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Chapter 708: Entwining of Serpent and Turtle, Descent of the Black Tortoise

A series of terrifying energy fluctuations were released by the repeated clashes between the three phenomenons.

The cultivators in the vicinity had already retreated far away a long time ago.

The voids were quaking violently!

Xu Cheng had a deranged expression and green veins popped on his neck one after another – he had already circulated the power of his phenomenon to its limits!

Even so, the five divine thunderbolts could not break through the Soaring Serpent and Soaring Serpent primordial phenomenons.

The Golden Core phenomenons of both parties were in a stalemate in midair and expended energy continuously!

Compared to Xu Cheng, Su Zimo was much more composed. Although his double phenomenon had the slight advantage, he could not take down the five divine thunderbolts either!

It was as Lin Xuanji had said, apart from Di Yin, Xu Cheng was the most troublesome paragon Su Zimo had come across.

The Apocalyptic Five Thunders was also the only Golden Core phenomenon up till this point that could defend against the Divine Turtle and Soaring Serpent!

In midair.

The three phenomenons devoured and clashed against one another – it was difficult to determine who would prevail.

Xu Cheng’s eyes shone.

During this short period of time, the successor of Enigma Palace as well as the legacy disciples of Puppet Sect and Tomb Sect had consumed some elixirs and regained some strength after the breather.

He would definitely be defeated if the three of them were to charge forward!

“Su Zimo, I’ll consider this a draw today,”

Although he was indignant, Xu Cheng could only swallow this as he grit his teeth. “I’ll definitely fight you to the death in Myriad Phenomenon City. Don’t worry, I’ll make you hand over the Purple Thunder Manual for sure!”

Xu Cheng wanted to withdraw after saying that.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo continued pushing with a look of disdain in his eyes as he said indifferently, “Why should we wait till we get to Myriad Phenomenon City? I’ll fight you to the death today!”


Xu Cheng sneered, “Su Zimo, I’ll admit that you’re strong. However, you must be naive if you think that you can kill me with just your double phenomenon!”

“You’re the naive one, not me,”

Su Zimo sneered as well, “Do you really think that the double phenomenon is all I’ve got?”


When he heard that, Xu Cheng’s expression changed as his heart skipped a beat.

This man had a stronger trump card?

That was impossible!

Xu Cheng denied that thought in his mind right away.

However, his eyes widened immediately after with endless shock in them.


Su Zimo stood in the air and shouted as his hands clasped together slowly.

Along with his command and motion, the two primordial phenomenons behind him leaned towards one another and gradually fused!

The Primordial Divine Turtle and Primordial Soaring Serpent belonged to two extremities.

One was fire while the other was water.

One was passive while the other was active.

But now, the Soaring Serpent wrapped around the Divine Turtle and coiled itself on the latter’s shell with its massive body as their heads were lined one above the other.

The two primordial divine beings seemed to have fused as one!

This was not only the fusion of two primordial divine beings.

In it, there was a mysterious truth of the universe.

The entwining of turtle and serpent, the fusion of water and fire, the combination of passiveness and activeness!

An even more frightening aura was released and spread into the surroundings, encompassing the world!

Be it cultivators in the battlefield or watching from afar, all of them shuddered in fear and instinctively wanted to kowtow onto the ground!

Even for monkey, he felt the jitters despite his untamed nature.

This was a suppression that came from the depths of the bloodline!

It was a fear that originated from the memories of one’s soul!

The turtle and serpent vanished.

There was only a single Golden Core phenomenon remaining!

Although Xu Cheng’s Apocalyptic Five Thunders was frightening, it swayed as though it could dissipate at any moment in the face of this Golden Core phenomenon!

None of the cultivators present could recognize the origin of the phenomenon.

However, Lin Xuanji’s eyes were widened as he muttered softly, “That is…”

After a moment, he gasped as though he recalled something and exclaimed, “The entwining of turtle and serpent, one of the four great sacred beasts, the Black Tortoise[1]!”

Legend has it that at the origin of Chaos, before the world was created, there were the four sacred beasts, the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tortoise!

In reality, the dragon race of the Primordial Nine Races in Tianhuang Mainland had its bloodline from the Azure Dragon.

As for the phoenixes, their bloodline came from the Vermilion Bird bloodline.

The four sacred beasts could be considered as the oldest and scariest existences in the universe and were considered as the progenitors of many demon beasts!

Su Zimo remained dormant in the Dragon Burial Valley for 20 years, studying Zen and Buddhism. Through the wisdom of Buddhism, he resolved the conflict of his immortality and demonic cultivation, allowing water and fire to fuse together – there was no distinction between immortals or demons and the serpent and turtle had fused!

For the past 20 years, the only thing that Su Zimo did apart from strolling was studying scriptures. Although it seemed like a carefree life, he had benefited immensely!

The serpent and turtle were entwined and the Black Tortoise had descended!


Su Zimo pointed forward with a calm expression.

The Black Tortoise reared its head and moved with four limbs, pushing forward gently.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Instantly, a series of cracks appeared on Xu Cheng’s five divine thunderbolts. They dimmed significantly before dissipating into light spots into the surroundings!


Xu Cheng spat out a huge mouthful of blood and color drained from his face.

The Black Tortoise was a sacred beast!

Sacred beasts were existences that came before the origin of Chaos and more frightening than the legendary immortals and immortal beasts of the upper world. Although it was only a phenomenon, it was not something that Xu Cheng’s divine thunderbolts could contend against!

In the face of the Black Tortoise phenomenon, Xu Cheng felt as though his life was as insignificant as an ant!

“How scary, Di Yin finally has an opponent!”

“This is an unprecedented phenomenon. Even against the top-tier phenomenons throughout history, this phenomenon can make it into the top ten! No, top five! In fact, maybe even top three!”

“In my opinion, the Human Emperor’s Chaos Ocean is probably the only thing that can contend against it.”

“Su Zimo will definitely be able to leave his name on the Golden Core phenomenon for creating such a frightening phenomenon by tracing back to the ancient experts of the past. I’m so envious!”

In the fight for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, if someone managed to create an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon through their own comprehension or opportunities and managed to get into the rankings, they can name their phenomenons!

It was an immense honor and would truly embody leaving their mark in history!

On the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, many of the ancient phenomenons were handwritten by top-tier experts of the past personally.

Xu Cheng could not be bothered with his severe internal injuries and grabbed a handful of elixirs from his storage bag, devouring them.

“Su Zimo, although I’m defeated, you can dream about killing me!”

He ignored his injuries and made a decisive decision to turn and leave while declaring, “You had better not show yourself in Myriad Phenomenon City or you’ll die miserably!”

A pair of wings made of wind and lightning appeared behind Xu Cheng.

In that clamor, he had already vanished from the spot and fled far away at a frightening speed!

Xu Cheng endured the pain in his body and snarled, “This is a secret skill of our sect, the Zephyr Thunder Escape! Even ordinary Nascent Souls won’t be able to catch up to me!”

In the Purple Thunder Manual, Su Zimo caught sight of a section introducing a secret escape technique called the Lightning Escape. Although it was similar to the Zephyr Thunder Escape, it was a pity that he could not cultivate it just yet.

Right now, it was relatively simple for him to capture Xu Cheng.

First, he could release his cultivation and circulate both cores. Coupled with Ethereal Wings, there’s a high chance he could catch up.

Second, he could release Blood Escape.

Right as Su Zimo was considering his options, he sensed danger!

[1] The description of a Black Tortoise is of an entwined tortoise and serpent

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