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Chapter 731: Famous Overnight

It was a merciless accusation of betraying humans!

Monk Yin Lu sighed gently.

That was what he was worried about.

If he had stood out earlier on, he would have received the same accusation.

Neither he nor Dapamkara Monastery could afford an accusation as such.

However, Perfected Lord Yu Jun was expressionless and composed against the pressure and questioning of the other Perfected Lords.

Enigma Palace had a special status and possessed the confidence of not being affiliated with the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

“How do you know he’s a demon?” Perfected Lord Yu Jun asked in reverse.

“He has an Inner Core and demonic qi will spread the moment he channels it. What else is he if not a demon?” Perfected Lord Tian Ming remarked coldly.


Perfected Lord Yu Jun asked again, “He has a Golden Core that spreads spirit energy the moment he channels it and he has a double phenomenon as well. Does that not make him a cultivator?”


Perfected Lord Tian Ming was momentarily speechless.

Monk Wei Fu pondered for a moment. “If we’re uncertain, let’s cancel his rights to partake in the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking first.”

“Yes, that works too,”

Perfected Lord Bei Dou nodded.

At that point, Su Zimo sneered internally.

Those people wanted to strip him of his rights to partake in the Phenomenon Ranking as a second best option after realizing that Perfected Lord Yu Jun would not yield.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said indifferently, “There’s no need for that. Since nobody is sure whether this lad is a human or demon, we’ll let the Myriad Phenomenon Peak tell us the answer!”

“What do you mean?” Perfected Lord Hun Yi frowned.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun pointed to the Myriad Phenomenon Peak. “This mountain possesses Dharmic power imbued by Fairy Ling Long that lasts forever! If someone of another race tries to ascend the Myriad Phenomenon Peak and challenge Fairy Ling Long’s authority, they will definitely be killed mercilessly!”

“If he’s a human, he will naturally have the rights to ascend the Myriad Phenomenon Peak. If he’s a demon, he has no one to blame if he’s killed by the Dharmic power left behind by Fairy Ling Long!”

Although his words were harsh, Su Zimo could tell that Perfected Lord Yu Jun was helping him.

What he implied was that if the other Perfected Lords had any more qualms, they would not be challenging Perfected Lord Yu Jun or Enigma Palace, but Fairy Ling Long herself!

True enough.

Perfected Lord Hun Yi snorted.

The expressions of Perfected Lord Tian Ming and the others turned grim as they exchanged glances and no longer spoke.

The short conflict between the Nascent Souls was tense and many Golden Cores below watched nervously while breaking out in cold sweat.

Unexpectedly, the predicament posed by the combined forces of many immortal and Buddhist sects almost came to fruition and Su Zimo was almost killed, but everything was resolved by a few comments from Perfected Lord Yu Jun.

Su Zimo felt relieved and the killing intent in his eyes dissipated as well.

“You’ve got to watch out if you want to ascend the Myriad Phenomenon Peak. No matter what, you must not make use of the power of your Inner Core and release any demonic qi. A single wisp will cause you to be killed by the Myriad Phenomenon Peak!”

Suddenly, that sentence sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

It was Perfected Lord Yu Jun using his spirit consciousness to remind Su Zimo out of goodwill and outsiders could not hear it at all.

Su Zimo glanced at Perfected Lord Yu Jun with a grateful expression.

If Perfected Lord Yu Jun had not stood out earlier on, he might have already attacked!

“Thank you,”

He glanced at Lin Xuanji beside him and expressed his thanks softly.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was a stranger to him and his only connection to Enigma Palace was Lin Xuanji.

Su Zimo knew that Lin Xuanji was definitely the reason why Perfected Lord Yu Jun helped him.

Unexpectedly, Lin Xuanji shook his head. “It’s not only because of me. Don’t forget, you were acknowledged by the Human Emperor’s Palace. Enigma Palace will definitely help you with that fact alone.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

The Human Emperor was the Dao companion of Fairy Ling Long.

The acknowledgment of the Human Emperor’s Palace was equivalent to the acknowledgment of Enigma Palace.

Karma was truly something that worked in mysterious ways.

“Let the elimination battle of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking officially begin!”

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s voice sounded once more and reverberated through every single corner of Myriad Phenomenon City!


The crowd broke into an uproar!

The cultivators partaking in the Phenomenon Ranking were naturally immensely excited; even the cultivators who were merely watching were in high spirits and emotional.

The Phenomenon Ranking this time round was going to be unusually intense.

Today, thousands of Golden Core phenomenons were going to be clashing intensely.

Many lost ancient phenomenons would reappear and light up the voids, clashing against one another with an endless brilliance!

How spectacular would that be?

It was a grand occasion for cultivators that was once in a lifetime!

Today, the most frightening and talented people in Tianhuang Mainland with the greatest potential would be selected.

These were the people who had a high chance of attaining the title of Dao Lords and Mighty Figures in the future!

Some of them might even be referred to as emperors in the future.


Ren Tu of Asura Sect let out a creepy laughter and said coolly, “Let’s see how strong are the other paragons!”

Clang! Clang!

A series of sword buzzes echoed from around Hang Qiuyu jarringly.

“I love grand occasions as such. Let’s fight!” Pang Yue of Overlord Palace smacked his lips with a blazing fighting spirit.

“Amitabha, here I come!”

Monk Jue Chen of Diamond Monastery exclaimed a Buddhist proclamation and sped towards the Myriad Phenomenon Peak in a flash.

Monk Jian Kong, Dugu Jian, Xu Cheng, Duan Qingping, Wu Feng and everyone else moved one after another as well.

Di Yin glared at Su Zimo and smirked coldly before disappearing in a flash.

Ji Chengtian said, “Let’s go too.”


Su Zimo nodded.

In their group, Lin Xuanji was a cultivator of Enigma Palace and would naturally not partake in the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking.

Although Shi Jian was a legacy disciple of Puppet Sect, his capabilities relied entirely on his puppets and he had no Golden Core phenomenon of his own. As such, he was not going to take part as well.

Xiaoning and Leng Rou were legacy disciples of Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect. While both of them cultivated Golden Core phenomenons, they knew that they had no shot at the Phenomenon Ranking and chose to merely watch by the sidelines.

Ming Zhen, Ji Chengtian and Little Fatty were the only ones remaining who chose to take part in the Phenomenon Ranking!


In midair, Monk Yuan Kong was slightly surprised when he noticed that and chuckled. “Monk Yin Lu, that amazing disciple you’ve just taken in is going to attempt and ascend the Myriad Phenomenon Peak. Interesting.”

Monk Wei Fu remarked indifferently, “He must have cultivated a nonsensical Golden Core phenomenon and thought that he’s able to fight for the Phenomenon Ranking. In reality, he’s just there to make a fool of himself.”

“I estimate that he will probably not go further than the 2nd stone step!” Monk Yuan Kong said.

The Nascent Souls chuckled and were waiting to watch the show.

Monk Yin Lu was not bothered nor troubled by their mocking.

He merely gazed at Monk Yin Lu with a faint smile and instructed, “There’s no need for any pressure, just try your best. It’s fine even if you fail, a single ranking list won’t determine your future!”


Ming Zhen nodded.

Su Zimo shook his head gently with a faint smile.

He was clearer than everyone else about Ming Zhen’s strength.

Monk Yuan Kong said that he wanted to see if Ming Zhen could make a name for himself in Tianhuang Mainland in the future.

There was no need for the future. It was going to happen here and now.

Ming Zhen, that unassuming young monk, was going to shock the world and become famous overnight!

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