Buddhist cultivators in the world – why would nobody be willing to join them?

Demoness Ji explained, “The cultivation techniques and secret skills of Dapamkara Monastery are famous for being difficult to comprehend. Many wise Buddhist cultivators that joined Dapamkara Monastery end their lives without much of an accomplishment.”

“Dapamkara Monastery has few disciples and is extremely isolated. Many monks spend their days sitting before the ancient Buddha accompanied by a green lantern all alone. That is something that most ordinary people cannot withstand.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized.

It was no wonder why there were no legacy disciples of Dapamkara Monastery in the intermediate ancient battlefield as well as the elementary ancient battlefield 20 years ago.

That was most likely the most important reason!

“Of course.”

Demoness Ji continued, “While the cultivation techniques of Dapamkara Monastery are obscure and cultivating them is almost impossible, if one manages to obtain the legacy, they become extremely powerful. It’s no exaggeration to say that they will be supreme across the Buddhist monasteries!”

Monk Yin Lu was not troubled by Monk Yuan Kong’s ridicules and merely snapped his finger with a chuckle. “I’ve already selected a candidate. Young friend, if you don’t mind, you can join Dapamkara Monastery for your cultivation.”

Monk Yin Lu was pointing towards Ming Zhen!

Monk Yuan Kong sneered mockingly, “This young monk has a glib tongue and is only good at talking. How strong can he be? Can he even obtain a spot on the Phenomenon Ranking?”

“His capabilities and strength are not important,”

Monk Yin Lu shook his head. “He has wisdom and a deep understanding and comprehension towards the teachings of Buddhism, that alone is enough. Furthermore, it’s not a bad thing to have a glib tongue.”

“Legend has it that Buddha was able to spit out lotuses while speaking. In fact, flowers will rain from the skies and the floor will be filled with golden lotuses with countless Buddhas appearing through the air!”

“How can this dirty-mouthed kid be compared to Buddha, how laughable! In the long run, Dapamkara Monastery’s legacy is going to be lost!” Monk Wei Fu shook his head.

The other cultivators looked on with mocking expressions as well.

In their opinions, although Ming Zhen was good with his words and had a deep comprehension towards the teachings of Buddhism, what use was that?

It wasn’t as though he could subdue his opponents just by relying on his mouth.

At the end of the day, overwhelming capabilities were required to subdue evil and fiends!

Di Yin was the only one in the endless crowd that frowned.

While the others did not know of Ming Zhen’s background, he knew!

“Young friend, are you willing?”

Monk Yin Lu was not bothered by the gazes of outsiders and merely looked at Ming Zhen, asking with a smile.

Ming Zhen was a little lost and looked at Su Zimo beside him instinctively.

Su Zimo mulled for a moment before nodding.

Although the cultivation environment of Dapamkara Monastery was somewhat boring, it was nothing to Ming Zhen.

If Ming Zhen could adapt to life at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he would naturally feel at home in the cultivation environment of Dapamkara Monastery.

For Ming Zhen, the difficulty of the obscure cultivation techniques of Dapamkara Monastery might not be much of a problem.

Up till this point of his cultivation, all he studied were the ancient books and true sutras of Daming and Fahua Monasteries!

His foundation was something that no other Buddhist cultivator could compare against!

Furthermore, Ming Zhen was guided by the mysterious old monk at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Of course, most importantly, it was the attitude of Monk Yin Lu towards Ming Zhen!

In that situation earlier when Monk Yuan Kong was clearly bullying a junior, the other four Buddhist monasteries chose to ignore everything. However, Monk Yin Lu of Dapamkara Monastery chose to make a move!

Ming Zhen took a deep breath, nodded and bowed to Monk Yin Lu. “I am Ming Zhen and I’m humbled by your graciousness, senior. I am willing to join Dapamkara Monastery.”

“Well, well, well!”

Monk Yin Lu repeated three times in satisfaction.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun raised his head slightly as well. “Congratulations, fellow Daoist. Please take your seat.”

He raised his hand gently and a wisp of mist flew out from his robes, pausing in front of Monk Yin Lu before forming a white, flawless cloud.

Monk Yuan Kong ridiculed, “Let’s see what name this young monk, Ming Zhen, can make of himself in Tianhuang Mainland in the future!”

Piak! Piak!

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Hun Yi clapped and said slowly, “Everyone, the Phenomenon Ranking is about to begin. Let’s settle this demon before us first!”

“That’s right!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace said coldly as well, “We’ll kill this lad first and talk about anything else later!”

“That’s right,”

The Perfected Lords of Heavenly Dipper Sect, Clear Wind Temple, Hollow Monastery, Purple Firmament Sect and many other immortal and Buddhist sects nodded in agreement as they discussed.

The two Perfected Lords of the fiend sects remained silent.

Although both of them were not on the side of the immortal and Buddhist Perfected Lords’ behaviors, they would not go against everyone for the sake of Su Zimo.

Monk Yin Lu frowned slightly.

There was nothing he could do about this as well.

After all, even he was unsure whether Su Zimo was a human or demon.

Su Zimo might have a shot at survival if he could prove himself to be human.

If not, he might not be able to get out of this predicament!

Su Zimo had a cold gaze and his palm moved slowly towards his storage bag.

Don’t be reckless!

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

Lin Xuanji had arrived beside him unknowingly.

“It’s not at that stage yet. This is the Myriad Phenomenon City and the Phenomenon Ranking is hosted by Enigma Palace. The decision is not up to outsiders!” Lin Xuanji shook his head gently and stopped Su Zimo with his gaze.

Right then, Perfected Lord Yu Jun surveyed his surroundings and said slowly, “If you’re going to kill every single demon, are you going to the large number of spirit demons below?”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue let out a deep breath.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun of Enigma Palace was probably the only one who could salvage the current situation!

Perfected Lord Hun Yi and the others frowned.

Things would certainly be troublesome if Enigma Palace chose to stand by Su Zimo.

On the one hand, it was because of Enigma Palace’s special status.

On the other hand, it was Perfected Lord Yu Jun himself.

Although cultivators of Enigma Palace rarely took part in the strifes of the cultivation world, nobody dared look down on them!

“How is that comparable?”

Monk Yuan Kong said deeply, “The demons below are all spirit beasts reared by our disciples and will not partake in the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking personally.”

“That’s right! Although this lad is a demon, he wishes to partake in the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking. This means that he’s coveting the treasures of humans so that’s reason enough for us to kill him!” Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace said murderously.

Perfected Lord Hun Yi shouted with a bright gaze, “Perfected Lord Yu Jun, are you trying to stand on the side of a demon in broad daylight and pit yourself against humans? Are you going to betray our race and be a sinner of Enigma Palace?!”

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