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Chapter 725: No Other Choice Than to Kill You!


The massive body of the Tao Wu could not hold on any longer and fell onto the ground heavily, causing dust to rise everywhere. Streams of grisly blood flowed from beneath its body!

It was over.

The head of the Tao Wu was smashed apart and brain juice seeped. Its life was completely severed with its windpipe pulled out – even a deity could not save it!

Night Spirit stood silently at the side with an extremely calm expression, his body drenched in fresh blood.

It was as though he had just killed an ant, not a primordial ferocious beast!

The entire process happened too quickly.

It was especially so for Night Spirit’s final two killing moves. Even Perfected Lord Hun Yi could not react to it, let alone the Golden Cores who were watching.

What was even more shocking was that Night Spirit had not reverted to his true form the entire time.

This meant that Night Spirit was not using his full strength!

Even until now, nobody knew what Night Spirit’s true form was or what race he was from.

Gazing at the lifeless Tao Wu, Di Yin was silent and his expression was frighteningly grim!

“Beast, how dare you!”

“Kill him!”

The cultivators of Chaos Essence Sect were enraged and yelled one after another; some of them even withdrew their flying swords from their storage bags.

Su Zimo shielded Night Spirit behind him and glared at Di Yin alone with a scorching gaze!

This gambit was suggested by Di Yin.

He had to acknowledge it in front of everyone!

Di Yin was the top of the previous Phenomenon Ranking and was lauded as the number one Golden Core. If he reneged on his words, his reputation would be tarnished.

This was the true meaning of swallowing one’s indignance.

He could only endure as he watched his spirit beast die!

Di Yin raised his hand gently.

That single action caused the air in the void to turn stale and the pressure in everyone’s hearts mounted.

The noisy cultivators of Chaos Essence Sect shut their mouths instantly.

Complete silence overwhelmed the long street!

Even though it was a setback, he was still the peerless number one Perfected Being that looked down on the entire world. A single action from him was enough to suppress everything!

“Release him!”

Di Yin said slowly without any emotions.

None of the Chaos Essence Sect cultivators behind him dared to disobey his words and untied the silver rope on Ming Zhen obediently before releasing the latter.

Ming Zhen staggered and Su Zimo rushed up to support him.

“Thank you, Zimo.”

Now that Su Zimo had returned to the secular world, Ming Zhen could not call him junior brother any longer.

Furthermore, their relationship was considered as a secret and outsiders did not know about it.

Ming Zhen lowered his head.

The fact that Su Zimo was dragged into this affair caused the innocent young monk to feel a sense of guilt.

Su Zimo did not say much and merely patted Ming Zhen gently on the shoulder. He withdrew a few bottles of elixirs from his storage bag and passed them over. “Take these elixirs to stabilize your condition and deal with the injuries first.”

Ming Zhen nodded and received them.

Di Yin stood in the air and looked down at Su Zimo and Night Spirit with a chilling gaze.

He did not hide his killing intent at all1

Everyone could sense that Di Yin was truly enraged at the moment!

“Su Zimo, this is considered your victory,”

After a suffocating silence, Di Yin finally spoke slowly, “However, I’ll use your fresh blood as a tribute for my spirit beast!”

“You, you, you and you…”

Di Yin pointed to everyone beside Su Zimo and said word by word, “I’ll have all of you guys buried together with it. None of you shall escape!”

All the cultivators around looked at Su Zimo’s group with pity in their eyes.

Needless to say, it was a tragedy for them to be targeted by such a terrifying existence.


Monkey spat in Di Yin’s direction with disdain.


Little Fatty was optimistic by nature and broke into laughter while pouting his lips. “Di Yin, you are strong and I’m not your match. However, Myriad Phenomenon City has its own rules. You can’t possibly attack me here, right?”

“I’ll stay in the city from now on! Let’s see who’s afraid of whom!”

Private duels were forbidden in Myriad Phenomenon City.

Even with his torrential hatred, it was inconvenient for Di Yin to attack.

Di Yin was expressionless as he replied indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, mark my words today, you will eventually leave this city. No matter where you guys end up after today in any corner of the universe, I’ll definitely hunt you down relentlessly!”

The void was filled with a murderous intent when he said that!

Even the cultivators watching in the vicinity shuddered in fright, let alone Little Fatty’s group.

There would be no peace in the future after being targeted by someone this terrifying!

One could barely even take a peaceful nap.

Nobody had any doubts about Di Yin’s capabilities.

Throughout history, he was the only monster incarnate that inherited the legacy phenomenon of the Human Emperor!

Once he exits the ancient battlefield and advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, a Golden Core of his level would definitely be undefeated in the Nascent Soul realm as well! At that time, nobody of the same level could stop him!

With that said, Di Yin turned and flew into the distance without looking at Su Zimo’s group.

“In that case, I’ve got no other choice but to kill you!”

Suddenly, a calm voice sounded but it shook the entire world!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless gazes of disbelief turned towards Su Zimo!

Despite Di Yin’s domineering words and threat, Su Zimo could refute with a statement against the former without losing out in aura!

Su Zimo did not conceal his killing intent as well and pointed at Di Yin directly!

“You? Kill me?”

Di Yin froze as though he had heard the greatest joke in the world. He laughed with a mocking gaze while shaking his head.

“That’s right,”

Su Zimo said slowly with a firm voice, “I’m going to kill you. You don’t have to search in every corner of the universe, I’ll do it right here in Myriad Phenomenon City!”

Di Yin threatened Little Fatty and the others.

Since that was the case, Su Zimo was going to kill this threat preemptively!

Everyone was stunned.

Fighting was forbidden in Myriad Phenomenon City and there was no chance for the two of them to engage in a battle – how could Su Zimo kill Di Yin?

Di Yin pondered for a moment and understood what Su Zimo was implying.

“You want to kill me? Sure,”

He sneered, “I’ll await you at the peak of Myriad Phenomenon Peak! We’ll talk about it if you’re worthy to come up!”

Everyone was enlightened.

That was the only chance for them to fight!

As long as they were on the same stone step, Enigma Palace will host a fight to determine the victor and the eventual ranking of the Phenomenon Ranking.

“Frog in the well, you don’t even know who you’re challenging!”

By the time that voice sounded, Di Yin’s figure had already disappeared at the end of the long street.

“Although Su Zimo is the strongest monster incarnate in history, isn’t he way too cocky? It’s not so easy ascending the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.”

“That’s right, even Di Yin had to stop at the 100th step a hundred years ago. We don’t even know if this guy is stronger than Di Yin but he went ahead and declared that he wanted to kill the latter. That just shows his ignorance!”

“The stronger the paragons, the smaller the difference in their strengths. It’s already difficult enough for them to win one another, let alone kill one another.”

“He did not even manage to kill Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace, so how is he going to kill Di Yin? What a joke!”

The surrounding cultivators dispersed and discussions could be heard faintly.

Su Zimo merely smiled nonchalantly when he heard their remarks.

No matter what, he resolved something on his mind by saving Ming Zhen today.

As for his feud with Di Yin, the outcome will naturally be revealed at the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking two months later!

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