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Chapter 704: Chaos Essence Hole

The crowd was shocked!

Poison Sect had more than a hundred cultivators. Nobody expected more than half of them to be wiped out by the divine dragon Su Zimo summoned before they could release their true strength!

Even the paragon of Poison Sect, Du Ren, died without a corpse remaining!

The Poison Sect cultivators who managed to survive fled in all directions and did not dare to linger on the battlefield.

“Immortal! He’s definitely the reincarnation of an immortal!”

“How can ordinary cultivators be protected by a True Dragon?”

Some of the Poison Sect cultivators were scared out of their wits and began mumbling incoherently.

Fear was an infectious emotion.

Against the repressive pressure of the dragon, it was already difficult for most cultivators to maintain their composures.

When they witnessed the tragic state of the Poison Sect cultivators, even cultivators of the three super sects, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Chaos Essence Sect and Corpse Refinement Cult, went into chaos.

Monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and the Golden Lion seized the opportunity to launch a series of powerful attacks.

Little fox made use of the cultivators’ shock to penetrate their mental defenses, controlling even more cultivators to fight against their fellow comrades!

Although the three super sects had the advantage in numbers, they suffered immense losses and could not handle the situation at the moment.

“What are you guys getting flustered for?!”

Xu Cheng astutely sensed that something was amiss with the situation and yelled. He pointed at the divine dragon spiraling in midair before shouting, “Open your eyes! That’s a fake dragon that’s created by this man using spirit energy!”

There was no wonder why Xu Cheng was a paragon of Zephyr Thunder Palace.

Although he did not know the origin of the Ancient Dragonification Art, he could maintain his composure and deduce that the divine dragonw as a product of Su Zimo’s spirit energy.

Su Zimo sneered and said indifferently, “It’s rude to not return favors. Have a taste of my sound killing move too!”


Xu Cheng’s expression changed slightly and he felt fear.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and his cheek puffed up like an airbag at a visible speed; it was swelling rapidly!

The most beguiling thing was that the divine dragon spiraling in midair was taking a deep breath as well. Its body expanded as it puffed up its chest with surging air currents, forming a series of cyclones in midair!

The man and the dragon seemed to be moving at the same time!

There was a slight pause.

Both of them opened their mouths at the same time!


A roar that could tear through the clouds and metal was released!

Su Zimo was also letting off a dragon roar!

Instantly, the world changed and dust billowed!

The sounds of killing, screams, spirit arts and weapons colliding seemed to have vanished from the battlefield.

It was as though the dragon roar was the sound remaining in the world as it reverberated relentlessly!

Some of the cultivators from the three super sects that were closest to Su Zimo bled from all orifices with lost gazes. Unable to withstand it, their brains were quaked into sludge on the spot!

Figures fell from midair one after another.

For Xu Cheng who was facing Su Zimo directly, the blow he received was even more frightening.

Most of the dragon roar’s power was focused on him.


Xu Cheng grunted dully and staggered in retreat.

Every single step created a deep footprint on the ground that flickered with electric currents.

It took Xu Cheng more than ten steps before he could stop and his face was extremely pale by then.

Xu Cheng’s blood qi moved as he gulped, causing a trickle of blood to ooze from the corner of his lips!

That dragon roar had already penetrated his flesh and injured his organs!

Cultivators of the three super sects received an immense blow from the dragon roar while monkey and the others fought even fiercer!

The tides were slowly turning!

Xu Cheng wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and swallowed a bunch of elixirs. He circulated his Golden Core slowly and a scary aura began to emanate from his body as his eyes flashed with lightning!

The only way they could turn the tides right now was if they killed their opponents as soon as possible.

If things were to drag and the few demon beasts managed to break free, all of them would be doomed!

“I’ll admit that you are strong indeed,”

Xu Cheng said slowly, “However, you must be dreaming if you think that you can win me! Today, I’ll let you have a taste of Zephyr Thunder Palace’s Golden Core phenomenon so that you can give up completely!”


A thunderbolt that was as thick as a water bucket struck the divine dragon on the head – the power of phenomenon was released instantly!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of cracks appeared on the divine dragon’s body.

At the end of the day, the Ancient Dragonification Art was merely a spirit art and could not defend against a top-tier Golden Core phenomenon.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

There was a chance that Xu Cheng’s Golden Core phenomenon was scarier than he had imagined it to be!

Lin Xuanji reminded him that Xu Cheng managed to cultivate the strongest phenomenon in Zephyr Thunder Palace’s legacy, the Apocalyptic Five Thunders!

If this was the power of Xu Cheng after releasing a single divine thunderbolt, things would definitely get sticky if he released all five thunderbolts.

On another side of the battlefield at the moment, things were even worse for Nie Hao of Chaos Essence Sect – he was completely suppressed by Lin Xuanji without the chance to retaliate at all!

Lin Xuanji had a lot of techniques and it seemed as though there was nothing he didn’t know.

Up till this point of the battle, Lin Xuanji had not repeated a single spirit art twice.

At the same time, he even released some of Chaos Essence Sect’s spirit arts!

“Hey, it’s about time. You’ll have a shot at survival if you hurry and escape now,”

Lin Xuanji reminded out of goodwill, “A while later and you won’t even be able to escape!”

Lin Xuanji had more than ten chances of taking Nie Hao’s life by now, but he did not do it.

His words were truly earnest advice.

However, Nie Hao was bruised from head to toe and only felt embarrassment after the beating in front of the crowd. Adrenaline surged through him and he could no longer be bothered as he released his Golden Core phenomenon with a roar!

Most Golden Cores could not release their phenomenons casually in a battle.

Golden Core phenomenons were the strongest methods available for Golden Cores.

The release of a phenomenon meant that there was no going back between the two parties.

They would have to fight to the death!

Lin Xuanji frowned and cursed, “What a lunatic! You don’t know what’s good for you!”

“Since you refuse to leave, I’ll leave!”

Lin Xuanji was unwilling to get entangled further and turned to leave.

“Where are you headed to?!”

Nie Hao’s features were contorted and his expression was menacing. Killing intent filled his eyes as he charged towards Lin Xuanji while roaring, “Chaos Essence Hole!”

Spirit energies visible to the naked eye spiraled and collided in streams before caving eventually.

A black hole surfaced behind Nie Hao that gusted with an evil wind.

Initially, the hole was cramped and small. However, it enlarged as Nie Hao circulated his Golden Core wildly, looking like the bloody mouth of a wild beast that wanted to devour everything!

Chaos Essence Hole, the legacy phenomenon of Chaos Essence Sect that was ranked 28 on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Essence qi was indeterminate and one with chaos.

Some of the distracted cultivators found the weapons in their hands sucked in by the Chaos Essence Hole!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A supreme-grade was swallowed by the Chaos Essence Hole immediately and disintegrated into dust!

The black hole moved towards Lin Xuanji with a powerful suction force!

Although Lin Xuanji gave in the entire time, Nie Hao kept pushing his luck.

Instantly, Lin Xuanji’s expression darkened and his eyes flashed with coldness – he was truly angered!

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