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Chapter 723: You’re Worthy?


Su Zimo descended from the skies and left a streak of air in his wake. He landed violently on the streets like a meteor in front of the crowd from Chaos Essence Sect.

The stone slabs beneath his feet broke apart with a series of cracks that extended outwards!

Dust billowed!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Little Fatty, Shi Jian, monkey and the others descended one after another as well and the entire ground quaked.

No matter what, they would stand by Su Zimo’s side unconditionally!

Ming Zhen jolted emotionally when he caught sight of Su Zimo.

Di Yin sat on the Tao Wu’s back high and above, glaring down at Su Zimo who was not far away with his lips curled into a fake smile.

Nie Hao stood out and pointed to Su Zimo, shouting, “Who are you? How dare you speak to Senior Brother Di in that manner!”


Little Fatty sneered repeatedly, not willing to be seen as the weaker party. “Who the hell are you? Why are you barking here?”

“You… ”

Nie Hao was interrupted by Little Fatty before he could continue, “I wonder who it was that picked a fight with others only to receive an immense beating like a dog. My, even his grandmother would be ashamed!”


Monkey and the others burst into laughter.

Little Fatty was good at talking – there was no way Nie Hao could be his match.

He was naturally referring to how Nie Hao was taught a lesson by Lin Xuanji at the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair.

It was indeed Nie Hao’s trigger point but he could not refute it at all.

Nie Hao’s face flushed scarlet when the sensed the burning gazes in the surrounding. However, he could only clench his teeth spitefully and was unable to say another word!

“Di Yin, I’ll say it one more time,”

Su Zimo raised his head slightly with a cold gaze before slowly saying, “Release him!”

Di Yin had a calm expression and was unmoved. However, the mockery in his eyes intensified.

“Su Zimo, don’t be reckless!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s voice sounded within his mind.

“Fights between cultivators are forbidden in the city. Almost everyone has been alerted to this commotion. If you act recklessly in front of such a crowd, you will definitely be killed!”

Su Zimo knew it very well.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue did not say that to frighten him, it was the truth.

If he violated the rules of Myriad Phenomenon City, even she wouldn’t be able to protect him!

However, he could not sit by idly seeing that Ming Zhen was in Di Yin’s hands!

“Su Zimo, remember what I told you?”

Di Yin said slowly, “I’ve warned you not to come into the ancient battlefield or you’ll definitely die here!”

The moment he said that, a stir broke out in the crowd.

“From the sound of that, it seems like they’ve known one another previously.”

“Yes, it seems like they’ve got a grudge with one another long ago. This should be interesting”

Su Zimo said coldly, “I was the one that walloped your beast previously, it has nothing to do with others. You can come with me with all you’ve got, I’ll take it all!”

“Fufu, interesting,”

Di Yin chuckled. “You’ve got to have bargaining chips if you want me to release him.”

“What do you want?”

“Your right hand!”

Myriad Phenomenon City went silent instantly.

Su Zimo’s right hand was the legendary divine phoenix bone!

It was an utmost treasure of the universe!

A legendary mythical object!

It was a treasure that connate spirit weapons or even connate Dharmic weapons could not match!


Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed and remarked nonchalantly, “Di Yin, you’re afraid.”

“Would I be afraid of you?” Di Yin seemed to have heard the greatest joke in the world.

Su Zimo shook his head. “You wish to leave your name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele and fight to be the top of the Phenomenon Ranking, yet, you’re afraid! You do not even have the courage to fight against me!”


The Tao Wu glared at Su Zimo with endless hatred in its eyes.

Back at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, it was nearly killed by a single palm strike from Su Zimo – that was the greatest humiliation in its lifetime!

For the past 10 years, with Di Yin’s help, it obtained many opportunities and encounters as well. As such, its strength had climbed to a whole new level along with its confidence!

The Tao Wu stomped on the ground furiously and grit its teeth. “You’ve got to get through me if you wish to fight my master!”

“You think you’re worthy of it?”

Su Zimo swept his gaze and hollered, “Scram!”

It was deafening like the explosion of a thunderbolt!

A gigantic air current surged out of Su Zimo’s mouth and almost formed a cyclone.

Caught off guard, the Tao Wu shuddered and its ears rang continuously. It lost its footing from the coil of the cyclone and fell backwards uncontrollably.

Di Yin frowned and pushed his body down to stabilize the Tao Wu!

The Tao Wu shrugged its head and snapped out of its stupor. It steadied itself and the hatred in its eyes intensified!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

The Tao Wu was a primordial ferocious beast and was one of the most terrifying and fearsome types!

Although there were around a hundred thousand paragons in Myriad Phenomenon City, there were probably less than a hundred of them who could suppress the primordial ferocious beast.

Nobody expected the beast to almost topple over because of a single shout from Su Zimo!

The Tao Wu was enraged.

Although it was a demon beast, it felt ashamed that something as such happened right in front of everyone – it had nowhere to vent the frustration in its heart!

Tao Wus were easily enraged and were the most violent.

At that moment, blood was the only thing that could quench the rage in its heart!

The Tao Wu’s eyes shifted towards the few demon beasts in human form behind Su Zimo and seemed to have thought of something.

“Ow! Ow!”

It cried a few times.

Di Yin understood and nodded, saying, “Su Zimo, I’ll give you another chance. You can send a spirit beast to fight against my Tao Wu. IF you can win it, I’ll release him!”

“If you lose, I’ll spare your right hand for now, but you’ll have to hand over your Purple Thunder Manual.”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

“He sure has everything planned out. There are many spirit beasts in the city, but which of them is a match for the Tao Wu?”

“Fufu, although that monkey from the previous time was strong, it is definitely not a match for the Tao Wu!”

“On the surface, he’s giving Su Zimo a chance, but in reality, that is nothing but a dead end.”

The cultivators in the vicinity discussed.

The spirit tiger, Qing Qing, the Golden Lion and Little Fox who were behind Su Zimo went silent.

The spirit tiger said softly, “If I have a little more time to cultivate, I might be able to try and take on that Tao Wu. But for now, I can’t win it.”

“I’ll do it!”

Monkey stood out.

To be fair, he did not have much confidence against the enraged Tao Wu.

However, if he entered the berserk state and triggered the mysterious power in his bloodline, he might have a chance to fight this Tao Wu to the death!

Su Zimo was hesitant.

This might be his only chance to save Ming Zhen.

He could not afford to lose!

It did not matter if he lost the Purple Thunder Manual, but monkey’s life could be at stake if he lost!

“Let me do it,”

Suddenly, a calm voice sounded behind Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he was instantly at ease the moment he heard that voice.

It was Night Spirit!

He had almost forgotten about him!

“Su Zimo, do you agree to it?”

Di Yin pressed.


Su Zimo was no longer hesitant and agreed to it readily!


Di Yin smiled gently. “Since it’s a fight between spirit beasts, we’ll both not interfere and let them fight to their heart’s content! They’ll fight to the death!”

“Are you sure?”

Su Zimo raised his brow.

Di Yin declared proudly, “A gentleman will always honor his words!”

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