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Chapter 686: Nine Palace Diagram

Little Fatty and Shi Jian’s eyes widened with disbelief.

Those means were far from the legendary divine powers of being able to incinerate the heavens and boiling the oceans. At best, it could only be boiling a lake. However, the visual impact caused by the scene was way too shocking!

Fear filled the eyes of the other Ancient Frost Crocodile and it turned to flee.


Su Zimo raised his arm and pointed forward.

The Primordial Soaring Serpent behind him spread its wings and tore through the layers of waves, causing the lake to bubble and boil everywhere it passed.

Almost instantly, the Soaring Serpent arrived above the Ancient Frost Crocodile and devoured it in a single mouthful!


The Ancient Frost Crocodile struggled and howled miserably within the stomach of the Soaring Serpent, causing endless flames to surge inside and outside of the latter’s body. Before long, it was burned into ashes that scattered across the lake.

No matter how violent the Ancient Frost Crocodile was or how strong of a bloodline it possessed, it could not do anything against the presence of a Primordial Soaring Serpent!

The Soaring Serpent was a divine being of the flames. Back in the primordial era, it would even dare to roam the deep oceans, let alone a puny lake as such.

Everyone in the Anti-Water Bead’s barrier heaved a sigh of relief.

Without the threat of the Ancient Frost Crocodile, the Anti-Water Bead could still hold out for a period of time.

Suddenly, something moved in water currents in the depths of the lake!

Everyone in the Anti-Water Bead was unnerved once again, gazing around with widened eyes.

It was as though their dive into the lake had alerted a certain life-form within it!

The movement intensified and came from all directions!

However, the strange thing was that no matter how they tried, they could not detect any signs of life – all they could see was the water currents surging towards the Anti-Water Bead barrier!

Su Zimo’s spirit perception was strong and he had naturally noticed danger a long time ago.

However, even with his powerful vision, he could not identify the origin of that danger!

Psst! Psst!

The Primordial Soaring Serpent reared its head and hissed, surveying the surroundings with its cold eyes in a warning manner.


Opening its mouth, the Primordial Soaring Serpent spewed out scorching lava that surged into the waters.

“Squeak, squeak!”

Suddenly, a strange sound could be heard from the waters in front of them, as though some living being was screeching!

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

Within the lake, there were countless thick and thin arms that came from long fish demons who were howling and screaming. Their gaping mouths were lined with sharp teeth that shimmered with a cold glint!

The bodies of those fish demons were almost transparent and it was difficult to identify them as they moved through the water.

If not for the scarlet lava blazing on their bodies, even Su Zimo would have difficulties identifying their existences!

“Bloodthirsty Silverfishes!”

Su Zimo was alarmed.

Bloodthirsty Silverfishes and the Soaring Serpent were both beings of the primordial era. The former was violent, bloodthirsty and chewed through every single thing they came across – they were ferocious beasts that were irrational and showed no fear!

The most frightening thing was that Bloodthirsty Silverfishes moved in schools!

At any moment, hundreds or thousands of Bloodthirsty Silverfishes could appear!

Life was devoid everywhere they passed, leaving nothing but corpses in their wake!

Even a perfect spirit weapon would be shredded into shards by the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes, let alone bodies of flesh.

In the deep oceans back in the primordial era, even the strongest demons within would stay away when they encountered Bloodthirsty Silverfishes.

Su Zimo had not expected that he would lure out these bloodthirsty things after summoning the Primordial Soaring Serpent!

In the eyes of the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes, it did not matter if they were facing the Soaring Serpent or Divine Turtle – they lunged at everything that showed signs of life!

“Squeak, squeak!”

Many Bloodthirsty Silverfishes were burned to death by the lava the Soaring Serpent spewed.

However, many more Bloodthirsty Silverfishes surged forward and gnawed at Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon relentlessly!

A small portion of the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes swam to where monkey and the others were and started attacking the barrier of the Anti-Water Bead!

The barrier showed signs of dissipation.

Another crack appeared on the Anti-Water Bead!

Su Zimo channeled his spirit energy to control his Golden Core phenomenon, purging away the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes nearby the Anti-Water Bead as he shouted, “Hurry and head down! The bottom of the lake is right below! See if you can locate the entrance of the tomb!”

During his fight with the Ancient Frost Crocodile earlier on, Su Zimo’s body expanded to a height of a hundred feet and his feet touched the bottom of the lake – that was how he knew they were close.

Everyone’s eyes lit up and hope reignited in their hearts.

Buzz! Buzz!

More Bloodthirsty Silverfishes surged forward and chewed at Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon.

The glow of the Primordial Soaring Serpent had already started to diminish.

The Golden Core phenomenon was on the verge of dissipating!

After all, this was a phenomenon created by spirit energy and was not the true body of the Soaring Serpent – even the Soaring Serpent phenomenon was showing signs of defeat against the relentless bites of the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes!

“I see it!”

Right then, Little Fatty’s voice echoed excitedly from the bottom of the lake.

On the west of the bottom of the lake, there was an obvious semicircular entrance to the tomb with a width 20 feet apart and height 50 feet tall. Although tens of thousands of years had passed, it still looked extremely majestic!

Little Fatty maneuvered the Anti-Water Bead and advanced towards the tomb.

There was a gigantic stone door at the tomb’s entrance with no handle on it.

“Let me try and lift this stone door up!”

The spirit tiger declared bravely.

Qing Qing glared at the spirit tiger and scolded, “Stand at the side! Don’t interfere blindly if you don’t wish to die!”

With that, Qing Qing turned to look at Little Fatty.

The spirit tiger glanced over instinctively as well.

Little Fatty was standing on the spot, glaring at the ground on the tomb’s entrance motionlessly as though he was in a trance.

He had a grim expression that did not look good.

A lattice diagram was etched on the ground at the entrance of the tomb with nine identical squares – it looked extremely mysterious.

The spirit tiger felt a sense of trepidation.

It was obviously a seal that was left behind by the owner of the tomb. If he had barged in forcefully earlier on, he might have already triggered the seal and died on the spot!

“Don’t worry, I’ll hold back these silverfishes! Hurry and try to dispel it as soon as possible!”

Su Zimo’s back was facing the group as he fought against the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes before him, trying his best to fight for time for Little Fatty.

Little Fatty’s gaze shimmered with a wise look in his eyes.

His brains were churning furiously!

Although the diagram before them seemed simple with only nine squares, an immense amount of calculation was required if they wanted to dispel the seal of the tomb master!

This Nine Palace Diagram originated from the legendary River Diagram.

The River Diagram was one of the most mysterious treasures of the primordial era!

Some people managed to comprehend cultivation techniques from the River Diagram, some managed to comprehend secret skills while others managed to comprehend formation techniques!

Rumor has it that the River Diagram contained the mysteries of the universe and the absolute truth of Heaven and Earth!

No matter what, anyone could comprehend something just by taking a look at the River Diagram.

Time slowly passed.

Su Zimo fought against the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes singlehandedly.

The Primordial Soaring Serpent phenomenon had already cracked against the fanatic attacks of the Bloodthirsty Silverfishes and could disperse at any moment.

At the back, Little Fatty was frowning in deep thought, squeezing his brain juices at every single second!

Nobody could help them.


“It worked!”

Little Fatty’s eyes lit up.

He lifted his foot and stepped on the Nine Palace Diagram, confident in every step he took.

That seemingly clumsy and fat body of his was extremely light-footed on the Nine Palace Diagram. He tapped left and right, front and back swiftly in a dizzying manner, looking messy and unorganized.


Little Fatty shouted with his final step.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The stone door rose accompanied by a massive explosion!

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