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Chapter 729: Dapamkara Monastery, Monk Yin Lu!

The Golden Cores present were shocked at Ming Zhen’s boldness in standing forth to refute Nascent Souls.

Rather than refute, he was lecturing!

He was lecturing a Nascent Soul as a Golden Core!

However, the shock from Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the others was because Ming Zhen’s words contained supreme wisdom!

A few accomplished monks of the Buddhist monasteries were stunned.

Monk Yuan Kong’s expression turned extremely grim.

His cultivation and combat strength was far superior to Ming Zhen.

However, an argument of words was a comparison of their understanding of the obscurities in Buddhism, a comparison between their wisdom and their enlightenment towards Buddhism and Zen!

In that respect, Monk Yuan Kong had lost.

He could not refute or argue against Ming Zhen’s point at all.

That was because in the depths of his heart, he was clear that he had truly harbored evil intentions and wanted to kill!

Now that Ming Xin exposed him, even his Dao Heart was shaken within a few sentences!

“Inexperienced young monk, even if you began cultivating in your mother’s womb, how many sutras have you read? How many Zen mantras have you comprehended?! Do you know what compassion and cruelty are? Do you know what is good and evil?!”

Monk Yuan Kong’s expression darkened as he shouted!

In fact, Monk Yuan Kong used the power of Sanskrit from the Buddhist monasteries in that shout!

Although it did not have the same might as the Daming True Sutra, he was a Nascent Soul after all and there was even a fluctuation of Dharmic power in the void that was shuddering!

All the cultivators could sense that Monk Yuan Kong was truly angered!

Caught off guard, Ming Zhen shuddered from the impact of the Sanskrit and his face turned pale.

However, there was no fear in his bright eyes as he said word by word, “There is no distinction between experience in learning. Those that arrive at the truth are the masters!”

His counter was truly impressive.

Although it was merely two sentences, they poked at Monk Yuan Kong’s weakness once more!

If Little Fatty was the one who said it, that sentence would become, “Although you are old, Monk Yuan Kong, you’ve wasted your time living like a dog! Even I can be your master!”

The hearts of everyone in Su Zimo’s group sank.

Monk Yuan Kong was lectured by a Golden Core in front of everyone to a point where he was helpless to refute – he was completely disgraced.

Right now, he was on the verge of going berserk.

Ming Zhen was bound to be killed with his rebuttal!

“You have a death wish!”

Indeed, Monk Yuan Kong’s eyes widened menacingly.


Enraged, he extended his massive palm with outstretched fingers.

Dharmic powers surged in midair and a massive hand that blanketed the skies was formed. It crushed down towards Ming Zhen on the ground and the void quaked with a shuddering might!

That was an attack of a Nascent Soul.

The Golden Cores on the ground sensed a gigantic shadow shrouding over and instantly, there was a suffocating, immense pressure!

If that was the case for the Golden Cores outside the area of effect, it was hard to imagine the type of pressure Ming Zhen was experiencing targeted by Monk Yuan Kong.

Ming Zhen grunted dully and blood oozed from the corner of his lips.

Apart from Monk Yuan Kong, there were four other Perfected Lords from the Buddhist monasteries in the air.

However, the four of them were either expressionless, lowering their heads or ignoring everything.

Although they knew that Monk Yuan Kong was bullying the other party out of his embarrassment, the other four Perfected Lords of the Buddhist monasteries had no intention of helping out.

It was truly not a wise choice to offend Monk Yuan Kong for the sake of an unknown monk.

They considered their own interests rather than what was right.

That was also the most precious thing about Ming Zhen!

This was an affair of the Buddhist monasteries. However, if even those of the Buddhist monasteries were sitting by idly, there was even less reason for the immortal and fiend sects to interfere.

Furthermore, Ming Zhen was on Su Zimo’s side. The Nascent Souls from the immortal sects were gloating over his misfortune internally.

A green figure flashed past and shielded Ming Zhen, blocking half of the incoming pressure!

Su Zimo raised his head slightly and his gaze was dazzling. Killing intent spewed wildly and his black hair danced as the blood qi in his body surged. His Golden Core spun wildly – he was fully prepared for a fight!

There was no way he would sit by idly and watch Ming Zhen be suppressed nor would he be captured without putting up a fight!

Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, Ancient Phenomenon Stele, amazing rewards? He no longer wanted them nor could he be bothered as well!

Since they were so overbearing, he would kill them with his might first!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun frowned slightly. Just as he was about to raise his hand and stop things, he sensed something.

His gaze landed not far away in the crowd and shone for a moment before he put down his hand once more.


A flare popped up in midair accompanied by a Buddhist proclamation and stopped the gigantic hand of Dharmic power from Monk Yuan Kong.


Although the flare seemed so feeble that it could be extinguished by a casual gust of wind, it blazed instantly when it made contact with Monk Yuan Kong’s Dharmic power palm!


The flare spread and burned with Dharmic power, surging into the skies!

Monk Yuan Kong’s expression changed starkly and he retracted his palm.

Even so, he was a half-step slower and a spark landed on his sleeves, burning it into ashes instantly!

The flames did not extinguish and continued blazing towards his arm!

Monk Yuan Kong’s eyes shone with a cold glint and he bit the tip of his tongue, spitting out a stream of essence blood.


He hollered and the stream of essence blood exploded in midair, forming a grisly blood mist that poured down on his arm!


The flames on his arm were extinguished with green smoke.

Monk Yuan Kong let out a long breath of air.

If he had reacted slower, his arm might have been gone!

That split moment caused him to break out in cold sweat!

Su Zimo suppressed the killing intent in his heart momentarily when he noticed what happened.

It seemed like there was a chance for the situation to reverse from an irreconcilable state.

The Nascent Souls in midair frowned when they looked at the flare hovering in midair. Clearly, they knew the background of the flare and gazed around.

Monk Yuan Kong came to his senses gradually and scanned the place, barking with a grim expression, “Monk Yin Lu, get out!”

A young monk soared into the air from the dense crowd on the ground.

“Dapamkara Monastery!”

Little Fatty and the others pondered for a moment and recognized the sect badge on the waist of the middle-aged monk.

Prior to this, only five of the six Buddhist monasteries had arrived.

Dapamkara Monastery was missing.

In the ancient battlefield 20 years ago, there was no successor of Dapamkara Monastery as well.

Su Zimo’s impression of the monastery was that it was extremely mysterious.

Ji Chengtian whispered, “Monk Yin Lu of Dapamkara Monastery is rather famous in Tianhuang Mainland and his strength is unfathomable. He is one of the top Nascent Souls and people refer to him as the monk that leads the way with a bright flame!”

Su Zimo nodded.

The move Monk Yin Lu revealed earlier on was spectacular enough.

Even Monk Yuan Kong suffered a slight loss from it!

Monk Yin Lu came close to the flare and extended his finger to tap on it gently.

As though it entered Monk Yin Lu’s finger, that frightening flare vanished instantly!

“Monk Yin Lu, what’s the meaning of this?!”

Monk Yuan Kong remarked coldly, “Are you going to go against me because of this young monk?!”

Monk Yin Lu smiled gently. “Fellow Daoist Yuan Kong, this young friend was not wrong. Indeed, your appearance earlier on was detestable and menacing.”

“My flame was not meant to burn you, but the fiend in your heart!”

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