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Chapter 685: Boiling Water

The two Ancient Frost Crocodiles seemed to be able to sense the strength of Su Zimo the intruder and they did not hold back, releasing their Inner Cores immediately!

Instantly, the temperature of the lake dipped!

The Inner Core was like an ice-cube shrouded with thick demonic qi, emitting an endless frost.

The chilling aura shot over and a layer of frost formed over Su Zimo’s body.

In the blink of an eye, ice crystals extended from his limbs to his entire body and finally his head. They covered everything and stacked layer over layer thickly!

The chilling aura was so intense, ferocious and terrifying that it froze the demonic qi Su Zimo conjured around his surroundings!

Everyone in the barrier of the Anti-Water Bead became nervous.

Although they were protected by the barrier, they could sense the chilling aura.

Given the environment, any external living beings that arrived at this extremely cold place, no matter if they were cultivators, demon beasts of land or the deep oceans, their combat strength would be diminished!

It would be considered good if they could even retain half of their original combat strength.

As for Ancient Frost Crocodiles, because they lived here, they could unleash their maximum potential!

Given the severe disadvantages he faced, everyone was not confident whether Su Zimo could defend against the attacks of the two Ancient Frost Crocodiles.

One of the Ancient Frost Crocodiles swiped its tail. Although it had a massive body, it was unusually agile in the lake with a shocking speed and it arrived before Su Zimo instantly!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, cracking sounds echoed from within Su Zimo’s body!

Cracks started appearing on that humanoid ice statue!


Immediately after, there was an explosion!

Right in front of monkey and the others, a huge figure burst forth from the ice crystals and soared into the skies. His tendons and bones echoed at the same time and his blood qi soared!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo’s body expanded to a height of a hundred feet and his black hair danced. In the dirty lake waters, his eyes were frighteningly bright and he resembled a towering divine being!

The two Ancient Frost Crocodiles were much stronger than Su Zimo had imagined.

When he circulated his Inner Core, his blood qi surged and his body was like a cauldron. Despite that, the two Ancient Frost Crocodiles could freeze him!

Right now, he was no longer holding back and the power of his blood qi and Inner Core was released entirely!


Su Zimo gripped Blood Quencher tightly glared at the Ancient Frost Crocodile that was charging towards him before slashing forward!

A series of ripples spread through the lake. Although they seemed gentle, they possessed a terrifying killing intent!

The Ancient Frost Crocodile was smart. When it saw that it was unable to dodge in time, it channeled the power of its Inner Core wildly and formed an invisible ice wall before itself!


The ripples struck the ice wall.

Immediately after, another ice wall rose!

The ice wall thickened continuously.

Continuing forward, the ripples shattered ice wall after ice wall. Finally, at the seventh ice wall, the power released by the slash was completely dissipated!

“Not bad,”

Su Zimo nodded with a flash of surprise in his eyes.

The Ripple stance was a saber stance created by the Saber Emperor. That slash possessed the power of ‘force’ and was something that most demon beasts wouldn’t be able to defend against.

However, it was clear that the Ancient Frost Crocodile was rather capable since it could go unscathed against the Ripple stance.

Another Ancient Frost Crocodile seized the opportunity to rush forward murderously.


Su Zimo stood where he was motionlessly and attacked once more.


Countercurrent was released!

In that lake, not only would there be no sluggishness in the saber stances of the Sea Calming Manual, they could even be released to their full potential!

Countercurrent was the stance with the greatest power in the Sea Calming Manual.

Against that slash, the Ancient Frost Crocodile did not dodge or avoid at all. Instead, it lunged forward and spat out its chilling Inner Core in front of itself!


The demonic qi released by the Inner Core formed a shield of ice.

When Blood Quencher struck the shield, the shield exploded instantly – it could not defend against the sharpness of Blood Quencher and the power of Countercurrent!

The Inner Core was repelled. It dimmed significantly as the Ancient Frost Crocodile devoured it back into its stomach.

Blood Quencher descended.

The eyes of the Ancient Frost Crocodile were extremely calm without any trace of panic, as though it had already expected everything. It opened its mouth and bit Blood Quencher!


This Ancient Frost Crocodile chose to take on a connate spirit weapon head-on!

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold and the blood beam on his saber intensified.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

That single slash severed close to a hundred of the Ancient Frost Crocodile’s sharp teeth!

The remaining few hundred teeth were loosened as well as blood seeped out from its mouth, dying the lake waters red.

However, the Ancient Frost Crocodile’s mouth was lined with sharp fangs that crossed in a zig-zag manner like a valley of swords.

The depletion of the power of Su Zimo’s slash caused Blood Quencher to be jammed in that mouth of sharp fangs!

“Watch out!”

Qing Qing and the others yelled nervously and pointed to Su Zimo’s back from within the Anti-Water Bead barrier.

A dark shadow blanketed over Su Zimo’s head.

Behind him, another Ancient Frost Crocodile surged over with a widened mouth, devouring Su Zimo who was a hundred feet tall in a single mouthful!

At that moment, Su Zimo finally understood why the Ancient Frost Crocodile at the start wanted to take his attack head-on.

Both Ancient Frost Crocodiles sensed his strength and one of them wanted to open up an opportunity for its partner regardless of how severely it would get injured!


“Brother Su!”

Little Fatty and Shi Jian yelled and in a moment of impulse, wanted to charge out of the Anti-Water Bead barrier.

“Don’t go out first!”

A tall figure blocked the two of them. He glared at the Ancient Frost Crocodile outside with a flickering scarlet glint and said in a deep, hoarse voice.

Monkey said, “Let’s wait first.”

Among the group, monkey and the spirit tiger had been through many fights with Su Zimo in the ancient battlefield and understood his strength best.

Although Little Fatty and Shi Jian had not seen Su Zimo for many years, their impression of him was the same as it was 20 years ago.

In the lake.

After devouring Su Zimo, the Ancient Frost Crocodile floated in its original spot quietly and motionlessly, as though it was trying to feel something.

A moment later, it suddenly opened its mouth and let out a tragic shriek – its eyes were filled with endless pain!

Right in front of everyone, the water current that flowed out of the Ancient Frost Crocodile’s mouth burned with a thin layer of flames!


A blazing flame ignited from within the Ancient Frost Crocodile’s body and covered it instantly, turning that massive body transparent from the heat!

Within the Ancient Frost Crocodile’s body, a faint figure of a dragon-like gigantic beast could be seen, spreading its wings and roaring into the skies with lava gushing out of its mouth.


Little Fatty came to a realization and yelled, “That’s the legendary Primordial Soaring Serpent!”

“Not bad,”

Monkey and the others nodded.

The Ancient Frost Crocodile belonged to the extreme end of the cold spectrum while the Soaring Serpent was a divine being of the flames and belonged on the extreme end of the heat spectrum.

The difference between cold and hot produced an intense reaction in the Ancient Frost Crocodile’s body that resulted in a destructive power.

In less than a few breaths, the Frost Crocodile’s life was wiped away entirely!

Su Zimo broke out with a phantom of the Primordial Su Zimo behind his back, standing among the blazing flames with a torrential aura!

The lake water that was initially piercingly cold had already started to bubble with heat.

The lake was now boiling!

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