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Chapter 693: Yellow Springs Diagram

In that electric pool, purple lightning flashed and electric snakes slithered. It possessed an extremely terrifying aura, as though it could decimate all living beings!

What sort of powers were these?

To gather the divine thunder above the nine heavens at a place as such?

Thunder was the toughest and most righteous type of energy in the universe and it was also the hardest to control.

Cultivation techniques involving thunder were the most dangerous and a single mistake could cause one their lives!

Legend has it that after the Mahayana realm was the Tiding Tribulation realm where a Heavenly Tribulation would descend.

The Heavenly Tribulation would be created from thunder and was extremely powerful – even the strongest experts of the world and ancient emperors might not be able to withstand it.

If they could not tide through it, even Patriarchs or emperors with the divine power of rebirth through blood would have to be annihilated into ashes!

Heavenly Tribulations were the epitome of the power of thunder.

While Su Zimo was pondering, Little Fatty had already advanced in front of the Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect.

Although he was only facing a skeleton, there was no hint of disrespect on Little Fatty’s face.

He knelt down and kowtowed three times politely to the Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect. “Senior, I entered this place under orders from the sect master to retrieve the utmost treasure of Tomb Sect left behind by the Underworld Emperor. Do forgive me for anything that I have done that might have offended you!”

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted.

The Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect was in a lotus position with one hand on his knees. His other hand pointed to the ground at a diagram that was pieced together before him.

Lin Xuanji’s gaze shone as he waved the folding fan in his hands and said softly, “If I’m not wrong, this should be the Yellow Springs Diagram that shook the world in the past. It’s a great killing weapon that’s said to be able to bury all life and the six paths of reincarnation!”

“Unfortunately, when the Underworld Emperor underwent his tribulation transcendence, the Yellow Springs Diagram was nearly destroyed after withstanding the power of the Heavenly Tribulation. That’s the reason why it has relegated to the level of a Dharmic weapon.”


Su Zimo exclaimed.

He had not imagined that the scroll of the diagram had such an origin.

Lin Xuanji continued, “However, even so, this was the emperor weapon of the Underworld Emperor. Although it suffered immense damage and has fallen to such a level, it’s not something that ordinary weapons can compare against.”

“Emperor weapon?”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows in confusion.

He knew that Dharma treasures came after Dharmic weapons.

If so, where did emperor weapons come about?

“Simply put, emperor weapons are the Destiny Dharmic Treasures of emperors. They carry with them the force, aura and fortune of the emperors and are even more terrifying!”

Lin Xuanji gave a brief explanation.

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

How terrifying was the power of the Heavenly Tribulation to be able to relegate an emperor weapon to such a state!

With a respectful expression, Little Fatty extended both hands and raised the Yellow Springs Diagram before opening it up slowly.


The sound of a river surging and splashing sounded from the Yellow Springs Diagram!

Everyone turned their gazes over.

There was an actual yellow river surging within the Yellow Springs Diagram!

The Yellow Springs Diagram was shrouded by a layer of fog and gave of a terrifying yellow glow, illuminating the entire palace as though it was about to drown it!

Everyone felt suffocated.

It was not imaginary.

Even with Su Zimo’s powerful physique, he felt waves of discomfort.


Lin Xuanji was speechless. “Legend has it that when the Yellow Springs descend, it can wash away all the weapons in the world. Even if a perfect-grade weapon falls into the Yellow Springs, it will turn into scrap metal! Only connate level weapons that can escape in time can survive.”

Su Zimo lamented as well, “To think that even after its fall to this level and countless years, the Yellow Springs Diagram can still release such a frightening aura!”

The Yellow Springs Diagram hovered above Little Fatty’s head.

Little Fatty’s eyes were tightly shut and he shuddered. From time to time, his body would glow yellow – he was undergoing a baptism from the Yellow Springs Diagram!

Layers of black things that were extremely smelly appeared gradually on the surface of Little Fatty’s skin.

Those were the impurities in his body!

The fog released by the Yellow Springs Diagram seeped into Little Fatty’s body and helped him to cleanse it, purging away as much impurities as it can.

This was an opportunity for Little Fatty!

Outsiders would not even have the chance to take this away from him.

Lin Xuanji pouted his lips in envy. “The water of Yellow Springs. That’s good stuff.”

“You mean to say that the yellow fog surrounding Little Fatty is the water of Yellow Springs?” Su Zimo asked with eyes widened in disbelief.

The actual Yellow Springs was deep underground and had one to pass through the gates of death and the bridge of no return!

Only dead people could see the Yellow Springs.

How could anyone that’s alive come into contact with water from the Yellow Springs?

“This can only be considered as diluted Yellow Springs water. The power contained by the Yellow Springs fog is merely a fraction of a hundred million of the power of Yellow Springs water.”

Lin Xuanji pouted his lips. “If it was a drop of water from the actual Yellow Springs, this Fatty’s body won’t be cleansed, it would instantly turn into pus!”

After pausing for a moment, Lin Xuanji continued, “However, the true Yellow Springs does exist within the Yellow Springs Diagram!”


Su Zimo’s expression changed.

“An ancient book within Enigma Palace recorded that the reason why the Yellow Springs Diagram became a true emperor weapon was because the Underworld Emperor released his divine powers. With a bold, fearless resolve, he walked through the gates of death and crossed the bridge of no return to retrieve a trickle of Yellow Springs, sealing it within the diagram and turning it into an emperor weapon!”

Lin Xuanji remarked with slight pity, “Of course, given the Fatty’s current capabilities, he won’t be able to utilize the diagram.”

Even after dropping in level, the Yellow Springs Diagram was still a Dharmic weapon.

If Little Fatty wanted to utilize the Yellow Springs Diagram, he would have to first advance to Nascent Soul realm and cultivate an Essence Spirit so that he can manipulate Dharmic powers.

Everyone stood where they were and waited in silence.

None of them wanted to make any reckless moves that could interrupt Little Fatty’s opportunity.

A full six hours passed.

Finally, Little Fatty’s cleansing came to an end.

After the cleansing, Little Fatty turned much skinnier…

The inheritance process was not over yet.


Suddenly, a Golden Core phenomenon appeared behind Little Fatty.

A hazy yellow river gushed with ripples and emanated an endless evil aura with many corpses floating in it.

The Yellow Springs phenomenon seemed like it wanted to fuse with the Yellow Springs Diagram as one.

The power of the phenomenon was climbing rapidly!

Su Zimo suddenly saw the light.

Back when he witnessed Little Fatty fighting against Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators, he already had the feeling that Little Fatty had yet to unleash the true power of the Yellow Springs phenomenon.

The Yellow Springs phenomenon could be ranked top 20 in the Phenomenon Ranking at the very least!

It was only now that Su Zimo realized it wasn’t because Little Fatty’s potential was limited – it was because the utmost treasure of Tomb Sect, the Yellow Springs Diagram, was lost in this place!

The Yellow Springs Diagram contained the true Yellow Springs.

The power of the Yellow Springs phenomenon can only be fully comprehended and released after experiencing the aura of the true Yellow Springs!

By obtaining the Yellow Springs Diagram, Little Fatty’s body was not the only thing that would grow stronger. Even his Yellow Spring phenomenon would strengthen and might even reach its glory in the past!

This was another long process.

It took an entire day before the inheritance process ended.

The Yellow Springs Diagram fell back into Little Fatty’s palms.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the entire palace vibrated immensely.

It was as though something terrifying had awakened from the depths underground and was prepared to rise!

Lin Xuanji’s eyes lip up. “The birth of the dragon vein!”

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