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Chapter 682: Astral Dragon Sputum Lair

“Fatty, I’m here too,”

Shi Jian said with a silly smile, “Although I’m not as strong, I’ll also help you for sure.”

“Brother Fatty, we’ll help you too!”

Little fox was a sentimental person to begin with. At that moment, she raised her furry paws and cheered Little Fatty on; her voice was cute and extremely soothing.

During this period of time, she traveled with Su Zimo and witnessed many things in the world. She was no longer as shy and cowardly as before and had become much more lively.

Su Zimo chuckled. “Fatty, if you don’t mind, the seven of us brothers will stand by your side.”

“Boss, what are you talking about?”

Little Fatty rolled up his sleeves and rubbed away his tears hastily. He patted his chest soundly with his fat palm and declared, “Boss, other than that utmost treasure of the sect, you guys can have every other treasure in the tomb!”

“There’s no need for that. After all, these are items of Tomb Sect,” Su Zimo shook his head.

“You must take them all!”

Little Fatty’s eyes widened and he turned serious. “We might encounter a lot of danger along the way and there will definitely be a massacre if we come across Leng Ming. You guys deserve all the treasures in the tomb.”

Leng Ming was Little Fatty’s senior brother.

Through Little Fatty’s words, it could be seen that the two of them were not on good terms.

Su Zimo remained silent.

This was the tomb of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

Furthermore, this Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was once a titular disciple – all the treasures in the tomb were definitely extremely rare!

If the dozens of diversionary tombs outside were enough to fuel everyone’s greed, how could there be a lack of amazing treasures in the actual tomb?

When he saw how Su Zimo was still hesitant, Little Fatty almost got angry. “Boss, don’t decline any further. I’m sure Leng Ming promised treasures inside the tomb to the super sect disciples that he sought help from.”

“For the two of us, the true treasure we have to get our hands on is that utmost treasure of our sect!”


Su Zimo nodded. “If I come across something suitable for me, I’ll take it.”

“That’s settled then! Let’s go!”

Little Fatty cheered and withdrew a circular geomantic compass

The geomantic compass was filled with countless circles with stars, the five elements and Yin and Yang – it was as though it contained endless secrets.

Little Fatty followed the geomantic compass and verified the way before pointing to the southeast direction. “That way!”

Su Zimo and the rest followed closely behind.

After speeding for close to an hour, Little Fatty suddenly stopped and looked to the geomantic compass again. After a moment, he pointed in another direction. “This way!”

Su Zimo and the others had no objection.

Although he was strong in combat, he knew nothing in this regard.

Everyone had their specialties.

In terms of sense of direction, Su Zimo could not compare to Little Fatty.

In terms of controlling puppets and multitasking, he could not compare to Shi Jian either.

Shi Jian was honest and not very sharp. In fact, he was a little slow. However, he was appreciated by one of the five heretical doctrines, Puppet Sect, and taken in as their disciple.

In the past, Su Zimo doubted their decision for a moment.

He wondered why Puppet Sect took to Shi Jian.

However, during this journey, Shi Jian cleared that doubt of his.

One had to be able to multitask if they wanted to cultivate the art of controlling puppets.

When a person is too sharp and articulate, it’s difficult for them to multitask!

Shi Jian did not have Su Zimo try his hand on multitasking five things at one go, merely two.

He tried to have Su Zimo draw a circle and square on the ground at the same time. However, Su Zimo could not do it no matter how many times he tried and could only chuckle in exasperation.

Although he was the strongest monster incarnate in history, it did not mean that he was good at everything.

When Little Fatty was looking for the actual tomb, he was not smiling. Instead, he looked extremely serious.

Under Little Fatty’s lead, the group of them traveled through vast plains, deserts, swamps, mountains and forests…

At times, they headed east. At times, they went north. The direction was never fixed and always changed.

As Little Fatty expected, they encountered many more cave abodes along the way – there were at least 10 of them!

There were many cultivators fighting around all those tombs.

“That’s the power of a Mighty Figure from Tomb Sect,”

Su Zimo was secretly shocked. “The terrain is so complicated and there are countless diversionary tombs. Unless it was by accident, no one would be able to locate his tomb.”

However, on second thought, Su Zimo understood the reason for it as well.

The tomb should have been prepared by the Mighty Figure for the successors of Tomb Sect.

Only successors of Tomb Sect would be able to distinguish and locate the actual tomb among the diversionary tombs.

In the blink of an eye, six hours passed.

It was already late at night.

The group of them did not rest at all, traveling with twists and turns for a long time. Although the journey was long, in actual fact, they had not left the region.

Up ahead, Little Fatty suddenly stopped and looked at the geomantic compass with a deep, pensive expression.

“What’s wrong?”

When he saw Little Fatty stop for a long time, Su Zimo could not help but head up and ask.

“We’re lost,”

Little Fatty looked a little helpless and dazed.


Everyone was stunned.

If even Little Fatty was lost, the rest of them had even less idea of what to do.

Su Zimo took a look at the geomantic compass in Little Fatty’s hands.

Initially, there was a magnetic needle indicating the direction on the geomantic compass.

But now, the magnetic needle had gone crazy and was spinning wildly on the geomantic compass!

They could not even identify where they were at currently, let alone locate the tomb.

Su Zimo asked with a frown, “What happened to the geomantic compass?”

“I have no idea as well.”

Little Fatty said with a vexed expression, “It suddenly became like this when we arrived here.”

The moment he said that, Little Fatty’s eyes lit up as he exchanged glances with Su Zimo. The both of them blurted almost at the same time, “The tomb is here!”

Everyone looked down.

Not far away, there was a verdant mountain peak and they were surrounded by greenery as well.

There was also a small lake not far away with a little beast drinking water at the moment – everything looked serene and peaceful.

Although they deduced that the tomb was around here, nobody knew its exact location.

The spirit tiger said loudly, “Since the tomb is here, let’s smash the ground together! Sooner or later, we’ll dig out a hole!”

“No, we can’t,”

Su Zimo shook his head. “Although this region is not humongous, it’s not that small either. There’s no way of finding out how deep the tomb lies. How long are we going to dig for?”

“That’s right, the commotion will most likely attract countless cultivators before we even locate the tomb,” Qing Qing nodded in agreement.

“We must not do that!”

Little Fatty said with a solemn expression, “There must be many seals set up around this senior’s tomb! If we try to break through them forcefully, the seals might injure us instead!”

The spirit tiger shuddered when he heard that and no longer dared to offer any suggestions.

If they triggered the seal of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, they might not survive even if they had ten lives.

Little Fatty looked up into the skies and his eyes flashed with a gradual realization.

“I’ve got it!”

A moment later, he leaped up in joy. “This is the legendary Astral Dragon Sputum Lair[1]… !”

[1] According to legend, dragon saliva is extremely precious

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