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Chapter 690: I’ll Recognize You Even if You Turn Into Ashes

If the gigantic seal conjured by Su Zimo’s palm continued descending, his wrist would be snapped by the iron ruler in the gray-robed cultivator’s hands before the latter was even injured.

Su Zimo harrumphed coldly and his eyes shone. He switched tactics immediately and instead of punching, he opened up his fingers to grab the gray-robed cultivator’s iron ruler.

The gray-robed cultivator knew the consequences of this as well – his iron ruler would definitely be snatched away if Su Zimo got his hands on it.


Retracting his attack right away, the gray-robed cultivator retreated.

Su Zimo had expected that. After missing, he strode forward and threw a punch!

The gray-robed cultivator’s other hand was nimble and swiftly conjured a massive chessboard in his palm, using it to defend.

The spirit art was extremely domineering. The moment the chessboard appeared, almost all the spirit qi in the surrounding was absorbed completely!


Su Zimo’s fist collided heavily against the chessboard and let out a resounding bang!


The chessboard shattered.

The gray-robed cultivator staggered a few steps back but was not injured.

There were few cultivators who could defend against a full-powered frontal attack from Su Zimo!

Shrugging his arm that was growing numb, the gray-robed cultivator looked up at Su Zimo. Suddenly, his expression changed as he exclaimed, “It’s you?!”

Su Zimo was motionless and did not continue with his attacks. He glared at the gray-robed cultivator on the opposite end with bright eyes.

The gray-robed cultivator was slightly rotund and had ordinary features. He wielded an iron ruler but there were no sect badges or tokens on him.

Su Zimo raised his brow and asked with a narrowed gaze, “You know me?”


The gray-robed cultivator avoided Su Zimo’s gaze and harrumphed.

Footsteps sounded.

Monkey and the others had already rushed up and surrounded the gray-robed cultivator with unfriendly, fierce gazes.

Little Fatty rushed over with an imposing aura.

The moment he caught sight of the gray-robed cultivator, Little Fatty froze for a moment before asking with a confused look on his face, “Who are you?”


The spirit tiger was even more stunned. “Isn’t this guy your senior brother, the guy named Leng Ming?”


Little Fatty shook his head.

The Golden Lion asked, “How did he enter this place if he’s not your senior brother? This man managed to get through the Ancient Frost Crocodiles, the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes, unravel the Nine Palace Diagram and chose all the right passages to get to this place?”

Little Fatty was extremely puzzled as well.

Monkey waved it off and remarked casually, “No matter who he is, let’s just kill him and there won’t be any problems anymore!”

The gray-robed cultivator jolted in shock.

“Don’t attack first,”

Little Fatty held back monkey and sized up the gray-robed cultivator. He asked in an unfriendly manner with widened eyes, “You know how to unravel the Nine Palace Diagram?”

“I could unravel something as simple as that when I was eight years old!” The gray-robed cultivator pouted his lips in disdain.

“Oh my!”

The spirit tiger sneered and cursed internally, “This guy that’s on the brink of death is even more arrogant than me!”

Little Fatty was indignant but he did not know how to refute.

After all, this person managed to enter this place before him.

Clenching his teeth, Little Fatty asked spitefully, “How did you find this place?”

“Astral Dragon Sputum Lair? Something as easy as this can’t be hidden from me,” The gray-robed cultivator replied nonchalantly.

Repressing the anger in his heart, Little Fatty panted and asked again, “Only disciples of Tomb Sect are able to pass through the first chamber. How did you manage to get through it?”

“I walked through it of course,”

The gray-robed cultivator snickered with mocking eyes. “Don’t tell me that you’re so stupid that you went to alarm the four coffins in the corners?”


Little Fatty was fuming internally!

Although he had asked many questions, he did not get any answers.

They still knew nothing about the background of this gray-robed cultivator.

They had no clue how this person managed to get in as well.

Su Zimo patted Little Fatty on the shoulder and gestured for the latter to retreat. Turning to the gray-robed cultivator not far away, he asked again with a fake smile, “You know me?”

The gray-robed cultivator rolled his eyes and pouted. “The great monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island who annihilated Glass Palace in the ancient battlefield, the one who has a double phenomenon, Su Zimo. Who doesn’t know you?”


Su Zimo retracted his smile and said indifferently with a cold expression, “Since you know that much, all the more I can’t let you go.”


The moment the gray-robed cultivator heard that, he panicked. “What are you talking about? We don’t have any deep feud between us and I only wandered into this place by accident. I didn’t lay my hands on anything in this tomb. Why are you trying to kill me?”

This main tomb was extremely huge – it was like a gigantic palace!

There were many things arranged neatly in the palace filled with dust – indeed, they did not seem like they had been touched.

Little Fatty had a hesitant expression.

He could not bring himself to kill this person just because he wandered into this tomb.

Su Zimo was expressionless and his eyes were filled with cold killing intent. “There’s no other way. Since you know so many things, I have to kill you!”


The gray-robed cultivator nearly cursed.

When he saw how worked up the gray-robed cultivator was, Su Zimo was delighted and greeted with a wide beam, “Long time no see, Lin Xuanji!”


Monkey and the others were initially prepared to attack but when they heard that, they were all stunned.

A nervous look flashed through the gray-robed cultivator’s eyes as he looked all around, asking pretentiously with a lost expression, “Who are you talking to, fellow Daoist?”

Su Zimo smiled coldly. “Lin Xuanji, stop pretending!”

The gray-robed cultivator’s expression changed. A moment later, he reached out and removed an extremely thin mask from his face.

The man was pale with no beard and had a dignified appearance – it was Lin Xuanji whom Su Zimo met in the Dragon Bone Valley!

Lin Xuanji glared at Su Zimo and remarked fiercely, “Bloody hell, how did you recognize me even with my disguise?!”

Su Zimo smiled gently. “I’ll recognize you even if you turn into ashes!”

In reality, back when they entered the tomb, a thought had already crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

However, he did not think too much about it.

Lin Xuanji was someone who had the capabilities to avoid the Ancient Frost Crocodiles and Bloodthirsty Silverfishes’ senses and sneak his way into the tomb!

Previously, countless cultivators were buried in the forest outside the Dragon Bone Valley.

However, Lin Xuanji was perfectly fine.

It was as though the ferocious beasts could not see him at all.

This man’s methods and background were extremely mysterious and Su Zimo knew nothing about them initially.

Later on, when he learned about the super sects of Tianhuang Mainland, Su Zimo realized that there was a high chance this person came from the most mysterious faction of Tianhuang Mainland, Enigma Palace!

The moment he exchanged blows with Lin Xuanji earlier on, Su Zimo confirmed the latter’s identity.

Back in the Dragon Bone Valley, the two of them exchanged blows briefly and Lin Xuanji managed to dispel his Sanguine Ape Fist Seal easily with his folding fan.

It was the exact same technique that he had used earlier on!

A playful look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as he mocked, “You’re quite something aren’t you. The successor of Enigma Palace coming all the way here to rob someone else’s tomb.”

“Hmph, no one would be able to recognize me if it wasn’t for you.”

Lin Xuanji grunted in displeasure.

He made full preparations for this trip.

Notwithstanding the mask that could alter his appearances, he even hid away his folding fan intentionally and replaced it with an iron ruler.

To think that he would be recognized immediately upon bumping into Su Zimo.

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