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Chapter 692: Great Rewards

Although Su Zimo did not know the origin of the iron rod, he knew that Lin Xuanji had a sharp eye for things!

He was about to tell monkey to take the iron rod.

However, monkey had already turned to Little Fatty. “Fatty, I want this rod.”

“Sure, no problem!”

Little Fatty was in a great mood and agreed to it readily.


Su Zimo’s ears twitched and he could vaguely hear a faint sigh from Lin Xuanji.

Chuckling internally, Su Zimo walked over and whispered, “Brother Lin, what’s the origin of that iron rod?”

“How should I know?”

Lin Xuanji rolled his eyes and was not willing to elaborate.

“Why did you sigh then?”

“F*ck! You could even hear that!”

Lin Xuanji went silent for a moment with widened eyes before pouting his lips. “I don’t know what that thing is exactly, but I know it’s definitely something good. It’s not weaker than a connate Dharmic weapon!”


Su Zimo gasped.

That evaluation was rather remarkable!

Lin Xuanji explained, “There are too many sacred, mysterious and divine objects in this world. Those aren’t things that man-made weapons can ever compare against.”

Su Zimo understood.

For example, the divine phoenix bone in his right hand did not have any Dharmic patterns but it was stronger than any other Dharmic weapon!

Monkey looked around casually for a random piece of cloth to tie the rod and carry it behind him.

The spirit tiger walked down along the right shelf and was in awe.

There were too many treasures that it made him giddy.

He picked up a long saber with a chilling aura.

After tens of thousands of years, the saber was still sharp as ever and gave off a chilling intent. Its blade was almost transparent with patterns etched on it – it was like a work of god!

It was a perfect Dharmic weapon.

Although the spirit tiger was in love with it, he placed it back reluctantly after playing with it for a long time.

A while later, he picked up a spear and played with it, looking truly ferocious.

A moment later, he placed the spear back as well.


The spirit tiger sighed once more.

If only he could take away all the treasures.

As he walked, he suddenly sensed something and shifted his gaze to a corner of the shelf.

There were four hooks.

The spirit tiger walked forward and picked up the four hooks. He wiped away the dust on them and revealed the hooks that were white as jade and almost transparent.

There were no patterns on them.

They did not seem like they were crafted from any metal ores.

For some unknown reason, the moment the spirit tiger picked up the hooks, he felt his bloodline stir and a mysterious sensation in his heart.

It was as though the four hooks were related to him!

The spirit tiger’s heart skipped a beat as he circulated his Inner Core to form his tiger’s paw and extended his sharp claws.

“Eh, they do look similar.”

The spirit tiger grinned.

He discovered that his claws were similar to the four hooks.

The spirit tiger extended his claws and touched the hooks in his hand.


It was a casual touch.

However, the spirit tiger’s claws were cut apart neatly by the hooks in his hand right away!

“How sharp!”

Su Zimo’s pupils constricted slightly upon seeing that.

After cultivating the Void Thunder Manual, the spirit tiger’s bloodline was extraordinary.

Even Blood Quencher would have difficulty cutting through the sharpness and toughness of his claws!

“Bloody hell… what’s this lousy thing! It destroyed my claws!”

The spirit tiger was stunned and cursed in a huff, prepared to toss the four jade-like hooks back.

All of a sudden!

By accident, the spirit tiger’s fingernails made contact with the hooks.

Instantly, fresh blood gushed and stained the hooks red!

The next moment, something even scarier happened!

The hooks moved up along the spirit tiger’s fingertips uncontrollably and dug its way inside slowly!

The veins of the fingers were connected to one’s heart.


The spirit tiger reared its head and howled in misery, moving his palm by instinct.

With that, the remaining three hooks pierced his palm!

When they made contact with the spirit tiger’s fresh blood, the remaining three hooks fused into his palm as well!

The entire process happened extremely swiftly and by the time Su Zimo realized, the four hooks had already vanished, leaving behind the spirit tiger who was rolling on the ground in extreme pain.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The spirit tiger let out a deep growl.


His bones and tendons rang at the same time and his bloodline surged. Instantly, he reverted to his true form and a faint, terrifying aura emanated from his body with a torrential ferocity!

The skin of the spirit tiger had already started tearing and his flesh was rupturing!

The next moment, he recovered once again.


Su Zimo and Lin Xuanji’s expressions changed slightly as they exclaimed at the same time, “Complete body transformation!”

The spirit tiger was undergoing a great opportunity!

The progenitor of the opportunity was the four hooks!

Lin Xuanji said deeply, “If I’m not wrong, there’s a high chance the four hooks are the claws of a divine being of the tiger race! Right now, the spirit tiger has no use for them. Once he cultivates his Essence Spirit, he will be able to utilize them.”

An hour later, the spirit tiger’s tragic screams subsided.

A moment later, he turned into his human form once more and leaped up from the ground. Without using much strength, he could already leap to a height of a hundred feet. It was clear that he had undergone a complete transformation and received an immense boost to his strength, bringing his cultivation to the peak of Inner Core!

A single step further and he would be able to cultivate his Essence Spirit and turn into a fiend demon!

On the other side, the Golden Lion hesitated for a long time before deciding on a saber – it was a perfect Dharmic weapon.

Qing Qing also chose a perfect Dharmic weapon, but it was a fan.

There was a hint of sorrow in her eyes as she gazed at the fan.

The fan was azure green in color. Although there was no Dharmic power in it, it emanated a scorching heat.

Su Zimo figured it out instantly.

The fan must have been created from the feathers of a Bi Fang!

Qing Qing’s sorrow must have stemmed from her reminiscing about her father who might have died in the Thousand Spider Sand Dune.

On the other side, the little fox hesitated for a long time before deciding on a black umbrella.

“Why this umbrella?”

Su Zimo asked, “This type of weapon isn’t strong offensively. Most of the times, it can only be used defensively.”

“It’s fine,”

She smiled. “With this umbrella, when I’m around you, I’ll be able to help you block some fatal blows at critical moments.”

Su Zimo went silent.

A moment later, he raised his head and looked at the little fox sincerely. “Foxy, don’t worry. I’ll definitely retrieve that Fire Blocking Basket for you personally!’


The little fox nodded. “I believe in you.”

Monkey and the others had already chosen the treasures they wanted.

However, Su Zimo had no clue still.

At the end of the palace was a skeleton draped in robes.

That should be the owner of this tomb!

Although tens of thousands of years have passed and the flesh and blood of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure had already dried up, his bones were pristine!

Legend has it that for Mahayana Patriarchs, their flesh would not rot even after 100,000 years have passed – their physical bodies were truly at the state of indestructibility!

The skeleton of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was not the most catching thing.

Behind him, there was a round electric pool that flashed frighteningly with purple lightning!

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