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Chapter 703: Immovable Foundation Seal

Xu Cheng retreated backwards as his eyes flashed with a grim expression.

Although it was merely a single exchange of blows, his arms had already gone numb and his blood qi was fluctuating wildly.

However, Su Zimo wielded Blood Quencher and charged over as though he was completely unaffected!

“I can’t fight him head-on anymore!”

Xu Cheng made up his mind decisively and gripped his Green Thunder Saber with one hand. His other hand conjured a hand seal before eventually releasing a spirit art that burst forth immediately!

“Zephyr Thunder Break!”

Xu Cheng hollered.

A wild wind gusted and fluttered towards Su Zimo – sand was already flying everywhere before it arrived!

In the wild wind, there was even a sizzling green lightning that looked extremely horrifying!

Xu Cheng also released the sound secret killing move of Zephyr Thunder Palace through his voice.

His voice materialized into soundwaves that surged towards Su Zimo, causing the entire void to quake!

The combination of his spirit art and sound secret killing move arrived at the same time!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he put away Blood Quencher and clasped his palms together. His fingers interlocked into a grip, leaving only his forefingers upright as their fingertips touched.

When he released that Dharmic Seal, Su Zimo’s aura changed entirely!

A divine light covered his body.

Lowering his head, Su Zimo ignored the wild gust coiled with lightning. In fact, he looked extremely dignified as he opened his mouth slightly without even looking at Xu Cheng, “Pa!”

The entire world went silent with that Sanskrit exclamation!

There were six different Daming Dharmic Seals.

This was the only defensive Dharmic Seal among them – the Immovable Foundation Seal!

Daming Mantra!

It was released together with the Daming Dharmic Seal!

This was a secret technique in the Daming True Sutra!

However, this secret skill had been buried in the sands of time, lost with Daming True Sutra after the destruction of Daming Monastery.

Nobody expected that secret skill to resurface in the ancient battlefield!

Lin Xuanji was initially glaring at Nie Hao while bashing the latter up. When he heard that Sanskrit exclamation, he was surprised and turned towards the voice.

“Mmm? That is…”

As though he recalled something, Lin Xuanji’s expression changed as he exclaimed, “The Immovable Foundation Seal from Daming Monastery!”

Nie Hao was bruised from head to toe and had a swollen face. Flustered, he finally managed to catch a breath with Lin Xuanji’s pause.

However, when he heard the words Daming Monastery and Immovable Foundation Seal, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

10,000 years ago, Daming Monastery was destroyed.

Although none of the legacy disciples from super sects had witnessed the true Daming Dharmic Seal, all of them had heard of the famous Daming Monastery.

Throughout all these years, countless cultivators have risked danger to head to the Great Qian Ruins in hopes of locating the secret skills of Daming and Fahua Monasteries.

The Sanskrit rang throughout the world.

Almost instantly, Xu Cheng’s sound killing move dissipated.

Against the divine light from the Immovable Foundation Seal, the raging winds and shining lightning around Su Zimo dispersed as well.

Xu Cheng’s eyes shone coldly.

He had not expected his attack to be swept away by Su Zimo with such ease.

All of a sudden!

Du Ren appeared behind Su Zimo, throwing out a bunch of blue poison needles that were as thin as a cow’s hair and arrived instantly.

From his swaying robes, he tossed out another handful of green powder.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Immediately after, iron needles that were an inch long appeared from Du Ren’s fingertips. He circulated a unique force before shooting them towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s Immovable Foundation Seal had just dissipated after colliding against Xu Cheng’s Zephyr Thunder Break and his defense was now at its weakest.

After biding his time, Du Ren finally spotted a great opportunity.

He released Poison Sect’s most frightening killing move the moment he attacked!

Poison Sect specialized in poison.

In the sect, the seven most frightening killing moves were known as the Seven Lethals.

The blue poison needles earlier on were one of the Seven Lethals, the Heart Seeking Spike.

Thin as a cow’s hair, they were hard to spot with one’s naked eyes. The moment they made contact with a person, they could enter the veins through the pores on one’s body, dooming the person instantly!

The purplish-green powder was another one of the Seven Lethals, the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison!

This was the poison that Xiaoning was struck by previously. It was thanks to Night Spirit’s blood as well as her mysterious Elixir Furnace that she did not turn into a pus of blood.

The final five iron nails were even scarier and were also one of the Seven Lethals – Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails!

Those iron nails possessed a frightening corrosive poison that could penetrate armor and robes – they were extremely difficult to defend against.

Any cultivator that was struck by the Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nail would have their bones turned into powder within 10 breaths!

Three of the Seven Lethals were flying towards Su Zimo at the same time!

“You truly have a death wish!”

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold as he circulated his Golden Core. His spirit energy gushed and he released the Ancient Dragonification Art right away!

A divine dragon dozens of feet tall appeared in the air with magnificent horns on its head. It coiled a few rounds around him upwards before hovering in midair!

The divine dragon was lined with scales that shone with a cold gleam. With spikes on it back, it bared its fangs and claws menacingly towards Du Ren who was not far away!

A slight collision against the spiraling divine dragon caused all the Heart Seeking Spikes, Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison and Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails to disperse immediately!

When the Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails struck the divine dragon, sparks merely flew before they scattered to the ground.

The dragons once ruled over the ten thousand races and had the noblest bloodline that was the most terrifying and was immune to poison.

For the dragons, the Seven Lethals of Poison Sect was nothing but puny tricks!

Alongside the birth of the divine dragon, a shuddering aura that was extremely frightening descended!


A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

“What is this?”

“Could that really be a True Dragon?”

“Goodness, that man is guarded by a True Dragon? Just who is he? Could he be an immortal reincarnated from the upper world?”

Even cultivators who were watching from afar had shock on their faces as they sensed the repressive pressure, let alone the cultivators directly in the battlefield.

Du Ren felt his limbs go cold after the divine dragon targeted him. His scalp prickled and his back was already drenched in sweat.


Su Zimo pointed forward.

The divine dragon that spiraled around him soared into the skies with a divine light and horrifying aura, lunging towards Du Ren with a nefarious howl of wind!


Du Ren was scared out of his wits.

“Senior Brother, watch out!”

Many Poison Sect cultivators attacked one after another, aiming the divine dragon in midair with poisoned weapons.

The divine dragon swayed its tail.

The massive sweep of the dragon’s tail ruptured the bodies of dozens of Poison Sect cultivators. They turned into blood mists and a trail of blood appeared in midair!

More than half of the Poison Sect cultivators were dead!

Realizing that he could not escape in time, Du Ren released his Golden Core phenomenon right away!

“I’ll send you down to meet your brother in Hell!”

Su Zimo hollered. The divine dragon understood his intentions and extended its head, chomping down on Du Ren while neglecting the latter’s Golden Core phenomenon!


Du Ren’s Golden Core phenomenon dissipated instantly!


With a few bites, the divine dragon minced Du Ren and swallowed the latter!

Blood oozed from the side of its mouth.

Du Ren died on the spot!

Poison Sect cultivators were not proficient in head-on combat, even if they were legacy disciples.

Du Ren’s Golden Core phenomenon could not even be ranked on the Phenomenon Ranking.

The Ancient Dragonification Art was a secret skill of the Human Emperor and could go against most of the phenomenons!

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