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Chapter 687: First to Arrive

There seemed to be a mysterious energy within the tomb.

Although the entrance was open, the waters of the lake were unable to seep in.

“Hurry, let’s enter!”

Little Fatty beckoned and brought everyone in.

When he saw that, Su Zimo did not continue fighting against the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes either. He withdrew and bolted through the waters like a fish, leaving a stream of ripples in his wake.

In the blink of an eye, he had already entered the tomb.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Shi Jian could not help but praise, “Brother Su, your combat strength and movement techniques don’t seem to be affected even in the waters. Impressive.”

Su Zimo was puzzled regarding that as well.

Normally speaking, demon beasts or human cultivators of the land would naturally be affected in terms of combat strength and movement technique upon entering water.

After all, most demon beasts and cultivators were used to living life on land and their physical structures and habits were starkly distinct from living beings underwater.

It was impossible for them to adapt to a foreign environment underwater.

Furthermore, there was water resistance that intensified the deeper they were underwater!

However, for some unknown reason, Su Zimo could not feel that resistance when he was in the waters and adapted almost instantly.

His body seemed to be one with the waters around him.

It was as though he had grown up living underwater!

Of course, that was merely a fleeting thought for Su Zimo that he did not bother much about.

After everyone entered the tomb, the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes at the back swarmed after them. However, all of them paused in front of the Nine Palace Diagram with wary expressions and did not dare to advance.

After lingering for a moment, the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes slowly dispersed.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Right then, the stone door descended slowly and sealed the tomb once again!

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and surveyed their surroundings.

They were welcomed with a spacious passage that was huge and grand.

A Night Luminance Bead the size of a fist was hung on the walls on both sides, spaced a hundred feet apart.

The Night Luminance Beads illuminated the entire passage as bright as daylight!

“Wow, these are good stuff!”

The spirit tiger glared at the Night Luminance Beads above his head and almost drooled.

“Fatty, you’re quite something,”

Shi Jian thumped Little Fatty on the shoulder and praised, “You’ve truly learned many things during these years you spent in Tomb Sect!”

Whether it was his means at locating the tomb or the complex steps he took at the entrance of the tomb earlier, everyone was in awe!

If Little Fatty had not led the way, they would have never found this place even if they had a hundred years in the ancient battlefield!

Even if they managed to find it, they wouldn’t have been able to enter!

This great opportunity was given to everyone by Little Fatty.


Little Fatty smiled and did not say anything.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Something seemed to be wrong with the way Little Fatty was acting.

Earlier on at the entrance of the tomb, Little Fatty was already stoned for a long time and had a grim expression when he looked at the Nine Palace Diagram.

Given his character, he should have been cheering a long time ago after they entered the tomb.

However, he seemed somewhat dejected at the moment.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo asked, “Did something happen?”

Little Fatty grit his teeth. “We might be late.”

The moment the spirit tiger heard that, he got anxious and asked, “What do you mean by late?”

Little Fatty replied darkly, “Along the way, I did not catch sight of anything suspicious so I thought that we were the first to enter this place. However, it was clear from the Nine Palace Diagram at the entrance of the tomb that someone arrived before us!”


Everyone looked shocked.

Little Fatty explained, “Tens of thousands of years have passed and there should be a thick layer of dust on the ground at the entrance of the tomb. However, from the Nine Palace Diagram, it’s obvious that someone has arrived before us and wiped away the dust on the surface of the ground.”

“Even if he wiped away the dust, he might not have been able to enter this place,”

The Golden Lion said, “The Nine Palace Diagram is extremely complex. There’s only a few people in this world that can crack it.”

At that point, the Golden Lion suddenly went silent.

Everyone exchanged glances and a thought crossed their minds.

If Little Fatty could locate this place and crack the seal of the Nine Palace Diagram, this meant that there was a high chance Little Fatty’s senior brother could do the same!

Instantly, much of everyone’s joy earlier on was erased.

If Little Fatty’s senior brother had arrived first, he would definitely not leave any treasures for them – the utmost treasure of the tomb would naturally be taken away as well.


The spirit tiger sighed and murmured dejectedly, “What a wet blanket. We made the trip for nothing,”

He gazed at the Night Luminance Beads above his head. “How about removing these Night Luminance Beads? We can’t possibly leave with nothing…”

Qing Qing frowned and kicked the spirit tiger for the latter to shut his mouth.

“Your senior brother is definitely rather capable if he managed to arrive first,”

Su Zimo said darkly, “There was no blood stench or signs of any fights that happened after we entered the lake.”

“This proved that he managed to avoid the detection of the Ancient Frost Crocodile, Bloodthirsty Silverfishes and many other extinct life-forms to enter this tomb successfully!”

At that point, a vague thought flickered through Su Zimo’s mind.

However, he could not figure out what he was thinking about exactly.

Little Fatty shook his head. “I know my senior brother very well. Although he’s definitely stronger than me in combat, he isn’t at the level where he can completely avoid detection from everyone. An expert is definitely helping him out.”

“Let’s go.”

Su Zimo remarked, “Since we’re already here, we’ve got to head in no matter what. We can’t just turn and leave.”

Little Fatty took a deep breath and nodded. “Boss is right. Let’s enter!”

He walked right at the front so that he could react to any changes.

After all, he knew best about the types of traps, seals and formations in this tomb.

Su Zimo followed at the back of the group.

The passage was extremely long and although it was lit up, their surroundings were quiet and eerie with the sounds of their footsteps echoing.

Su Zimo looked increasingly grim – he had not let his guard down at all.

Little Fatty’s senior brother was much scarier than he had imagined!

He had not noticed any signs of anyone else’s presence in this place along the way.

If Little Fatty had not noticed something unusual at the entrance of the tomb, nobody would know that someone else had arrived here!

A while later, they finally arrived at the end of the passage and the place opened up.

They had arrived at a majestic and spacious chamber.

Greenish bronze coffins were placed in all four corners of the chamber and the place had a morbid aura.

The wall on the opposite end of the tomb revealed 16 passages, each dark and creepy without the light from the Night Luminance Beads.

Everyone had a vague idea of what the tomb master was up to.

The chamber before them was definitely not the main tomb – only one of the 16 passages led to the right one!

If they chose the wrong one, they might never be able to return!

Little Fatty stood where he was and calculated for a long time before pointing to the seventh passage from the left. “This way!”

With that said, he prepared himself to step into the chamber.

Su Zimo frowned slightly and said with a grim expression, “There’s something odd about this chamber. Everyone, watch out!”

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