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Chapter 709: Counterattack!

As Xu Cheng fled into the distance, Su Zimo retracted his Black Tortoise phenomenon.

The support of a Golden Core phenomenon requires immense expenditure of spirit energy. Now that the outcome was determined, there was no need for Su Zimo to maintain his Golden Core phenomenon everywhere he went.

However, the moment he retracted his Black Tortoise phenomenon, he sensed an immense danger that was close by!

Su Zimo did not have time to check it out.

The person struck at a perfect moment when his defenses were at its weakest – it was also the moment when he was the most relaxed!

There was already no one within a hundred feet of his battle with Xu Cheng.

Su Zimo had not expected anyone to close in to him stealthily and attack without warning!

The killing intent enveloped him immediately and it was chilling to the bones!

If he had not cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and possessed his unpredictable spirit perception, Su Zimo would not have been able to react and would have died on the spot!

This could be considered as a perfect assassination attempt!

Although he did not turn to look, a figure crossed Su Zimo’s mind. Someone whose attire was indeterminate and had shifting appearances; a woman at times, a child at times, an elderly person at times…

The assassin of Hidden Death Sect!

Only a legacy disciple of Hidden Death Sect could have the insight to launch such a frightening assassination attempt!

Su Zimo fought against the most prominent successors of Hidden Death Sect twice and each time was equally treacherous.

20 years ago, Su Zimo only managed to kill the Thousand-faced Assassin beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace!

To think that an assassin of Hidden Death Sect would leech onto him in the ancient battlefield again and try to claim his life immediately upon striking!


A series of exclamations broke out from the crowd.



“Brother Su, watch out!”

Little Fox, the spirit tiger and everyone else did not have time to move and could only shout.

Lin Xuanji had just taken a half-step forward before he stopped.

It was already too late.

Nobody could save Su Zimo.

The sword of the assassin was inches away from Su Zimo!

A wary look flashed through Lin Xuanji’s eyes – this was the true terror of a legacy disciple of Hidden Death Sect!

If he was in Su Zimo’s position, he would be doomed from this assassination as well!

There was nothing much to offend an ordinary cultivator.

However, if one offended an assassin, one would never have a moment of peace in their future unless either one of the parties were truly dead!

Nobody could know when an assassin would appear and they would always have to be on guard.

The assassin could be far away or nearby, always biding an opportune moment for a fatal strike like a ghost in the dark!

The mental torture was extremely frightening and most cultivators wouldn’t be able to handle it.


In that instant, Su Zimo shouted with Sanskrit and released his robust voice as his blood qi surged and reverberated relentlessly like the crack of a thunderbolt!

Sound killing moves had almost instantaneous power bursts.

At that critical moment, only a sound killing move could save Su Zimo!

The assassin’s body shuddered upon hearing the Sanskrit word.

Even for legacy disciples of Hidden Death Sect, they were not superior in head-on combat. The Sanskrit was released with haste and might not have had an impact on someone like Xu Cheng.

However, the impact was great for the Hidden Death Sect assassin!

The sword in the hands of the assassin paused for a moment!

However, immediately after, the assassin released Hidden Death Sect’s secret skill and suppressed the wild blood qi in his body. He straightened the sword and thrust towards Su Zimo’s heart from the back!

The pause lasted for less than a single breath.

Most cultivators wouldn’t be able to react to it.

However, Su Zimo possessed the warning from his spirit perception to begin with. There was no way he could miss this fleeting opportunity!


His blood qi rumbled.

Su Zimo’s body expanded massively all of a sudden and his robes were torn, revealing muscles that resembled molten steel!

Although the transformation did not seem like anything much, the expansion of Su Zimo’s body caused the initial position of his heart to deviate!

Buzz! Buzz!

Six spirit patterns shone on the assassin’s thin blade – it was a connate spirit weapon that was extremely sharp!

However, the moment the thin blade entered Su Zimo’s flesh, it was met with great resistance and let out a strange noise.

Half of his thin blade was pushed through but it did not hit any vitals.

Furthermore, when the assassin wanted to withdraw the sword, he discovered that his sword was stuck tightly within Su Zimo’s flesh!

The next moment, a gigantic palm descended from the skies as a dark shadow blanketed the world!

“How dare you!”

Su Zimo hollered and disregarded his injuries as he counterattacked!

He was truly enraged by the assassination!

Thankfully, he had energy remaining after his fight with Xu Cheng.

If he was facing an opponent like Di Yin, it would be deadly to have an enemy like this assassin lurking nearby!

He had to strike this person to death with his palm!

Right here, right now!

The assassin was decisive without any hint of panic in his eyes. He abandoned his thin sword and turned to flee, scurrying into the distance without touching the ground.

His movement technique resembled a ghost and he would disappear from one’s line of sight if one was careless!

“You’re still trying to escape?”

Su Zimo withdrew the long sword on his body and stuffed it into his storage bag.

A stream of blood spewed out but Su Zimo ignored it.

His physique was way too strong that an injury like this would not impact him much – he would recover on his own before long.

In a flash, Su Zimo chased in the direction of the assassin.

“Om… Ma… Ni… Pa… Mi… Hom!”

Su Zimo released the six Sanskrit words of the Daming Mantra immediately, bursting like thunder!

A single Sanskrit word was enough to affect the assassin.

Now that all six words of the Daming Mantra were released, a terrifying power was formed in the voids!

A Buddha light flashed and Sanskrit reverberated endlessly!


Against the shock of the Sanskrit words, the assassin spat out a mouthful of blood and instantly revealed his position.

“You’re far weaker compared to the Thousand-faced Assassin!”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo had already arrived behind the person. He reached out and punched the assassin heavily on the back!


A tremendous power almost snapped the assassin, causing a lump to protrude from his chest in a shocking manner!

That single punch severed the life of the assassin!


The assassin fell forward stiffly.

Su Zimo arrived beside him and put away the latter’s storage bag. He then reached out and kicked the assassin’s corpse to flip it.

The assassin was naturally unable to maintain Hidden Death Sect’s secret skill after his death and his appearance was revealed.

He was an ordinary person.

His features could not have been anymore ordinary.

He was someone that would not be noticed at all when thrown into a crowd.

Although Su Zimo had just seen how this person looked, the moment he closed his eyes, he could not even remember the person’s face!

Someone like that was a natural-born assassin!

However, it was a pity that he chose the wrong prey!

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