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Chapter 694: Dragon Vein
The dragon vein represented fortune!

Fortune was incorporeal while the dragon vein was corporeal.


A dragon roar sounded.

A ferocious divine dragon surged up from the ground and coiled with its head raised. It arrived in the palace and reared its head, roaring so loudly it could crush rocks and metals!

This was not a true dragon and it could not even be compared to the phantom of a divine dragon.

It was completely formed from air current and merely possessed the shape of a dragon.

The dragon vein was under this place.

It was because of the Yellow Springs Diagram that the dragon vein could be suppressed!

Now that the Yellow Springs Diagram had appeared into the world, the dragon vein was finally free of its restrictions as well.

The dragon vein was not an actual living being. It was formed by gathering the fortune of the world. After breaking free, its goal was to charge out of the tomb and return to the world.

The moment the dragon vein exited the tomb, it would dissipate.

The fortune would return to the world none the wiser as to which cultivator in the vicinity would receive a trickle of the dragon vein.

All of a sudden!

The Yellow Springs Diagram shone brightly and flapped without wind. Within it, a hazy yellow wave surged out. It was massive and gushed towards the dragon vein, trying to pull the latter within the Yellow Springs Diagram!

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!”

The dragon vein howled in midair and struggled repeatedly as it tried to break free of the Yellow Springs’ absorption.

The two different powers were fighting against one another.

A moment later, the Yellow Springs Diagram seemed like it realized it could not possible devour the entire dragon vein whole.

The yellow river current gathered in a certain spot and smashed against the dragon vein fiercely, breaking up the latter into pieces.

The dragon vein dispersed and turned into streams of dragon-shaped air currents that swam wildly in midair.


Immediately after, a series of massive waves rose from the yellow river once more, attempting to drown the five parts of the dragon vein and pull them into the Yellow Springs Diagram. It was augmenting itself onto Little Fatty’s body!

It was exactly as Lin Xuanji had predicted.

Even with the help of the Yellow Springs Diagram, Little Fatty could only absorb 50% of the dragon vein!

Lin Xuanji stood out and declared with a confident smile, “Everyone, I won’t be standing on courtesy!”

Lin Xuanji hung the folding fan in his hands casually on his waist and reached out with both hands. He circulated his Golden Core and conjured a series of spirit arts that were dizzying.

As the spirit arts were formed, a massive chessboard filled with black and white chess pieces appeared behind Lin Xuanji, spinning wildly.

The chessboard seemed as though it could divine the secrets of the universe and the life of all beings!


Lin Xuanji pointed at the front.

The chessboard enlarged repeatedly and blanketed the top of the palace.

Spiraling slowly, it emitted a mysterious aura.

The dragon vein air currents surged wildly in midair but their path of exit was completely sealed by the chessboard!

“Hehe, don’t bother trying to escape!”

Lin Xuanji smiled brightly and released his spirit perception as streams of spirit light surged from his fingertip into the chessboard.

Some of the dragon vein air currents started surging into the chessboard before entering Lin Xuanji’s body.

Most of the dragon vein air currents shuttled around the palace like headless flies, even passing by monkey and the others.


The spirit tiger reached out with his massive paws and grabbed onto one of the dragon vein air currents, yelling, “Let’s see you run!”

The dragon vein air current dissipated immediately against his grab.

However, the fortune was not augmented onto him.

Monkey, the Golden Lion, Qing Qing and little fox all attempted as well but none of them could catch hold of the dragon vein.

“How does one get their hands on this stupid thing!”

The spirit tiger glared at Lin Xuanji with displeasure and a hint of envy as the latter captured the dragon vein.

Lin Xuanji remarked gleefully as he controlled the chessboard, “Brother Tiger, character is important when it comes to fortune. Your character just doesn’t cut it, haha!”

In reality, a secret technique was required to capture the dragon vein.

To begin with, the Founder Master of Enigma Palace, Fairy Ling Long, was an expert of great fortune. She naturally understood how to capture the dragon vein as well as the fortune in the world.

Monkey and the others were merely demon beasts – there was no way they would understand such things.


The spirit tiger almost exploded from the smug look on Lin Xuanji’s face!

The spirit tiger turned to monkey with a frustrated expression and asked with clenched teeth, “Brother Monkey, can I bash him up?”


Monkey nodded and continued, “But… I doubt you can win him…”

Spirit tiger: “…”


Suddenly, a shuddering roar echoed through the palace!

This roar was extremely similar to the dragon roar earlier on but it was much more frightening!

Majestic and vicissitude, it swept through the nine heavens in a grand manner!

Compared to this roar, the dragon roar released by the dragon vein earlier was akin to the roar of an infant dragon.

Everyone turned towards the voice instinctively.

Not far away, Su Zimo was motionless. However, there was a divine dragon several dozens feet long coiling around his body. It possessed actual flesh and blood and was lined with dragon scales that shimmered coldly.

A series of sharp spikes protruded from the spine of the divine dragon and it had sharp claws and majestic horns!

Its eyes were cold and authoritative as they looked down on the masses!

Su Zimo hovered in midair within the coiled dragon wearing his green robes. His black hair danced and his eyes were deep as his aura climbed endlessly like a divine being that was meant to rule over the world!

It was as though the divine dragon was a pet of his!

Monkey, the spirit tiger and the others had seen Su Zimo release this technique before in the battle at the ancient city and were rather composed.

However, Little Fatty and Shi Jian were stupefied.

Even Lin Xuanji was dumbfounded and froze on the spot, even forgetting to release his spirit art.

A moment later, he muttered, “That’s the secret skill of the Human Emperor, Ancient Dragonification Art!”

Su Zimo nodded.

It was no wonder why Enigma Palace was a super sect of Tianhuang Mainland and was related to the Human Emperor as well.

Among everyone of the same generation, Lin Xuanji was the only one who identified the Ancient Dragonification Art.

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!”

After the emergence of the Ancient Dragonification Art, the initially chaotic dragon vein air currents in the palace surged towards Su Zimo’s body as though they had found a home.

It was a spectacular sight as though hundreds of rivers were converging into the ocean!


Lin Xuanji snapped to his senses in envy.

He arrived at this place painstakingly after crossing through endless traps and not taking any treasures all for the sake of the dragon vein.

Yet, Su Zimo was the one who stood to gain at the end of the day!

“Su Zimo, I’ll fight you!”

Lin Xuanji shrieked and circulated his Golden Core with all his might. His hands formed seals even faster and spirit energy surged even more wildly.

A powerful suction force was produced from the chessboard at the top of the palace!

However, the stronger the suction force was, the faster the dragon vein air currents converged towards Su Zimo.

In less than ten minutes, 80% of the remaining 50% dragon vein was snatched away by Su Zimo, leaving only 20% for Lin Xuanji.

“Hahaha! That’s your due desserts!”

The spirit tiger roared in laughter at Lin Xuanji’s frustrated expression. “Good job, brother! Piss him off to death!”

Little fox smiled brightly and said aptly, “Mister Lin, your character can’t cut it either.”

In truth, it was only a stroke of inspiration for Su Zimo to release the Ancient Dragonification Art.

He had not thought that he would steal away 80% of the remaining dragon vein from Lin Xuanji after releasing the secret skill!

Part of the reason was because the dragon vein air current had a closer connection to the aura of the Ancient Dragonification Art.

Another person was because this was a secret skill of the Human Emperor that was created using the secrets of Heaven and Earth. It was not surprising that it could steal away the fortune from Lin Xuanji’s hands.

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