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Chapter 724: Terrifying Night Spirit

“Go, fight to your heart’s content,”

Su Zimo had nothing to instruct Night Spirit.

The commotion caused here was great enough.

Almost all the cultivators in Myriad Phenomenon City were alerted to it!

Although the Nascent Souls of the super sects did not show themselves, Su Zimo was certain that they were observing everything from behind the scenes.

Su Zimo was not worried that Di Yin would renege on his words in front of everybody.

Night Spirit walked forward slowly from behind Su Zimo.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Instantly, countless gazes locked onto Night Spirit.

Many cultivators had puzzled expressions on their faces.

“What is that demon beast?”

“It looks skinny and frail. The Tao Wu might not even be full eating it.”

“Has Su Zimo already given up?”

Compared to the mighty and gigantic Tao Wu, Night Spirit looked as minuscule as an ant at the moment – it was as though he could be crushed with a single stomp from the Tao Wu’s feet!

Furthermore, Night Spirit was unassuming and nobody even noticed him previously!

He was way too ordinary.

Even the demonic qi he emanated was a faint trace that seemed as though it could be blown away by a gust of wind.

Di Yin narrowed his gaze and stared at Night Spirit for a long time.

The black-robed man truly did seem ordinary.

However, for some reason, Di Yin felt his heart race inexplicably!

He glanced sideways and whispered, “Elder Hun Yi, can you tell what’s the background of that beast?”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi shook his head. “I can’t.”

After a moment, he continued, “However, even if it’s a pure-blooded ferocious beast, it won’t be a match for the Tao Wu.”

Di Yin nodded in agreement. “Yes… he has a trace of essence blood from the primordial Tao Wu within his body and his physique has strengthened to a frightening degree. He can stand a chance even against the Primordial Nine Races!”

“Be careful,”

Di Yin patted the Tao Wu beneath him and rose into the air.

“Don’t worry, master!”

The Tao Wu said murderously, “I’ll definitely bite off this little fella’s head and savor it slowly!”


The Tao Wu transformed and its gigantic body vanished instantly. It turned into its human form and stood in front of Night Spirit with mocking eyes.

“Little fella, you had better revert to your true form or you won’t get a chance to do so anymore!”

The Tao Wu snickered. “As for me, I’ll be able to rip you apart using this human body!”

Everyone knew that demon beasts could take on human form, but their full strength could only be released in their true forms!

The fact that the Tao Wu was in human form and yet requested Night Spirit to revert to his true form was an indication of how much it looked down on the latter.

However, everyone felt that it was only right.

Furthermore, everything felt that even if this ordinary black-robed man reverted to his true form, he would merely struggle a little longer before his eventual death!

Night Spirit was emotionless against the Tao Wu’s ridicule and his eyes suddenly turned dark!

The temperature in the voids dipped instantly.

A shuddering killing intent surged!


Night Spirit made his move.

In a flash, he vanished from the spot.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

Night Spirit had not changed after 20 years.

The murderous aura around him was completely cold and was released the moment he attacked, resembling an endless night that brought forth despair!

The Tao Wu transformed into its human form.

Night Spirit was not going to mock, ridicule or even bear any thoughts of an undeserved victory.

For him, this was merely an opportunity!

Night Spirit’s mind was only filled with how he could kill his enemies swifter and more efficiently!

A black shadow darted by like a phantom!

By the time the Tao Wu reacted, Night Spirit was already beside it!

It was too fast!

The speed, precision of timing and angle caused Su Zimo to feel shocked.

Di Yin’s expression changed starkly!

How sharp were his eyes?

The moment Night Spirit made a move, he had already realized that the Tao Wu was in deep trouble!

Night Spirit reached out with outstretched fingers and grabbed from the side of the Tao Wu’s body!


The Tao Wu was scared out of its wits and could not help but roar when it saw that it was too late to dodge. Its tendons and bones rang and its blood qi surged as its body expanded – it had reverted to its true form right away!

That was a wise decision.

If it tried to dodge and was a step slower, it would have been turned into a corpse!

Layers of thick fur lined the Tao Wu’s body.

The fur was shiny and bright, resembling a metal gauze that was stacked layer upon layer such that even supreme-grade spirit weapons could not penetrate it!

There was even less chance of its flesh being injured.


A flash of blood appeared!

Night Spirit’s scratch tore through the Tao Wu’s defense and ripped of a piece of flesh from its massive body!


The Tao Wu howled in pain and shuddered.

Thankfully, it reacted in time and its body expanded after it reverted to its true form while his flesh turned firmer. Because of that, Night Spirit’s attack deviated slightly from its original position and the Tao Wu’s tendons and bones were not injured.

If it was a bit slower, its abdomen would have been torn by Night Spirit’s scratch!

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

That scene had truly exceeded their expectations.

Nobody expected the primordial ferocious beast, the Tao Wu, to be the one injured the moment they fought!


The Tao Wu howled in rage and twisted its body, raising the four sharp horns on its head before thrusting towards Night Spirit violently!

Its bloodline churned and the four sharp horns turned incomparably grisly, resembling burning spears!

Blood qi gushed out stream after another.

Its blood qi was intensifying!

Many cultivators had grim expressions and were secretly shocked.

The power released by the Tao Wu could even destroy the Golden Core phenomenons of most of the cultivators present!

Night Spirit had a gold gaze and did not bother to take the four incoming horns head-on.

He shuddered and his body turned extremely light all of a sudden as he pushed against the sharp horns and arrived on the head of the Tao Wu!


The Tao Wu’s expression changed.

Night Spirit did not give the Tao Wu a chance to react and punched it viciously on the head like a hammer!


There was a deafening sound.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The jarring sound of bones cracking echoed!

All the cultivators present felt their scalps prickle and hairs stand on end when they heard the sound.

It was too ruthless!

As a primordial ferocious beast, the Tao Wu’s bones were probably tougher than perfect spirit weapons!

But now, they were shattered by Night Spirit’s bare hands!


It was no wonder why the Tao Wu was a primordial ferocious beast. Despite its severe injuries such that its brain juice was seeping out, its body was still producing a tremendous amount of lifeforce!

The Tao Wu’s eyes were bloodshot and its blood qi surged into its mind. It reached out with its massive palm and grabbed for Night Spirit at the top of its head in a deranged manner.

A single punch, that was all.

Night Spirit’s figure had already disappeared.

Like a phantom, a shadow slid down the gap between the Tao Wu’s neck and arrived at the bottom before striking!

The process of leaping onto the Tao Wu’s head for a punch before sliding down to its throat was fluid as water without any sluggishness.

It was clean and precise!

Night Spirit stretched his hand like a dagger and thrust it into the Tao Wu’s throat!

When he pulled his palm out, it was stained with blood; it seemed like he had grabbed a twitching python that was filled with blood and billowing with steam.

The Tao Wu’s throat was crushed and Night Spirit had even pulled its windpipe out!

It was way too savage!

Psst! Psst!

Gasps could be heard all around.

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