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Chapter 710: God Race

Although the assassin of Hidden Death Sect was dead, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace managed to escape with the opening as well.

It was already too late for Su Zimo to chase in pursuit.

In the end, Lin Xuanji did not kill Nie Hao of Chaos Essence Sect ruthlessly either, choosing to release the latter.

Enigma Palace had an exceptional status in Tianhuang Mainland and would naturally not sow grudges with other super sects. Lin Xuanji could not be as indifferent as Su Zimo in handling things.

There were few cultivators remaining from the three super sects and they fled in all directions wildly, vanishing without a trace.

The cultivators watching nearby were emotional upon seeing that.

After this battle, Su Zimo’s would become even more prominent in the ancient battlefield!

To many cultivators, Di Yin was probably the only one who could fight with him!

This battle was an eyeopener for many cultivators.

Notwithstanding the spirit arts and combat technique used in the massacre, there were quite a few ancient phenomenons that appeared!

Chaos Essence Hole, Yellow Springs, Apocalyptic Five Thunders, Primordial Divine Turtle, Primordial Soaring Serpent and the extremely mysterious Great Expanding Mist.

At the end, everyone had the fortune of witnessing the birth of a brand new Golden Core phenomenon. Furthermore, it was so scary that it could destroy the Apocalyptic Five Thunders with ease!

“To think that even terrifying existences such as Leng Ming, Situ Shi and the assassin of Hidden Death Sect would die here. What a pity.”

“Don’t forget, this is the ancient battlefield where anything can happen!”

“That’s right! If the assassin of Hidden Death Sect had not appeared in the end, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace might not have been able to escape as well!”

Many cultivators dispersed as they discussed in hushed voices.

The battle had come to an end.

Although everyone knew that this group was in possession of treasures such as the Yellow Springs Diagram and Purple Thunder Manual, nobody dared to fight them for it.

“Thank you.”

Su Zimo turned to Lin Xuanji and nodded.

Lin Xuanji was different from Little Fatty and Shi Jian.

His identity was sensitive and there was no need for him to help out.

Although Nie Hao was the one who pushed his luck, given Lin Xuanji’s capabilities, if he truly wanted to escape, there was no way Nie Hao could have stopped him.

Lin Xuanji waved it off and said deeply, “This Black Tortoise phenomenon that you’ve created is extremely strong and terrifying. Perhaps it can truly go against Chaos Ocean, but…”

He paused for a moment before saying slowly, “From what I know, Di Yin is way scarier than he was a hundred years ago. I don’t even dare to divine anything pertaining to him. You must be careful!”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The fact that Lin Xuanji was so wary was proof of how frightening Di Yin was!

“Don’t worry, I haven’t wasted my past 20 years as well,” Su Zimo replied.

Lin Xuanji nodded with a pensive expression. “There’s one more thing, you’ve got to be careful after entering Myriad Phenomenon City. You’ve already offended almost everyone from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects in the elementary ancient battlefield.”

“You killed and injured many of them in the battle at the Human Emperor’s Palace. Although they can’t blame anyone since they were the ones that joined forces, some sects might hold on to the grudge and make things difficult for you because of it.”

“Since Xu Cheng and Nie Hao are not dead, the two great immortal sects, Zephyr Thunder Palace and Chaos Essence Sect, will definitely cause trouble for you in Myriad Phenomenon City!”


Su Zimo sneered, “That’s great. I’ll send Xu Cheng down to the Yellow Springs if he comes to look for me!”

“There’s something you might not know,”

Lin Xuanji said slowly, “In Myriad Phenomenon City, there’s formations and seals left behind by seniors of Enigma Palace. Nascent Souls can make use of Dharmic powers freely without being detected by the outside world.”

He was implying that Nascent Souls could attack freely in Myriad Phenomenon City without being devoured!

That was a little troublesome.

Lin Xuanji continued, “Zephyr Thunder Palace and Chaos Essence Sect have Nascent Souls tagging along for their expedition. These Nascent Souls are not Sealers that are in their twilight years, but people in their prime with immense vitality!”

“You must be careful of these Nascent Souls causing trouble for you after entering Myriad Phenomenon City!”

Su Zimo nodded.

In that case, anyone that did not have the backing of Nascent Souls in Myriad Phenomenon City was definitely disadvantaged!

Lin Xuanji said, “Alright, I’ll leave you guys to clean up the battlefield. I’ll take my leave first,”

“Hold on!”

As though he recalled something, Su Zimo called back Lin Xuanji.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xuanji froze for a moment.

Su Zimo asked, “Have you seen a group of cultivators, around eight of them, with ancient attires? They have golden hair, blue eyes, sharp noses and every single one of them is extremely good looking!”

When he heard that description, Lin Xuanji’s expression turned increasingly grim.

“Why are they here?”

He murmured with a dark look on his face.

Su Zimo asked, “Who are they?”

He had to know their background since Nian Qi was taken away by them.

Lin Xuanji asked instead, “You know about the Primordial Nine Races, right?”

Su Zimo nodded.

Lin Xuanji said slowly, “They are part of the Primordial Nine Races, the god race!”

God race!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat at the mention of those words.

There was a race in Tianhuang Mainland that dared to refer to themselves as gods!

They were either lunatics or…

They must be truly frightening that they resembled gods!

Lin Xuanji frowned deeply and murmured, “The Primordial Nine Races would almost never appear in the ancient battlefield. To think that beings of the god race from this generation would enter!”

“Why are you asking about that? Have you seen them?” Lin Xuanji asked.


Su Zimo shook his head. “However, I’ve got a friend that was taken away by that group. I’ve got to rescue her!”

Lin Xuanji sighed gently and shook his head.

“You haven’t interacted with the god race before so you don’t know about their terror.”

He continued, “In the god race, killing above their level is something as simple as drinking water! The only thing that would pique their interest slightly is killing someone that’s a major realm above them!”

“To put it simply, against the god race, your body, blood qi and advantage in melee combat is almost non-existent!”

Su Zimo did not doubt Lin Xuanji.

From Qing Qing’s description, he could already vaguely guess how frightening the group of cultivators were!

How terrifying was Su Zimo’s body and blood qi?

He had yet to experience defeat in melee combat!

Even when he exchanged blows with Di Yin in the old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he had a slight advantage.

But now, it was said that the god race could match him in terms of physique and blood qi!

“As one of the Primordial Nine Races, the god race has a noble bloodline and possesses many ancient secret skills and techniques. Even Di Yin would not dare to provoke them recklessly.”

Lin Xuanji mulled, “The arrival of the god race… seems like something big is about to happen in the ancient battlefield!”

“This is not good, I’ve got to hurry back and inform the elders of the sect so that they can prepare for things.”

With that said, Lin Xuanji vanished right in front of their eyes in a puff of smoke.

“God race, god race…”

Su Zimo murmured with an unfathomable expression as he said coldly, “To think that I’ll come across the Primordial Nine Races so quickly!”

It was no wonder why Nian Qi possessed such immense strength in the past without knowing anything.

It was because she carried the blood of the god race in her body!

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