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Chapter 706: Fall of a Paragon


Situ Shi exclaimed with fright in his eyes.

Be it cultivators of Puppet Sect or Corpse Refinement Cult, they spent most of their efforts refining their puppets and battle corpses.

Cultivators of Poison Sect and Tomb Sect would have similar inclinations by spending most of their efforts on external objects.

That was also the reason why they were defined as heretical doctrines.

There were limits to a person’s strength.

Less accomplished in their personal cultivations, cultivators of the five heretical doctrines were also naturally weaker physically compared to cultivators of other super sects.

There were even less cultivators who could cultivate Golden Core phenomenons.

For example, Du Ren of Poison Sect was already a rare paragon for Poison Sect. Unfortunately, he was killed by the Ancient Dragonification Art the moment he released his Golden Core phenomenon!

Situ Shi’s capabilities were completely tied to his thirty foot battle corpse.

Now that his battle corpse was restrained by Shi Jian and three more puppets were heading his way, Situ Shi instantly realized that something was amiss!


He slapped his storage bag and summoned a flying sword, thrusting it to the metal puppet on the left.


The flying sword was repelled instantly with sparks when it struck the metal puppet.

The metal puppet had the toughest and most resilient body such that even Situ Shi’s battle corpse had difficulty destroying it. If so, how could it be injured by Situ Shi’s flying sword?

In his panic, Situ Shi conjured a spirit art.

The earth puppet created a shield using sand and defended against the spirit art with ease.

Realizing that he could not win, Situ Shi turned to flee. Unexpectedly, a series of green vines surged beneath his feet and bound them together!

Before he knew it, the wood puppet had already arrived before him.

The leaves of the vines were thin as paper and equally sharp, cutting wounds on Situ Shi’s thighs as fresh blood flowed.


Situ Shi shrieked tragically.

The metal puppet had already arrived and used its palm as a knife, chopping down fiercely on Situ Shi’s head!

It shone coldly with a chilling killing intent!

Before the knife arrived, Situ Shi could already feel his hairs standing on end.

He had no time to hesitate as he waved the long rod in his hands.


The sound of metal colliding could be heard.

Situ Shi felt a piercing pain in his ears as though they had gone deaf!

Although he managed to defend against the attack, the earth puppet had already closed in. It stuck to Situ Shi and wrapped him up in layers of mud!

In the blink of an eye, Situ Shi vanished, leaving behind a human-shaped mud block.


A moment later, the mud block fell to the ground and shattered, revealing Situ Shi’s body once again.

There was no longer any trace of life within the body of the Corpse Refinement Cult paragon and his eyes were widened with fear and indignance.

They were the first group with a victor determined among the various paragons who were fighting!

“What a surprise. Situ Shi has been famous for many years. To think that he would be killed by this unknown lad who looks like a dunce.”

“He can multitask and control the five elements puppets to kill the paragon of Corpse Refinement Cult. This dunce of Puppet Sect is about to get famous!”

“At the end of the day, the Dao of corpse refinement is evil and is inferior.”

The cultivators watching nearby lamented with sad expressions.

“Huff! Huff!”

Shi Jian half-knelt on the ground and panted heavily. His clothes were already drenched with sweat and he was thoroughly exhausted.

Although he did not fight Situ Shi with his bare hands, the continuous control of five puppets took a huge toll on his spirit energy and mental state!

If the battle continued for another hour, it would be hard to determine the victor.

Nie Hao was defeated and Situ Shi died a horribly death.

Leng Ming realized that if he could not take down Little Fatty as soon as possible and take away the Yellow Springs Diagram, it would be difficult for him to escape unscathed today!


Decisively, he hollered and released his Golden Core phenomenon!

“Junior Brother, admit defeat!”

A hazy yellow river appeared behind Leng Ming. It was massive and huge, emanating a rich nether aura as corpses floated on the surface while ghosts squirmed within.


Little Fatty was fearless as he released his Golden Core phenomenon as well!

The two legacy disciples of Tomb Sect released their Yellow Springs phenomenon at the same time!

“Fufu, Junior Brother. So what if you’re able to release the Yellow Springs phenomenon as well?”

Leng Ming’s eyes were filled with mockery as he shook his head. “Throughout all these years, when has your Yellow Springs phenomenon ever defeated mine? You’re too far from me…”

Before Leng Ming could finish, his expression changed and he froze up!

A hazy yellow river current appeared behind Little Fatty as well. It was massive with corpses and ghosts inside but the aura released by it was much scarier than Leng Ming’s!

“How is that possible?”

Leng Ming looked at everything in disbelief.

Little Fatty had not cultivated his Yellow Springs phenomenon to this extent before he entered the ancient battlefield!


In that hazy yellow river current, there was even a faint figure of a wyrm that created torrential waves and released a loud roar!

After he received the acknowledgment of the Yellow Springs Diagram, Little Fatty did not only undergo a transformation physically, his Yellow Springs phenomenon evolved as well!

Furthermore, he had obtained 50% of the dragon vein in the Yellow Springs Diagram!

Against the shroud of Little Fatty’s Yellow Springs, Leng Ming’s Yellow Springs resembled a feeble stream of water.

The Yellow Springs rumbled and buried the six paths of reincarnation!

This was the true Yellow Springs phenomenon!

Amidst the torrential tides, Little Fatty supported his Yellow Springs phenomenon and dragged Leng Ming into it.

“That’s impossible!”

Within the Yellow Springs, Leng Ming screamed from the depths of his throat as he struggled furiously with a menacing expression.

However, his Yellow Springs phenomenon was extremely weak against the true Yellow Springs and could not withstand a single blow!

“How could this be? How could this be!”

Leng Ming’s body was enveloped by the power of the Yellow Springs phenomenon and his clothes disintegrated while his flesh and skin started rotting!

“I’ve got it! It must be because of the Yellow Springs Diagram!”

“Your phenomenon has been imbued by the true Yellow Springs!”

“What are you trying to do? Do you really dare to kill me?!”

Leng Ming glared at Little Fatty and howled.

Initially, there was a hint of hesitance in Little Fatty’s eyes.

However, when he heard what Leng Ming said, Little Fatty took a deep breath of air and channeled his Golden Core with his full strength. The Yellow Springs were torrential and swallowed Leng Ming whole!

“Junior… brother, we’re from the… same sect! Please… spare my… life!”

Leng Ming did not give up in the Yellow Springs and resisted with all his might. His voice stuttered and turned weak.

“Senior Brother, the only thing I know is that you will definitely not let me off if the situation was reversed!”

Little Fatty’s voice was calm as the Yellow Springs howled and drowned Leng Ming completely!

Any cultivator that saw that watched with gaping mouths and shock in their eyes!

The true Yellow Springs phenomenon was born!

Along with the defeat of Nie Hao and death of Situ Shi and Leng Ming, the outcome of the fight was almost determined.

However, the cultivators spectating still watched fixedly with excited expressions, as though they were afraid of missing something.

A showdown between two peerless paragons was happening on the other side!

The world changed!

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