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Chapter 689: Paths of Life and Death

Under Little Fatty’s lead, everyone rushed into the seventh passage.

After countless maneuvers and turns, a spot of light appeared at the front – that was clearly the end of the passage!

Everyone was invigorated and made haste.

After exiting the passage, their vision opened up and they found themselves in yet another tomb chamber.

This time round, there were eight dark passages on the other end of the chamber – it was clear that they had to make another decision.

Everyone turned in unison to Little Fatty.

He brought out the geomantic compass and oriented it according to Tomb Sect’s secret technique. When he opened it, the magnetic needle gradually stabilized and pointed towards one of the passages.

Little Fatty blurted, “This way!”

Before he finished speaking, he had already darted inside.

They arrived at yet another chamber at the end of that passage.

There were four passages on the opposite end.

Shi Jian was out of breath and speechless. “There’s really something wrong in the heads of you guys from Tomb Sect. Isn’t this way too cautious?!”

Little Fatty brought out the geomantic compass once more and received directions before long. He bolted towards the passage on the most left and everyone followed hot on his heels.

The spirit tiger shrugged his huge head and said confidently, “If I’m not wrong, at the end of this passage, there should be another chamber with two passages!”

Little Fatty nodded. “You’re right. There were a total of 32 diversionary tombs outside. Earlier on, there were 16, 8 and 4 passages so there should be 2 at the end of this passage,”

“I’m awesome, right?” The spirit tiger inched closer to Qing Qing and remarked smugly.

Qing Qing pouted her lips.

Indeed, when they exited from the passage, they were met with another chamber with two passages opposite!

Above the passage on the left was a gigantic word, ‘Life’!

Above the passage on the right was a gigantic word, ‘Death’!

The paths of life and death were right in front of them – everyone had to make a choice once again!

They turned their heads in unison towards the geomantic compass in Little Fatty’s hands.

At that moment, the magnetic needle of the geomantic compass was in complete chaos and spun wildly.

“What’s happening?” Su Zimo frowned slightly.

Little Fatty had a grim expression and said in a dark tone, “The Feng Shui of this place is chaotic and the geomantic compass is useless here. This is the final test left behind by the tomb master. One of these paths must definitely lead to the true main tomb!”

“How should we choose?” Su Zimo asked.

“I don’t know,” Little Fatty shook his head and pondered.

“Hey, aren’t you awesome? Choose one then!” Qing Qing nudged the spirit tiger’s ribs and pointed forward while whispering.

The spirit tiger coughed gently. “The path of life might not necessarily be life and the path of death might not necessarily lead to death. The two words above were left behind by the tomb master to confuse the later generations. In my opinion, the path of death is the true path to life!”

“Extreme sorrow turns to joy, life is sought in death!”

Monkey thumped the spirit tiger on the shoulder, “Not bad, perverted tiger!”

“I know, right?”

The spirit tiger raised his head.

Little Fatty had a pensive expression.

Given the tomb master’s wary nature, coupled with the series of traps and formations he set previously, there was a chance that the spirit tiger’s deduction was accurate.

The little fox hopped out of Su Zimo’s embrace and spun, transforming into a young lady. She walked towards the path of life on the left and sensed her surroundings in silence.

A moment later, she headed towards the path of death.

The moment she approached it, her expression changed and she staggered backwards instinctively.

“What’s wrong?”

Everyone swarmed forward and asked.

When they arrived at the path of death, their expressions changed as well!

Everyone smelled a strong blood stench from within. In fact, there were even howls of ghosts and wolves in the depths of the passage, as though countless living beings were struggling in misery – it was unnerving!

The passage was like a gateway to Hell!

As for the path of life, there was a spring breeze that was filled with life – it was like paradise.

It was no wonder why they were distinct paths of life and death!

Qing Qing analyzed, “There’s a high chance that there’s an actual tomb at the end of the path of life and that should be where the main tomb is.”

“That’s right, we’ve got the same idea,” The spirit tiger smirked in a pandering manner.

The Golden Lion nodded. “We can only move in reverse. This path with the torrential blood stench may very well be the true path of life.”

“It can’t be!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo shook his head and rejected everyone’s guesses.

“The auras within the passages are so obvious and clear. Why would the tomb master need to go through the hassle of adding the words life and death above their respective passages?”

Everyone was stunned.

Su Zimo was right. From that perspective, there was no need for the tomb master to leave those words behind.

Little Fatty asked, “What do you think, boss?”

Su Zimo said darkly, “Those words should be instructions left behind for the later generation by the tomb master. The passage with life is the true path to life and the other passage leads to an irreversible path of death!”

Almost everyone had overcomplicated the issue.

However, nobody thought that the path of life truly led to life while the path of death truly led to death!

Little Fatty slapped his thighs. “I trust in Boss. Let’s head down the path of life!”

“How about this,”

Su Zimo said, “I’ll head down this path with Little Fatty first and you guys can wait outside. If we don’t return within an hour…”

“There’s no need,”

Monkey waved his arm. “An additional person means an additional helping hand. Even if the end of the passage is Hell, we’ll be able to break out of it together!”

“That’s right!”

“We’ll go together!”

The spirit tiger and everyone else stood out and shouted as well.

“Alright, let’s do it then!”

Su Zimo nodded and withdrew his Blood Quencher from his storage bag, walking at the front with Little Fatty.

They were not only facing the possible dangers of the tomb – they also had to face the people who had arrived here before them!

In less than 15 minutes, a light shone at the front of the tunnel.

Everyone was invigorated.

They knew that they had chosen the right path!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Everyone rushed towards the front at full speed. The moment they arrived at the entrance, danger flashed through Su Zimo’s mind as he yelled, “Watch out!”

A shadow the size of a finger swept over like a spirit snake!

Blood Quencher quivered and shone brightly scarlet.

Su Zimo slashed in reverse towards the shadow!


Su Zimo’s expression changed.

He did not manage to sever the shadow with that slash!

Instead, the shadow coiled a couple loops around Blood Quencher before slithering towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo was decisive and abandoned Blood Quencher right away. He fell to the ground and was almost one with it, slithering away like an anaconda.

Without catching sight of the attacker’s appearance, Su Zimo followed the shadow before him and threw out a punch. It transformed into a gigantic seal that descended fiercely!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

The person wore gray robes and did not panic nor fluster. Wielding an iron ruler, the person tapped on Su Zimo’s wrist at an extremely fast speed!


A puzzled look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.

The gray-robed cultivator’s motion looked familiar!

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