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Chapter 684: Ancient Frost Crocodile

All of them were Golden Cores.

After entering the water, monkey and the others circulated their Inner Cores and released demonic qi, forming light barriers around them to keep the lake water out.

Little Fatty and Shi Jian released spirit energy to form a barrier so that they could breathe with ease as well.

It was dark beneath the lake.

The lake water was extremely dirty. Although Su Zimo’s eyes were sharp, they could not see through material obstructions – his vision right now was not great either with the filth in the water blocking his sights.

Su Zimo was extremely cautious and looked on keenly while twitching his ears, not daring to be careless.

Although they had verified the location of the tomb, nobody knew what was in the lake.

This dimension of the ancient battlefield had existed for a long time and it would not be surprising if any monster was born in that ghastly lake.

Furthermore, up till now, they had not found any traces of Leng Ming, Little Fatty’s senior brother.

Nobody knew if he had arrived here before them!

With little fox in Su Zimo’s embrace, the remaining seven of them formed a circle with Qing Qing in the middle before sinking gradually.

The water was cold when they just entered. However, everyone’s cultivation realm was high and they could endure it.

The deeper they dove, the colder the water became. In fact, it was so chilling that it showed signs of penetrating the demonic qi and spirit energy barriers!

Not only that, the water pressure in the surrounding intensified the deeper they went.

Right now, apart from Su Zimo, even monkey experienced waves of pressure and difficulties in breathing.

“This lake seems unassuming, but it’s actually so deep?” The spirit tiger was secretly shocked.

Frowning, monkey asked, “How deep are we now?”

Su Zimo said darkly, “We’re more than three thousand feet down now!”

That meant that they were a kilometer down!

The pressure of the water a kilometer down was shockingly strong. Ordinary Golden Cores would die bleeding from all orifices by the time they reached this point.

Furthermore, there was a piercing chill everywhere in the water!

The spirit tiger lamented with relief internally.

If they had smashed the ground as he had suggested, they would have found this place even if they spent an entire year smashing.

The water was dirty and it was pitch-black underneath, resembling an eerie endless abyss that was waiting for them to jump in on their own accord.

The surrounding pressure was intensifying. Apart from Su Zimo who could still maintain his composure, the demonic qi and spirit energy around everyone else had started shrinking.

The Golden Lion was a little worried.

Where would be the end if they continued as such?

Even Su Zimo would not be able to withstand it if they sank another kilometer down and explode to death!

“How much further is it?”

The Golden Lion panted with breathing difficulties.

Su Zimo shook his head.

Even his senses were suppressed firmly given the environment.

He said deeply, “If we still don’t reach the bottom of the lake a while longer, you guys can head up first. I’ll continue alone to check things out.”

Little Fatty waved it off with his forehead filled with sweat. Already unable to speak, he patted his storage bag and withdrew an azure bead.

The bead was the size of an infant’s fist and swirled with an azure current, illuminating a beautiful glow.

The moment that bead was taken out, it emanated a mysterious energy that pushed away the water around the nine of them, forming an azure barrier of light with a huge space that could fit dozens of people!

The light barrier did not only suppress the pressure of the water, but also filtered more than half of the chilling aura in the water.

Everyone was invigorated and heaved a breath of relief instinctively.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up. “Anti-Water Bead?”

Anti-Water Beads were mostly refined from the Inner Cores of river or ocean demons.

The fact that this Anti-Water Bead could have the strength to create such a huge barrier a kilometer down meant that it was definitely made from the Inner Core of an ocean demon!

It was extremely hard for cultivators that lived on land to obtain the Inner Cores of ocean demons.

In Tianhuang Mainland, there were three deep oceans with a myriad of demon races in them. Coupled with the unique environment, most cultivators and demons that lived on land could not enter them with ease.

The three oceans took up three of the eight demon regions!

“Brother Fatty, you’re amazing!”

Little fox was sprawled in Su Zimo’s embrace and stuck her head out, clapping her paws merrily.

Shi Jian grumbled, “Why didn’t you take out such an amazing treasure earlier? I could barely breathe! A little longer and I would have fainted.”

“There’s already a crack on this Anti-Water Bead and it won’t last much longer. I can only take it out at the most critical juncture,” Little Fatty explained as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.

In truth, he had no confidence either.

If they did not manage to reach the bottom of the lake by the time the Anti-Water Bead was destroyed, their expedition would be a complete failure.

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s expression changed as he warned everyone hurriedly, “Watch out!”

Not far away, the water currents shifted, as though a gargantuan creature was headed towards them!

The others were not as sharp as him and by the time they realized, a massive shadow had already shrouded them!


The shadow clashed against the barrier of the Anti-Water Bead violently, causing everyone to tremble.

Instantly, another crack appeared on the Anti-Water Bead!

Little Fatty’s face turned frightfully pale.

If things continued the way it was, it would take less than 10 attacks for the Anti-Water Bead to be destroyed!

Everyone turned their gazes over.

Outside the light barrier, there was a massive demon beast that was silver-white all over and had a menacing gaze. It emanated a chilling aura and bore sharp teeth that resembled daggers!

“Ancient Frost Crocodile!”

The Golden Lion’s expression was terrible. “Legend has it that this Frost Crocodile lives deep in the seas where it’s coldest and is extremely violent. They’ve gone extinct in Tianhuang Mainland a long time ago. To think that one of them would be in this lake!”

The moment he said that, the water on the other side rumbled.

Another shadow enveloped them!

It was another Ancient Frost Crocodile!

In less than three breaths, two Ancient Frost Crocodiles could shatter the barrier of the Anti-Water Bead!

“You guys take care! I’ll head out!”

Su Zimo had a cold expression and with that said, he darted out of the Anti-Water Bead’s barrier in a flash!

At that moment, they were a kilometer deep in the water. Notwithstanding the piercing chilling aura of the lake, the pressure alone could kill most living beings!

The reason why the Ancient Frost Crocodiles could move about so freely at this depth was because they were not weak and at the same time, this was the place they first lived in.

Their bodies were formed after countless years of evolution and they had long adapted to their surroundings.

At that moment, monkey and the others could not leave the protection of the Anti-Water Bead and could only look at everything from within the barrier!

The Inner Core in Su Zimo’s chest circulated wildly and his blood qi surged with a terrifying might – even the water in the surroundings was affected!


Before his sentence was finished, a blood-colored saber had already appeared in Su Zimo’s hands!

Blood Quencher trembled and shone brightly, bursting forth with a massive blood beam!

In the lake, Su Zimo wielded Blood Quencher and his black hair danced while his eyes shone brightly.

A rumbling demonic qi surged out of his nose and mouth. Even against the crushing waters of the lake, he was unyielding like an unquestionable divine being!

As though they were agitated, the two Ancient Frost Crocodiles roared in rage and abandoned the Anti-Water Bead before them, charging towards Su Zimo instead.

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