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Chapter 727: Sixteen Perfected Lords

Before long, a dense crowd of cultivators was gathered at the Myriad Phenomenon Peak!

It was a black, massive crowd that contained at least a hundred thousand people!

Among them, Su Zimo caught sight of a few familiar faces.

The first one he noticed was Di Yin of Chaos Essence Sect!

No matter where he was, that man was bedazzling and brilliant.

The two of their gazes met in midair and sparks flew!

Di Yin smirked coldly before turning over.

Apart from Di Yin, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace was present as well.

Xu Cheng had a grim expression and glared at Su Zimo coldly, harrumphing to himself.

Wu Feng of Purple Firmament Sect and Duan Qingping of Clear Wind Temple were present too.

After 20 years, the aura of Hang Qiuyu from Sword Sect turned even sharper and his eyes shone with a blinding sword light!

Hang Qiuyu held immense hatred towards Su Zimo as well!


Sensing something, Su Zimo turned and caught sight of another person.

The person had black hair and wore black robes. His face was pale, stoned and expressionless as he walked silently through the crowd with a sheathed long sword in his hands.

He was not fast.

It was more like a stroll as he walked step by step.

He had no followers, no sect mates and merely walked forward alone with his sword.

The reason why this man’s presence could be felt from the crowd was because the edge he gave off was comparable to Hang Qiuyu’s!

If Hang Qiuyu was someone whose edge and sharpness was completely exposed, this man was completely reserved!

Dugu Jian!

He was someone from one of the four great gentry clans of the North Region.

During the fight for the Vermilion Fruit in the Great Qian Ruins, despite being a stranger, this man helped Su Zimo and crippled the successor of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect.

Dugu Jian paused in his tracks and looked over, as though he could sense Su Zimo’s gaze.

Su Zimo smiled gently and gestured with a nod of his head.

Although Dugu Jian was expressionless, his eyes seemed to stir for a brief moment before he retracted his gaze and continued towards the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

From the fiend sects, apart from the notorious Ren Tu of Asura Sect, Pang Yue of Overlord Palace was also rather prominent.

Pang Yue was a head taller than other cultivators and carried a gigantic black spear on his shoulder. He strode like a brute and was absolutely menacing with a fierce gaze!

Before long, Pang Yue caught sight of Su Zimo as well.

Surprisingly, he was not hostile towards Su Zimo and even grinned while cupping his fists from a distance.

Su Zimo returned the greeting with cupped fists as well.

Apart from the paragons, the most striking thing around the Myriad Phenomenon Peak was 16 white clouds that hovered in midair.

Above each cloud was a cultivator in a lotus position that gave off a shuddering aura!

There were 16 Nascent Souls!

Through their attires and the sect badges on their waists, the backgrounds of the 16 Nascent Souls could be seen easily.

Among them, from the nine immortal sects, apart from Glass Palace, Nascent Souls from the remaining sects – Heavenly Dipper Sect, Snowdrift Valley, Purple Firmament Sect, Chaos Essence Sect, Clear Wind Temple, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Sword Sect and Soaring Feather Sect – were here to watch the battle!

Those eight white clouds were relatively closer to one another.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue was among them.

As for the seven fiend sects, only two Nascent Souls from Asura Sect and Overlord Palace were present!

From the six Buddhist monasteries, apart from Dapamkara Monastery, Nascent Souls from the other five – Dapamkara Monastery, Hollow Monastery, Formless Monastery, Wisdom Monastery and Clear Heart Nunnery – were present!

There were a total of 15 Nascent Souls from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects.

On the 16th cloud, a gray-robed cultivator with fluttering robes sat. He held a feather fan and looked out of this world.

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted towards Lin Xuanji who was nearby.

“That’s Perfected Lord Yu Jun of Enigma Palace. His cultivation is unfathomable and he’s also the host for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking this time round.”

Suddenly, a tender voice sounded.

A fragrance wafted over and a beautiful young girl appeared beside Su Zimo. Dressed in pink, her eyes were brightly clear and she looked naive and innocent, as though she was younger than Little Fox.

Little Fatty and the others were shocked and retreated immediately. They did not dare to look over and their eyes were filled with cautiousness.

Although the girl looked harmless, she was the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects who could bewitch the masses!

Even women could fall into her trap if they were careless, let alone men.

Su Zimo glanced sideways and smiled. “You’re here too.”

“Of course, how can I be missing from a crowd as such?” Demoness Ji snickered.

Even without Ji Yaoxue, the relationship between them would not be superficial as well.

Back when the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects grouped up against Su Zimo beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace, this young girl was the only one who stood by his side without any hesitation!

Su Zimo did not care about what she meant by referring to him as her tripod.

Even if he had to be her tripod, he was willing to since she chose to stand by him given those circumstances.

He did not have many friends.

No matter what, she was one of them.

“The impact of the battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace 20 years ago was too great,”

Demoness Ji raised her chin sorrowfully, “Although previous fights for the Phenomenon Rankings were intense as well, there weren’t so many famous Nascent Souls present to watch and control the situation!”

“Everything is because of you,”


Su Zimo was surprised.

Initially, he thought that it was a common sight for Nascent Souls to arrive at Myriad Phenomenon City.

Demoness Ji looked at the 16 clouds in midair and said, “The Nascent Souls sitting there are not weak Sealers in their twilight years.”

Su Zimo could tell that as well.

The Nascent Souls on the clouds were all filled with vitality and life – it was clear that they were in their prime.

Demoness Ji continued, “Not only that, apart from Perfected Lord Yu Jun of Enigma Palace, the remaining 15 Nascent Souls are powerful experts that are famous in parts of Tianhuang Mainland!”

“Perfected Lord Luo Xue of Snowdrift Valley, Perfected Lord Hun Yi of Chaos Essence Sect, Perfected Lord Bei Dou of Heavenly Dipper Sect… none of them are nobodies.”

Su Zimo was even more puzzled as he asked, “What has their appearance here got to do with me?”

“It’s because of that battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace 20 years ago!”

Demoness Ji replied, “Don’t think that it was nothing much because it was a fight between Foundation Establishment Cultivators. It caused quite a huge stir among the super sects.”

“Paragons groomed by the super sects were killed and injured after that battle. I presume that the presence of these top-tier Nascent Souls is to prevent something similar from happening.”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He had a vague feeling that things weren’t as simple as that!

His spirit perception was exceptionally sharp.

On the surface, it looked like those Nascent Souls were high and above, sitting on their clouds while engaging in idle, casual conversations.

None of their gazes were locked on him.

However, he had been here for less than 15 minutes but he already sensed more than 20 spirit consciousnesses sweeping past him!

Demoness Ji said, “If this was in the past, given the way the fiend sects conducted themselves, they wouldn’t have bothered sending Nascent Souls into the ancient battlefield. But now, even Asura Sect and Overlord Palace sent people here.”

Sensing the worries in Su Zimo’s heart, Demoness Ji chuckled. “You don’t have to worry, none of them will dare to behave recklessly with Enigma Palace in charge.”

“Everyone, please be silent!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in midair. Although it was neither loud nor soft, it was transmitted to every single corner of Myriad Phenomenon City!

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