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Chapter 728: You Are What You Think

The voice of Perfected Lord Yu Jun sounded. It seemed to possess an inexplicable pressure as the hundred thousand odd cultivators gathered around the Myriad Phenomenon Peak quietened down before long!

“The rules of Phenomenon Ranking fight are divided into two parts, the elimination battle and the eventual ranking battle. I won’t elaborate on the details,”

Cultivators that could arrive in Myriad Phenomenon City were mostly paragons of the various major sects and factions.

Even if there were itinerant cultivators, they would have asked about the generic rules earlier on.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply, “I’ll only emphasize on one thing. When Fairy Ling Long established the Phenomenon Ranking in the past, her intentions were not for humans to fight and kill one another! All of you must remember that!”

Indeed, the format of ascending the Myriad Phenomenon Peak would avoid a lot of needless bloodshed and injuries.

That was the cleverness of Fairy Ling Long.

In the chaotic ancient era, the death of a single paragon was an immense loss for the human race!

When Perfected Lord Yu Jun said that, he swept his gaze across Su Zimo and Di Yin – his intentions were clear.

Di Yin smirked coldly and snorted.

In his heart, Su Zimo was not worthy to be named together with him by Perfected Lord Yu Jun!


On another cloud, Perfected Lord Hun Yi of Chaos Essence Sect chuckled softly. “As you’ve mentioned, Fellow Daoist Yu Jun, Fairy Ling Long established the Phenomenon Ranking for us humans. However…”

He paused briefly and changed the topic with a hint of killing intent, “There seems to be a demon mixed in with our human cultivators below!”

There were many demon beasts below but most of them were spirit beast mounts for the paragons and would not take part in the Phenomenon Ranking.

It was obvious who Perfected Lord Hun Yi was referring to as the demon.

He did not beat around the bush at all and all the cultivators below heard everything loud and clear.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless gazes turned around and instantly, many gazes were locked on Su Zimo!

The pressure on him intensified!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace said coolly, “Fellow Daoist Yu Jun, when did a beast gain the rights to take part in the Phenomenon Ranking?”


Monk Wei Fu of Diamond Monastery chanted a Buddhist proclamation and said softly, “If that is true, we must not let the demon take part in the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Monk Jue Chen of Diamond Monastery was defeated by Su Zimo 20 years ago, sowing a feud between them.

The Purple Thunder Manual was in Su Zimo’s hands and Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace was even nearly killed – there was no way Zephyr Thunder Palace would let Su Zimo off!

Now that the immortal sects, Chaos Essence Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace, were not bothered to hide their intentions, Diamond Monastery seized the opportunity to join in!

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He was clearer than anyone about his body.

He was a human.

However, because he cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, there was an Inner Core in his chest.

There was no way he could explain that.

Previously, before Die Yue left, she did not wish for Su Zimo to continue cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. It was probably because she had anticipated something as such happening to him in the future.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue frowned.

She wanted to help Su Zimo, but if he had no way of explaining or proving this, there was nothing she could do about it!

Little Fatty and the others were anxious internally.

However, they did not even have the rights to speak regarding this matter.

The situation would only get worse if they tried to explain it!

“Actually, it’s really simple,”

Perfected Lord Bei Dou of Heavenly Dipper Sect smiled gently and said with an indifferent expression. “Since a demon has infiltrated the cultivators, all we have to do it kill it and everything will be settled.”

Although he said everything with a relaxed tone, it was shuddering!

Little Fatty and the others felt their hearts skip a beat.

At that moment, they finally realized that the super sects and major factions in Myriad Phenomenon City did not merely want to strip away Su Zimo’s rights to partake in the Phenomenon Ranking.

All of them wanted his life!

“The heavens cherish life, you are too deep in your desires to kill, fellow Daoists.”

Monk Yuan Kong of Hollow Monastery sighed gently. “Buddhists are compassionate by nature. I’ve got a suggestion to make.”

Finally, a Nascent Soul was willing to speak up for Su Zimo.

Little Fatty and the others were invigorated!

Su Zimo was expressionless.

He could not sense any benevolence in the eyes of the monk.

Monk Yuan Kong continued, “All lives are equal. Even if Patron Su is a demon, there’s no need to take his life. Furthermore, he might have merely veered onto the wrong path. As long as he repents and lay down the butcher’s knife, there’s a chance he can return to the path of righteousness.”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Zephyr Thunder Palace asked with a fake smile, “Reverend, how should he repent and lay down the butcher’s knife?”

“All Patron Su has to do is remove the Inner Core from his body, that will do,” Monk Yuan Kong said with a smile.

Little Fatty and the others were shocked when they heard that!


Although Monk Yuan Kong seemed like he was speaking up for Su Zimo, he was even more venomous and savage!

Removal of the Inner Core will definitely lead to severe injuries!

Notwithstanding his inability to fight for the Phenomenon Ranking thereafter, how long could Su Zimo live for given that he was surrounded by enemies and cultivators that coveted his possessions?


Perfected Lord Chu Yu of Overlord Palace sneered and mocked, “What a sanctimonious expression.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was ice cold and he said nothing.

The killing intent in his heart was already suppressed to its limits!

It was impossible if they wanted to dig out his Inner Core!

Little Fatty and the others were infuriated and cursed internally, but none of them dared to say anything.

No matter what, they were against Nascent Souls!

In Myriad Phenomenon City, Nascent Souls had absolute killing power!

“Reverend, you are wrong,”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from within the crowd.

It caused an uproar, like a rock that caused a tsunami!

Everyone below were Golden Cores.

Which Golden Core would dare to refute a Nascent Soul’s words so tactlessly?!

Everyone turned towards the sound.

A young monk walked forward from behind Su Zimo.

It was Ming Zhen!

Little Fatty and the others watched with widened eyes as their jaws almost fell to the ground.

Even though they were displeased, they merely cursed in their hearts.

However, Ming Zhen actually stood out and refuted Monk Yuan Kong in front of everyone!

In reality, Little Fatty and the others did not know Ming Zhen well enough.

Ming Zhen spent his days at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley away from the secular world and had a pure heart.

To him, what was right was right and what was wrong was wrong.

It did not matter what was the other person’s identity, sect or faction.

Be it Nascent Souls, Void Reversions or even Mahayana Patriarchs, Ming Zhen would point out their errors!

“Reverend, if you want to remove Zimo’s Inner Core, it is no longer pity, but cruelty.”

Ming Zhen said deeply, “Lay down the butcher’s knife and you shall become Buddha instantly. The intention of that saying is for people to lay down the knife in their hands and in their hearts as well.”

“However, reverend, your suggestion is not for the other party to lay down the butcher’s knife, but to sever the arm which he wields the knife with!”

“When you made that suggestion, the butcher’s knife in your heart has already appeared in your hands!”

“Perhaps you might not have been able to see it, but your appearance earlier on was frightening and menacing like a malevolent ghost! In Buddhism, we believe that you are what you think. Reverend, you’ve become a fiend!”


Su Zimo lamented internally, secretly in awe.

Every single word was perfect and pinpointed the flaws!

Those words were like sharp swords that stabbed the Dao Heart of Monk Yuan Kong!

Even the dozens of Nascent Souls present were secretly amazed and looked fixedly at Ming Zhen at the bottom with bright eyes, let alone Su Zimo!

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