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Chapter 726: Start of the Phenomenon Ranking

Su Zimo’s group returned to the palace of Snowdrift Valley.

Along the way, he had a vague understanding of what Ming Zhen experienced for the past few days.

As Su Zimo had expected, although they were separated, Ming Zhen’s cultivation base was firm and his strength was immense. He had also made up for his lack of battle experience in the past few years.

Although he met with many ferocious beasts and ancient living beings along the way, he got out unharmed.

Ming Zhen wore simple monk robes and merely muttered a Buddhist proclamation softly each time he came across a crowd before keeping his distance – he was truly someone with no desires and at peace.

Naturally, most cultivators would not attack him for no reason as well.

During this period of time, he caught sight of cultivators taking advantage of a female cultivator and truly could not let it pass by. Because of that, he took the initiative to attack and injured someone from the fiend sects.

Su Zimo understood from Ming Zhen’s description.

The fiend sect cultivator was not a nobody. If he was not wrong, that should be Shangguan Yu, the fiend heir of one of the seven fiend sects, Cloud Rain Sect!

He could be considered as an acquaintance as well.

Back beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace, Shangguan Yu was nearly killed by Su Zimo and escaped with severe injuries.

To think that he would have entered the intermediate ancient battlefield 20 years later as well.

Cloud Rain Sect placed emphasis on the Dao of origin and was free from the bindings of men and women. There were no restrictions on their bodies and souls as they engaged in sexual intercourse, fusing Yin and Yang.

Unfortunately, Shangguan Yu came across Ming Zhen.

Ming Zhen had a pure heart and spent his days reciting sutras and studying Buddhism and Zen. His mind was clear and his heart was flawless.

Even if Demoness Ji and Little Fox made a move at the same time, it would be difficult to stir Ming Zhen’s heart, let alone Cloud Rain Sect.

Not long after, Ming Zhen met Di Yin.

The two of them had a conflict at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley previously. Naturally, there was no way Di Yin would let him off.

Ming Zhen was still too inexperienced against Di Yin.

He was captured alive before he could even release his Golden Core phenomenon!

“The fight for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking starts two months later. Rest well and recover from your injuries first.”

Su Zimo exited after settling Ming Zhen down. He gazed at a tightly shut cultivation room in the distance with a worried expression and sighed.

Xiaoning had cooped herself in the room for the past few days and had lost weight, but she refused to come out.

Su Zimo did not know how he should console her either.

The deeper one’s attachments were, the harder it was to sever them.

The more pain one would feel after they were severed!

Nobody else could help Xiaoning – she was on her own.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was enduring immense pressure at the moment as well!

It was not merely because of Di Yin.

There were many hostile super sects and factions in Myriad Phenomenon City!

Zephyr Thunder Palace was bent on getting their hands on the Purple Thunder Manual and would definitely not let him off.

And now, apart from Zephyr Thunder Palace, Clear Wind Temple and Purple Firmament Sect that stood out and tested him together upon his entry into the city, nothing else had happened.

Su Zimo believed that the super sects would not let things go so easily!

Nascent Souls could attack freely in Myriad Phenomenon City.

Indirectly, that gave rise to many more variables.

That was not all.

Su Zimo had something else on his mind.

Nian Qi’s whereabouts.

At the same time, Nian Qi’s background involved an even more frightening faction, the god race!

Even Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s expression changed starkly at the mention of the god race.

What was the reason for the god race’s appearance in the ancient battlefield?

There was also Night Spirit.

Night Spirit had not shown his true form at all.

Even when he fought against the Tao Wu, he merely fought in his human form.

On the one hand, it could be interpreted such that Night Spirit could kill the Tao Wu without reverting to his true form.

On the other hand, it could also mean that Night Spirit had reservations about it!

There were many signs that caused Su Zimo to lean towards the latter.

However, what was Night Spirit concerned about?

Would he get into huge trouble if he reverted to his true form?

The culmination of many things weighed down on Su Zimo’s heart.

Myriad Phenomenon City entered a state of peace after Night Spirit killed the Tao Wu.

However, as time passed by, the atmosphere within the city turned increasingly repressed and tense, even suffocating – it was like the calm before the storm!

A storm was brewing!

Another 15 days passed.

Finally, a piece of news that broke the peace of Myriad Phenomenon City arrived!

The fight for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking was going to start in three days time!

Compared to the original timeline, it was brought forward by an entire month!

Although many cultivators discussed it, nobody knew the reason.

Three days later, morning.

At daybreak, figures sped towards the Myriad Phenomenon Peak one after another in the city.

A grand occasion like this only happened one every hundred years – nobody would miss it even if they were not taking part!

Su Zimo and the others gathered in the palace of Snowdrift Valley, prepared to leave.

The doors of a cultivation room opened with a creak.

Everyone turned towards the sound.

Unexpectedly, Xiaoning had come forth as well!

This was the first time that she had left the cultivation room during this period of time!

Her face looked paler and her cheeks and body became skinnier as well.

Yet, it seemed as though she had let go of something today and her eyes were livelier and brighter.


Su Zimo asked tenderly, as though he was afraid of alarming her.

Xiaoning smiled gently. “Brother, I’m fine.”

Su Zimo was relieved when he saw Xiaoning’s smile as he heaved a deep breath.

“Sister Xiaoning, it’s great that you’re alright. All of us have been worried about you during this period of time and we hoped that you would recover as soon as possible,” Little Fox walked forward and wrapped around Xiaoning’s arm gently.

Little Fatty, Leng Rou, Ji Chengtian and the others were relieved and had encouraging looks in their eyes.

Xiaoning’s eyes were slightly red as she bowed deeply to everyone. “I’ve caused all of you to worry during this period of time.”

“Everything will be fine now that you’ve overcome this,”

Ji Chengtian said warmly, “Those in the past have already left, but you have to cherish those around you so that you won’t have any further regrets.”

In all fairness…

The sibling relationship between Su Zimo and Xiaoning was something that everyone envied.

By this point of their cultivations, their kin had passed away a long time ago and they were almost severed from mortal ties.

The relationship between the siblings was something extremely rare in the cruel world of cultivators.

“Let’s go, we’ll ascend the path of the past today and check out the talents of the world!”

Su Zimo was in high spirits seeing that Xiaoning was fine. He waved and led everyone out of Snowdrift Valley towards the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

The Myriad Phenomenon Peak was 108,000 foot tall and its peak extended into the clouds; it was difficult to see the top with one’s eyes.

The mountain gave off a majestic aura that was ancient. For countless years, it witnessed the rise and fall of many paragons and the making of history.

Any cultivator would seem incomparably significant compared to the mountain!

A massive, dense crowd of cultivators gathered in midair and sped towards Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

The fight for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round was unusually intense.

Of the nine immortal sects, apart from Glass Palace that was destroyed by Su Zimo, paragons from the other eight were present!

They were either classy, graceful, cold or casual in their bearings.

Of the seven fiend sects, apart from the fiend heir of Seven Kills Sect that was killed by Su Zimo, paragons of the other six were present!

They were either menacing, murderous, bewitching or nefarious in their bearings.

Of the six Buddhist monasteries, apart from the paragon of Dapamkara Monastery, paragons of the other five were present!

They were either dignified, noble, pure or filled with the glow of Buddha in their bearings.

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