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Chapter 705: Great Expanding Mist

“Hurry, look! They’re using Golden Core phenomenons now!”

“An ancient phenomenon ranked 28 on the previous Phenomenon Ranking, Chaos Essence Hole sure is frightening!”

“Although that gray-robed cultivator knows many things, all his spirit arts cannot do anything against the Chaos Essence Hole and will disintegrate into nothing!”

The cultivators watching from afar discussed excitedly.

They felt spectacular able to witness the fight of ancient phenomenons earlier here!

“You’re truly pushing your luck!”

Lin Xuanji no longer gave in and glared coldly at the incoming Nie Hao. His Golden Core circulated slowly and an extremely terrifying aura rose in him!

Suddenly, a hazy mist appeared around Lin Xuanji.

The mist carried an ancient aura, as though they had returned to the beginning of the century; an age where chaos had yet to form!

The hazy mist rumbled as though it possessed the most enigmatic energy in the universe – even Chaos Essence Hole could not envelope it!


Nie Hao’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at the mist.

“Goodness, that gray-robed cultivator released his Golden Core phenomenon as well!”

“What phenomenon is that? It seems like it can go against Chaos Essence Hole!”

“It looks like…”

As he listened to the discussions in the surrounding, Nie Hao’s eyes flashed as though he recalled something. His expression changed starkly and he exclaimed, “Ancient phenomenon, Great Expanding Mist!”

The crowd’s expression changed at the mention of those words!

Not far away, Xu Cheng who was fighting against Su Zimo frowned and looked over as well.

The Great Expanding Mist was created by the ancient expert, Fairy Ling Long, and could only be released by the successor of Enigma Palace!

Initially, everyone thought that the gray-robed cultivator was merely an itinerant cultivator with a mysterious background.

But now, his identity was fully revealed!

“Fellow Daoist of Enigma Palace?”

Leng Ming had a vague feeling that something was amiss.

The situation had gone completely out of control!

Nie Hao calmed down gradually with a tinge of regret at the sight of the Great Expanding Mist.

Initially, his opponent had no intention of intervening. However, he was the one that pushed his luck and fought that man to the death, leading to the current irreconcilable situation.

Leng Ming shifted his eyes and declared, “Why did Enigma Palace interfere in a fight between disciples of Tomb Sect?”

The moment he released the Great Expanding Mist, Lin Xuanji had no intention of hiding his identity.

“I had no intention of interfering,”

Lin Xuanji removed his mask and put away the iron ruler. He pulled out his folding fan from his embrace and sneered, “However, someone refused to let me go!”

Leng Ming and the others glared at Nie Hao and cursed him to the core in their minds!

“I had not thought things through for this. It was my mistake for pushing my luck when I did not know your identity, fellow Daoist,”

Nie Hao took a deep breath and said, “Fellow Daoist, feel free to leave. I’ll definitely not stand in your way!”


Lin Xuanji sneered and shook his head. “It’s too late for you to bow down now,”

He pointed to Nie Hao with a stern expression and said word by word, “I warned you a few times not to mess with me. But now, you’ve truly riled me up!”


Lin Xuanji took a stride forward and the Great Expanding Mist churned into a gigantic chessboard in front of him that seemed like it could engulf the entire world!

Nie Hao had a conflicted expression.

No matter what, he was a paragon of Chaos Essence Sect and possessed the pride of one!

“Fine, let’s see just how strong the Great Expanding Mist of Enigma Palace is!”

Nie Hao hollered and controlled his Chaos Essence Hole, using it to devour the chessboard that was formed in front of Lin Xuanji!

From the ancient era till now, although Fairy Ling Long was the one who set up the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, no successor of Enigma Palace took part in the fight for the ranking spots.

Most cultivators merely knew that this ancient phenomenon had a powerful background and extraordinary might.

However, nobody knew just how strong it was or what position it could take on the Phenomenon Ranking.

Right now, despite knowing Lin Xuanji’s identity, the fact that Nie Hao was willing to fight bravely was proof that he was confident Chaos Essence Hole could devour the Great Expanding Mist!


A look of ridicule flashed through Lin Xuanji’s eyes as he sent the giant chessboard created by the Great Expanding Mist into the Chaos Essence Hole without dodging or evading.

The darkness of the hole tried to engulf the chessboard repeatedly.

However, the chessboard spiraled and released streams of mysterious energy that tore the Chaos Essence Hole up instead!


Nie Hao’s mind was connected to the Chaos Essence Hole and his expression changed as he sensed the changes in it!

“Break it!”

Lin Xuanji pointed forward and a streak of spirit light surged into the Chaos Essence Hole.

The chessboard expanded swiftly!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Under countless gazes, a series of tears appeared on the Chaos Essence Hole!


“There’s an outcome to the fight between the two ancient phenomenons!”

“To think that the Great Expanding Mist would be this scary!”

Before their discussions were finished, a resounding bang reverberated through the world!


The Chaos Essence Hole exploded!


Nie Hao shuddered and spat out a huge mouthful of blood, looking despaired instantly.

The chessboard created by the Great Expanding Mist merely dimmed significantly after destroying the Chaos Essence Hole. However, it did not dissipate and continued spiraling above Nie Hao’s head!

A single thought from Lin Xuanji was enough to kill Nie Hao at the moment!


At that moment, another battle elsewhere had reached its peak!

Situ Shi controlled his thirty foot tall battle corpse to fight against the formation created by the five puppets repeatedly.

The battle corpse was extremely strong and every single punch and kick possessed frightening power – Shi Jian’s five elements puppets could not hold on for much longer!

Even so, there was no trace of panic in Shi Jian’s eyes.

He pursed his lips tightly and spirit qi threads coiled around his fingertips as he controlled the five elements puppets.

Among them, the fire puppet blazing with flames and the water puppet attacked the battle corpse relentlessly, releasing different powers into the body of the battle corpse.

At this point of refinement, the battle corpse was almost invulnerable towards fire and water.

Plain fire or water could not damage the battle corpse.

However, water and fire were irreconcilable.

When the two different powers were used at the same time on the battle corpse, a violent clash would happen!

Being irreconcilable, the different powers of water and fire would use the body of the battle corpse as a battlefield.

Against the incomparably strong and resilient battle corpse, the clash had no impact on it initially.

However, as time passed and the powers of water and fire were injected continuously, the clash stacked endlessly and finally… something changed!

The movements of the battle corpse turned increasingly sluggish!

Its skin and flesh showed signs of degradation and even its bones that were comparable to spirit weapons turned extremely fragile amidst the fire and water!

It was already too late by the time Situ Shi noticed it!


Shi Jian pointed forward and his earth, wood and metal puppets flashed, splitting into three directions before charging towards Situ Shi who was not far away!

The thirty foot tall battle corpse was already rooted to the spot by the fire and water puppets and could not get close to Shi Jian!

On one end, it was battle corpses. On the other end, it was puppets.

Even if the battle corpse fought against the puppets for three days and nights, it would be hard to determine the victor.

But now, that balance has finally been broken!

Situ Shi could not protect himself any longer!

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