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Chapter 721: Storm


Monkey clutched his stomach at the sight of that and burst into laughter, unable to contain himself any longer.

“Was that three breaths?”

“He came out as soon as he went in.”

“Golden Hair, you were way too fast…”

The Golden Lion finally realized that he was set up upon hearing the laughter of monkey and the others as he glared at them begrudgingly.

However, he could not blame others for this either – he was the one that asked for it.

The Golden Lion gazed at Night Spirit’s back with a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes!

This man was way too frightening!

Earlier on in the cultivation room, Night Spirit suppressed him within a single round!

Furthermore, the Golden Lion could clearly sense that if they weren’t sworn brothers, it would have been an ice-cold corpse that was stuck on the iron door!

“How is this a cub? This is a devil!”

The Golden Lion wanted to cry.

“Little Night Spirit, you’ve become so powerful after 20 years!”

Qing Qing was all smiles. “When you were just born, you were only the size of a palm. Although you looked fierce, you were so fun to play with!”

Night Spirit pursed his lips and smiled bashfully.

Qing Qing urged him, “Hurry, revert to your true form. Let me see just how much you’ve changed!”

“That’s right, I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I wonder how you look like now.”

The spirit tiger added, “Back then, First looked through many ancient books to identify your background but he couldn’t find anything at all.”

Monkey looked at Night Spirit somewhat expectantly as well, waiting for the latter to revert to his true form.

Night Spirit slumped his head slightly with a hesitant expression, as though he was conflicted internally and was in pain.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he said calmly, “There’s nothing to see, he’s almost the same as when he was young. Don’t get excited out of nothing.”

In truth, Night Spirit had already grown massively after consuming the dragon egg!

Now that 20 years were gone, Su Zimo had no idea what Night Spirit looked like either.

However, when Su Zimo saw how conflicted Night Spirit was, he knew that the latter definitely had his difficulties and did not want to make things difficult for him.

Night Spirit understood Su Zimo’s intentions and looked at him gratefully.

Surveying his surroundings, Su Zimo changed the topic and said with a smile, “Everyone, it’s truly rare that the group of us are able to reunite in the ancient battlefield today. Let’s have a drink!”

The road of cultivation was long and Tianhuang Mainland was endless – everyone had their own paths.

Some people never meet ever again after farewells, let alone 20 years later.

Now that they were reunited, the joy in their hearts was indescribable.

“That’s right, there’s still three months to the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking. Since it’s still early, we’ll drink till we’re drunk tonight!” Ji Chengtian was an easygoing man as well and agreed readily.

“There’s wine!”

Monkey smacked his lips and his eyes lit up.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

The number of cultivators gathered in Myriad Phenomenon City increased.

Almost all the famous paragons of various sects and factions have arrived in Myriad Phenomenon City!

It was a storm with the gathering of countless heroes!

The arrival of every peerless paragon caused quite a stir within the city!

During this period of time, Su Zimo resided within the huge palace of Snowdrift Valley and did not leave at all. Yet, news was transmitted one after another.

Hang Qiuyu, the paragon of Sword Sect, had arrived at Myriad Phenomenon City!

20 years ago, many successors of various major sects fought Su Zimo beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace and some died while others were severely injured.

There was nothing to speak of about those who died.

Some of the successors who were severely injured did not manage to recover entirely; some of them became despondent from the setback of the huge blow and became nothing more than a commoner.

Of course, there were also a few of them that underwent a metamorphosis and were reborn entirely!

Hang Qiuyu was one of them!

He was not the only one; Pang Yue of Overlord Palace and Monk Jue Chen of Diamond Monastery had arrived in Myriad Phenomenon City one after another and caused a great commotion!

The three of them were the most prominent paragons back in the past.

Indeed, the three of them gave Su Zimo immense pressure during the fight beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace as well.

“It’s no wonder why they’re paragons,”

Within the huge palace of Snowdrift Valley, Su Zimo murmured softly and rubbed his fingertips against one another, causing a spirit crane that contained information of the three of them to disintegrate into dust.

There were many paragons that were defeated by Su Zimo previously but the three of them were the only ones who got back on their feet!

A few things were detailed clearly in the spirit crane.

20 years ago, the three of them received massive blows from the battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Yet, that became a blessing in disguise and they gained countless opportunities after their breakthroughs. They cultivated legacy phenomenons of their sects and rose again to become the number one Golden Cores of their respective sects!

Of course, during this period of time, apart from the three of them familiar faces, a few other relatively foreign paragons were made known to Su Zimo.

The fiend heir of Asura Sect, Ren Tu!

It was said that he was the most frightening successor to appear in Asura Sect after the current Asura, Yan Beichen!

He was only slightly more than a hundred years old at this point of his cultivation but his hands were filled with endless fresh blood.

Legend has it that he was haunted by over three million vengeful ghosts and the stench of blood could be smelled everywhere he passed, resembling an endless Hell!

Apart from Hang Qiuyu, Pang Yue and Monk Jue Chen, Ren Tu was also a strong contender for a top ten position on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Monk Jian Kong of Hollow Monastery!

This successor was from Hollow Monastery and cultivated a top-tier ancient phenomenon of the Buddhist monasteries, the Seven Floor Pagoda!

A pagoda was a Buddhist tower.

In the Buddhist monasteries, a Seven Floor Pagoda was of the highest grade.

Even from the ancient era, it was almost the limit for successors of Hollow Monastery to cultivate a Six Floor Pagoda; there were barely any who could cultivate a Seven Floor Pagoda.

Eventually, all of them got to the top of the Phenomenon Ranking and became the titular disciples of that generation!

Now that Monk Jian Kong entered the ancient battlefield with his Seven Floor Pagoda, his intentions could not be clearer.

Of course, everyone knew that although the Seven Floor Pagoda was strong, it was still inferior compared to the legacy phenomenon of the Human Emperor, Chaos Ocean.

Above the palace, Perfected Lord Luo Xue frowned slightly. “The fight for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round is likely to be extremely intense! Previously, any ancient phenomenon would most probably make it to the top of the list, but things are different this time round.”

Ren Tu’s Corpse Mountain Blood Sea and Monk Jian Kong’s Seven Floor Pagoda were both among them.

“In fact, many lost ancient phenomenons are reappearing in this era! A clash as such is rare even in the ancient era!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue mulled deeply. “You’ve got to be careful and not pit yourself against Di Yin recklessly.”

Su Zimo had a calm expression and did not refute her.

After all, Di Yin’s fame had been there for a long time.

When he was in his thirties a hundred years ago, Di Yin suppressed various paragons domineeringly in the previous Phenomenon Ranking and obtained the top spot.

In the eyes of many cultivators, although Su Zimo’s rapid uprising and a few great battles have pushed his reputation up in recent years, he was still inferior to Di Yin.

At that moment, a shadow darted over.

Ji Chengtian entered the palace, panting with a grim expression as he said slowly, “Di Yin has arrived!”

Instantly, all the cultivators who were initially meditating in silence in the palace opened their eyes.

That was a name nobody could ignore!

Things in Myriad Phenomenon City had heated up completely!

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