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Chapter 683: Utterly Shameless

Shi Jian asked with curiosity, “What’s the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair?”

Little Fatty beamed widely and became more excited the more he thought about it. “It’s a burial method from the ancient era that has been lost for a long time. To think that this senior would have set it up.”

Gradually, Little Fatty calmed down from his excitement and asked, “Do you guys remember the dozens of diversionary cave abodes we came across?”

Everyone nodded.

Little Fatty chuckled. “Although those dozens of diversionary cave abodes were merely distractions, they are in fact a large part of this tomb’s formation! Or rather, they are the key to locating the tomb!”

“These dozens of diversionary tombs align to dozens of stars up in the skies. Although they seem messy, they form the network of a dragon’s veins. This is the dragon vein that is mentioned by Tomb Sect!”

There were two types of dragon veins – the first was made by nature and the second was man-made.

A dragon vein can be used to gather fortune as well as alter Feng Shui. It is extremely mysterious and it’s almost impossibly difficult for anyone to create a man-made dragon vein.

Ordinary cultivators would not be able to identify a dragon vein.

However, legacy disciples of Tomb Sect could sense the presence of a dragon vein and can even make use of its power to kill their opponents – it was incredibly amazing!

Everyone followed Little Fatty’s gaze and looked upwards.

Right now, the skies were dark.

Stars dotted the heavens.

Above the region they were at, dozens of stars shone with a particular brightness, flickering in tandem with the dozens of diversionary tombs on the surface as though they had a mysterious connection.

Although the stars seemed like they were in a chaotic order, if one were to connect them through a particular order, the shape of a dragon vein could be seen!

A dragon’s tail, claws, head, body – everything was present!

Su Zimo closed his eyes and was able to visualize a gigantic dragon with magnificent horns hovering in the firmaments, looking down at the world with a cold indifference!

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt a sensation in his body and his blood qi surged, as though it was resonating in a faint manner with the gigantic dragon up in the firmaments.

He shuddered and opened his eyes.

That feeling went as quickly as it came.

Su Zimo did not think too much about it and merely assumed that it was a change brought along with his cultivation of the Ancient Dragonification Art.

After pondering for a long time, Little Fatty blurted as though he thought of something, “I’ve got it!”


Everyone turned to him with curious looks in their eyes.

He said slowly, “The reason why this tomb has been buried for such a long time and only appeared now was because… this dragon vein was only just formed!”

“Dragon veins are almost entirely made by nature. It’s not so easy making one artificially.”

“This senior of Tomb Sect laid down the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair to connect Heaven and Earth, drawing in the power of the stars into this place so as to gather fortune from the universe to form the dragon vein. Eventually, the dragon vein was finally formed in this era!”

Shi Jian could not help but ask, “When did that senior pass on?”

Little Fatty replied darkly, “At least dozens of thousands of years ago!”


Everyone was dumbfounded with shock in their eyes.

“That’s incredible,”

Su Zimo lamented internally, secretly in awe.

Using an ancient secret skill to connect the Heaven and Earth in order to form a dragon vein and pass down a legacy after dozens of thousands of years!

Although this Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect did not manage to advance to the Mahayana realm, his methods could be considered as divinely!

“Brother Fatty, what did you mean by the Dragon Sputum Lair?” Little fox blinked her large, clear eyes and asked curiously.

The spirit tiger urged as well, “Fatty, so where is the entrance to the tomb after everything you said?”

He was anxious to enter the tomb and see if he could get a few treasures.

Noticing the spirit tiger’s intentions, Qing Qing glared at him with a warning look.

Su Zimo smiled gently.

After all, Qing Qing had been in Ethereal Peak for a long time and knew more about manners.

While Little Fatty made the promise that they could take anything they wanted from the treasures in the tomb, this was still a tomb of a Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect after all.

It would be greedy of them if they were to just stuff anything they saw that was good into their storage bags.

Furthermore, none of them knew the situation within the tomb right now.

With his intentions seen through, the spirit tiger looked embarrassed and coughed gently to hide his awkwardness.

Little Fatty pointed to the lake not far away. “If I’m not wrong, the entrance to the tomb is that lake!”

“Beneath the lake?”

The Golden Lion asked with disbelief.

The lake looked unassuming with dirty waters – there was nothing special about it.

Little Fatty pointed up into the skies. “Check out the direction of the dragon vein.”

Everyone raised their heads.

Little Fatty continued, “That’s the dragon’s tail and that’s the dragon’s body. When we continue up, the dozens of stars that are clustered together more tightly form the dragon’s head!”

“At the lower end of the head is the mouth where sputum is produced. This lake corresponds to the dragon’s sputum directly!”

Everyone was enlightened.

Shi Jian was the only one who shook his head with a confused expression. “I’m still unable to understand. I’ll just tag along with you guys.”

“Follow me!”

Little Fatty waved and pointed to the lake not far away, leading the way.

When they approached the lake, everyone started noticing something unusual.

The surface of the lake was cold and ghastly!

Little fox could not help but shudder.

She hid behind Su Zimo and secretly tugged his sleeves.

Su Zimo glanced sideways.

Little fox looked up, revealing her tender neck as she gazed at him with widened, pitiable eyes. Although she was clearly afraid, she bit her cherry lips and did not say anything.

Su Zimo let out a smile – he naturally knew what was on little fox’s mind.

“Come on in, but just this once,”

Su Zimo smiled and nodded.

Little fox snickered and transformed into her true form.

A fiery-red fox waved its furry tail and climbed up Su Zimo’s leg into his embrace in an experienced manner. She only stuck her petite head outside, blinking her huge eyes in a beautiful manner.

The moment she scurried into Su Zimo’s embrace, she felt a sense of warmth.

The chilling aura of the lake vanished instantly!

Su Zimo’s body was like a gigantic cauldron that was warm – she almost wanted to take a nap if they weren’t about to enter the tomb.

When he saw that, the spirit tiger’s eyes darted as a thought struck his mind. Puffing his chest, he walked beside Qing Qing and declared courageously, “Qing Qing, don’t be afraid. Hu Batian’s chest will warm you up! Hurry and come scurry in too!”

As he said that, the spirit tiger bared his chest and revealed chest hair with rows of black and yellow…

Monkey rolled its eyes.

Little fox exclaimed and chuckled.

“F*ck, is this guy for real?”

The Golden Lion frowned and his jaws nearly dropped to the floor.

Qing Qing’s face was steely dark as she clenched her fists, snarling, “Get lost!”

The spirit tiger scratched his head and his naughty eyes darted towards Qing Qing’s puffed up chest, muttering, “Qing Qing, it’s fine if you don’t like this. How about you bare your chest for me to scurry inside instead?”

Silence overwhelmed their surroundings.

The Golden Lion roared internally, “I’ve never seen anyone so utterly shameless before!”

Without a second word, Qing Qing raised her legs and kicked the spirit tiger viciously on the bum!


The spirit tiger was instantly sent flying into the lake, looking extremely wretched.

Everyone roared in laughter.

The eerie atmosphere from earlier on lightened significantly as well.

Little Fatty waved his arm. “Come, let’s head in too!”

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