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Chapter 688: Mighty Figure Skeleton

Su Zimo’s spirit perception was not too useful in that morbid chamber.

However, the moment he caught sight of the chamber, he sensed danger that disappeared immediately after.

Legend has it that ancient Mighty Figures had boundless Dharmic powers and their means could even conceal heavenly secrets, let alone Su Zimo’s spirit perception!

“It’s fine, follow me,”

Little Fatty smiled and headed towards the seventh passage.

Su Zimo and the rest followed closely behind.

The spirit tiger looked around furtively.

“Boss, Fatty, the four coffins look extremely old and no one has opened them before. Let’s go and check out if there’s any treasures hidden within.”

The spirit tiger snickered.

“Don’t go!”

Su Zimo shook his head with a fierce gaze.

The spirit tiger straightened up immediately after meeting Su Zimo’s gaze and no longer dared to entertain those thoughts.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in all four corners of the chamber!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

It was piercing and sounded as though the coffin lids were being shifted!

Click! Clack! Click!

The next moment, an even creepier sound echoed through the chamber.

Everyone subconsciously turned towards the sounds.

As though they were moved by someone, the four coffins revealed massive gaps and dense shadows crawled out from within. Like a flood, they swarmed towards everyone at an extremely fast speed!

“Carrion Beetles!”

Little fatty could not help but exclaim.

The shadows were swarms of Carrion Beetles!

Every single Carrion Beetle was dark as ink, the size of an adult’s palm and carried heavy shells on their bags. Their six scarlet legs danced and were extremely sharp. Although they had no eyes and ears, they could sense everyone’s location clearly!

Everyone’s faces turned pale.

The little fox was so scared that she hid in Su Zimo’s embrace a long time ago and did not dare to look up.

“Hurry, let’s go!”

Su Zimo shouted.

Everyone soared into the air and bolted towards the seventh passage.

The Carrion Beetles soared into the air along with them like black water currents, surging from all directions to seal all the exits!

Su Zimo was about to attack when he saw Qing Qing turn into her true form. She reared her head and screeched, churning her bloodline as the temperature around her rose rapidly!

Opening her mouth, she spewed out green flames in all directions as she turned her head!

The green flames formed an impenetrable barrier!

Although the Carrion Beetles were deadly, everything in life had a counter to them – they too had things they were fearful of.

They feared the flames of divine beings!

The flames that were released through Qing Qing’s bloodline were not ordinary flames of the mortal realm.

These were flames used by the legendary bird, Bi Fang, and were comparable to the flames of the Soaring Serpent!

The black Carrion Beetles swarm surged over and stopped instantly against the green barrier as countless Carrion Beetles screeched miserably in the flames. They fell, struggled and turned into ashes.

Everyone was invigorated.

With the flames of the Bi Fang, they could definitely break through the obstruction of the Carrion Beetles and enter the passage on the opposite end!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, loud explosions reverberated from the four corners of the chamber and a shuddering aura descended, engulfing every corner of the chamber.

Everyone shivered.

Against that aura, even the raring flames of the Bi Fang showed signs of extinguishing!

“So strong!”

Su Zimo took a deep breath. He did not have time to think as he circulated his Golden Core to its limits immediately to release his phenomenon!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The firmament cracked opening as thunder roared and lightning flashed.

Countless stars and meteors fell with river currents surging!

A massive demon beast descended and suppressed the raging currents with its limbs, protecting everyone beneath it as it held up the broken firmament with its shell. It roared into the skies and its eyes were unyielding!

The Primordial Divine Turtle had descended!

At the same time, four powerful auras had already torn through the Carrion Beetles and the flames of the Bi Fang and arrived before everyone.

It was four sets of skeletons!

To be precise, these were four skeletons from tens of thousands of years ago!

The bones were pristine and perfect after thousands of years. This implied that the owners of the four skeletons were definitely Mighty Figures of the Conjoint Body realm in the past!

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures cultivated for tens of thousands of years and their bones were infused with their Dharmic powers such that they would not corrode.


The skeletons were expressionless against the Primordial Divine Turtle. A sinister glint shone in their glabella as they struck together and shattered the Divine Turtle instantly.

The Golden Core phenomenon was shattered the moment it was conjured!

Although the four skeletons had lost their Dharmic powers a long time ago, the power their bones contained was enough to shatter the Golden Core phenomenon with ease!

Even a single set of skeleton was enough to kill everyone present, let alone four!

Su Zimo’s Golden Core was interconnected to the Primordial Divine Turtle. The moment it shattered, the blow caused him to spit a mouthful of blood as he hurriedly thought of a way to deal with things.

The scarlet glint in monkey’s eyes flashed furiously and it was ready to enter the berserk state at any moment.

Little Fatty seemed to be scared stiff and was thinking about something.

Everyone else had frightfully pale faces and despair in their eyes.

Against the skeletons of Mighty Figures, their powers were as insignificant as ants!

“Oh my!”

All of a sudden!

Little Fatty seemed to have recalled something and exclaimed. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before chanting a complex incantation.

With the augmentation of the incantation, that mouthful of blood hovered in midair and did not disperse.

The four skeletons stopped their attacks as well.

However, the glints in their glabellas were still flickering.

The incantation was recited with increasing haste.

A thin layer of sweat filled Little Fatty’s forehead as well.

Gradually, the mouthful of blood was divided into four drops that floated to the heads of the four skeletons before descending slowly.

The glint on the glabellas of the four skeletons were gradually extinguished.

Turning back, the four skeletons returned to their coffins in the corners of the chamber and crawled within before closing the lid after themselves.

The surrounding Carrion Beetle swarms retreated slowly back into the coffins as well and disappeared before long.


The coffins were once more.

Peace returned to the chamber.

If not for the smoking carcasses of the Carrion Beetles on the ground, it would seem as though everything that happened earlier was an illusion.

“W-What is this?”

Shi Jian was drenched in cold sweat as he panted and asked.

“The four coffins could be considered as a trump card left behind by the tomb master. If outsiders were to intrude upon this place, those existences would be alarmed and they would kill the outsiders!”

Little Fatty explained with trepidation as well.

After heaving a breath, he continued, “The incantation earlier was from the supreme classic of Tomb Sect, Astounding Dragon Sutra. It’s something that every single legacy disciple has to memorize, but nobody knows what it is used for nor have they ever used it.”

“However, master once mentioned that at a critical juncture, that incantation can be used to prove one’s identity as a disciple of Tomb Sect!”

Normally speaking, tombs of other cultivators would not have such frightening killing techniques left behind.

Naturally, there was no use for that incantation and it was useless most of the time.

However, the owner of this tomb had set down countless restrictions to ensure that his legacy is only passed down to those in Tomb Sect.

With that, there was a purpose for the incantation.

This time round, Shi Jian understood as he said with lingering fear, “No matter what, I’m never entering another tomb of Tomb Sect again.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo said, “Let’s talk about this later, Little Fatty. Hurry and locate the main tomb. Earlier on, I sensed some activity in the depths of this tomb. There are others here!”

“You mean to say…” Little Fatty’s eyes lit up.

There was a high chance that his senior brother had only arrived slightly before him and had yet to leave!

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