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Chapter 722: Di Yin, Release Him!

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Su Zimo rose with an unyielding gaze.

Even he could not maintain his composure at the mention of that name!

10 years ago, he exchanged blows with Di Yin at the bottom of Dragon Burial Valley and both of them sustained slight injuries.

Furthermore, Di Yin was the only one who could match him in melee combat!

Su Zimo did not know how that person cultivated or the sorts of miraculous opportunities he had encountered to be able to temper his body to that terrifying extent!

He was even more curious about how much that man has grown after 10 years!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

A series of figures soared into the air.

Everyone arrived at the top of the palace and looked down at Myriad Phenomenon City.

Almost at the same time, a series of figures rose in Myriad Phenomenon City.

Everyone had their eyes on Di Yin’s arrival in the city!


A deafening noise echoed!

A gigantic and menacing demon beast walked through the long street domineeringly and everyone in front of it gave way fearfully.

The fur on the beast’s body was extremely long and it resembled a tiger in shape. It had a human’s face, tiger’s feet, teeth of a boar and its tail was a hundred and eight foot long. Four horns that were incomparably sharp surged into the air!

It was a primordial ferocious beast, the Tao Wu!

Many cultivators in Myriad Phenomenon City arrived mounted on their spirit beasts.

However, in the face of the Tao Wu, all the spirit beasts were docile and kept mum in fear!

An ancient remnant beast that could not dodge in time at the front was swallowed whole by the Tao Wu and fresh blood sprayed everywhere!

The owner of the ancient remnant beast turned frightfully, but he could only clench his teeth, endure things and leave.

Although fighting between cultivators was forbidden within the city, that were no restrictions on killing between demon beasts.

“This is a being of the primordial era and it is extremely violent with incredible strength!”

Unknowingly, Perfected Lord Luo Xue had arrived behind everyone and said slowly.

Su Zimo nodded.

10 years ago, the primordial ferocious beast suffered a huge loss in his hands. Although it was extremely strong, its head was pinned violently to the ground by Su Zimo but it did not die.

Now, it was clear that the primordial ferocious beast was even more terrifying than it was 10 years ago!

“I’m not his match,”

The Golden Lion shook his head with a grim expression.

The spirit tiger took a deep breath and frowned when he sensed the aura the Tao Wu gave off. “This fella is troublesome to deal with.”

Monkey remained silent and merely pouted his lips, seemingly in disdain.

He had a prideful nature and would definitely not admit defeat even if he could not win the other party!

Night Spirit was the most composed among everyone present.

He looked at the Tao Wu that barged its way through the city with a cold gaze; there were no emotions in his eyes and they were like still waters!

If the Tao Wu was already so frightening, how powerful would someone who could subdue that primordial ferocious beast be?

Countless gazes in Myriad Phenomenon City were fixed on someone.

A figure sat on the back of the primordial ferocious beast.

The person did not look old and he wore purple robes. His brows extended to his temples, his eyes were shut and he had an indifferent expression that spread in all directions and suppressed the place!

He was the top of the previous Phenomenon Ranking, the number one Golden Core of Tianhuang Mainland… Di Yin!

Now that Di Yin was back in this familiar place a hundred years later, he was like an emperor that ruled over the world – nobody could stop him!

“His reputation precedes him. This man sure is frightening.”

Ji Chengtian’s pupils constricted as he shook his head and said somewhat dejectedly, “I don’t even have the courage to strike against this man!”

Defeated before a battle!

That was how powerful a person’s aura could be.

A cultivator’s mental state could be affected even though they were kilometers apart!

Right from the beginning, Di Yin did not even open his eyes.

It might be because he was resting.

Or… it might be because there was nobody in Myriad Phenomenon City who was worthy of him looking at!

His simple act of sitting on the Tao Wu casually to enter the city had already brought forth immense pressure to all the cultivators in Myriad Phenomenon City!

The Nascent Souls were no exception!

Perfected Lord Luo Xue frowned slightly with a look of disbelief as she murmured, “His strength has already grown till such an extent?”

A middle-aged cultivator followed close behind Di Yin blindly.

“Perfected Lord Hun Yi?”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s eyes flickered as she said softly, “To think that he would be here too.”

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted.

Behind Di Yin and Perfected Lord Hun Yi were cultivators of Chaos Essence Sect, including Nie Hao who was defeated by Lin Xuanji.

All of a sudden!


Su Zimo narrowed his gaze towards a cultivator in the Chaos Essence Sect crowd.

To be precise, it was a little young monk. His hands were bound by a shiny silver rope that restricted his spirit energy and he was being pushed forward.

That little monk was none other than Ming Zhen who was separated from Su Zimo after entering the ancient battlefield!

Although many cultivators have gathered in Myriad Phenomenon City for the past few days, there was no news of Ming Zhen.

Given Ming Zhen’s capabilities, there were few people in the ancient battlefield who could suppress him.

Even if Ming Zhen could not win them, he could definitely escape far away.

To think that he would have met with Di Yin!

There were a few wounds on Ming Zhen’s body with flesh that was ripped and rotten with pus blood.

It was clear that he had suffered immensely along the way!

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold.

Ming Zhen chanted sutras and studied Buddhism and Zen daily at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley. He was far away from mortal strife and possessed an innocent heart filled with sincerity.

Each time Su Zimo had a question, Ming Zhen would explain carefully without a single bit of annoyance.

In terms of seniority, Ming Zhen was his senior brother.

However, Ming Zhen was extremely young and Su Zimo had always regarded him as a younger brother.

When he saw the state that Ming Zhen was in, the killing intent in Su Zimo’s heart surged instantly!


Di Yin sensed something and his eyes jolted wide open!

It was initially bright and sunny in Myriad Phenomenon City.

The moment Di Yin opened his eyes, a shadow shrouded over the place and the temperature dipped!

Many cultivators in Myriad Phenomenon City could not help but shudder with pounding hearts as their hairs stood on end!

Di Yin’s senses were way too sharp!

He could sense Su Zimo’s hostility almost instantly!

Both their gazes met in midair.

“Ah, it’s Su Zimo!”

“One of them is the current number one Golden Core and the other is the legendary strongest monster incarnate in history. The two of them are about to face one another!”

Many cultivators whispered.

Both of their auras climbed continuously – neither of them was willing to express weakness!

Suddenly, Su Zimo hollered with a thunderous force, “Di Yin, release him!”

Su Zimo made use of a vocal technique from the Buddhist monasteries and his voice had the effect of resonance and awakening anyone from a state of stupor – many cultivators felt their minds rattle!

A weak-willed person might have bowed down immediately.

The entire place went into chaos!

Nobody in Myriad Phenomenon City dared to speak to Di Yin in that manner.

Even Nascent Souls had to show respect to Di Yin!

That was because Di Yin could have advanced to the Nascent Soul realm a hundred years ago!

He suppressed his cultivation intentionally and waited till this day so that he could ascend the Myriad Phenomenon Peak once more and leave his name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele!

Furthermore, he would definitely become a top-tier Nascent Soul the moment he advanced and could suppress almost all the Perfected Lords in the ancient battlefield!

Nobody expected a face-off the moment they met one another!

Furthermore, from Su Zimo’s words, it seemed as though he meant something.

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