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Chapter 663: Are You A Dog?!

The last time Su Zimo saw little crane was during the battle at Ethereal Peak.

At that time, when Blood Crow Palace invaded with the intention of annihilating Ethereal Peak, little crane had yet to form its Inner Core.

However, Su Zimo believed that with the guidance of the old immortal crane, it should not be an issue for little crane to form an Inner Core in 20 years.

Right now, it was truly joyous recalling the times back in Ethereal Peak together with monkey, the spirit tiger, little crane and Night Spirit.

There was probably no way he could return to those days.

From now on, be it in the ancient battlefield or Tianhuang Mainland, Su Zimo had to tread with caution!

The spirit tiger said, “After the two of us left Ethereal Peak, we tried looking for you at Dongling Valley. Later on, we continued traveling while asking about you but there was no news for around three years. Do you know that during that period of time, Boss and I…”

Monkey frowned and shot the spirit tiger a look.

The spirit tiger did not continue.

At that time, Su Zimo escaped thousands of kilometers from Dongling Valley using Blood Escape in order to escape the pursuit of Blood Crow Palace’s Lord. He ran all the way to one of the nine forbidden grounds of Tianhuang Mainland, Dragon Bone Valley.

Thereafter, he got into huge trouble with Night Spirit by splitting the dragon egg and was brought to the capital of Great Zhou by Lin Xuanji.

In order to hide from the pursuit of the dragon race, he did not dare to leave the city and by some accident, changed his name to Mo Ling and lived an ignoble existence in the capital for close to three years.

Even Ethereal Peak did not know where he was or if he was dead or alive, let alone monkey and the spirit tiger.

They could not take on human form and would naturally be killed if they were spotted by cultivators.

Although the spirit tiger did not continue, Su Zimo could guess what happened – the two of them went through endless hardships and dangers during that period of time in order to search for him!

After pondering, the spirit tiger continued, “Thereafter, we stayed for a period of time in Black Crow Mountain. We thought that you were dead after hearing about the paragon battle at the Great Qian Ruins and even headed to Dragon Burial Valley to pay our respects to you.”

Su Zimo smiled.

“Later on, we wandered all over the place and found ourselves in the Wild Lion Ridge!” The spirit tiger said.

When he heard that, the Golden Lion’s expression changed.

Su Zimo frowned slightly and asked, “One of the eight demon regions?”


The spirit tiger nodded. “We hung out there for 20 years and had no intention of entering this place initially. However, when the battle at Cang Lang Mountain Range broke out and you declared war to Glass Palace, we found out that you were still alive.”

“Later on, we obtained two spots in the territory there and was teleported here with the help of high-leveled fiend demons.”

After listening at the side for a long time, the Golden Lion finally spotted an opportunity and chimed in hurriedly, “The eight demon regions are filled with danger everywhere with countless beasts and ferocious birds roaming all around! In fact, there are even great and old demons!”

Great demons were equivalent to Conjoint Bodies Mighty Figures of the human race.

Old demons were equivalent to Mahayana Patriarchs!

The eight demon regions were the eight greatest gathering places of the demon race.

From puny spirit beasts to notoriously mighty great demons, all of them could be found in the eight demon regions.

Places like Cang Lang Mountain Range could not even be considered as the tip of the iceberg of the eight regions.

It was said that there were even Demon Emperors in the eight demon regions!

Even cultivators did not dare to step foot lightly into the eight demon regions.

The Golden Lion said, “Killing is intense between the different territories because everyone fights for the position of overlords. The fact that the two of you are able to obtain two spots without the backing of any race is an impressive feat.”

For the Golden Lion, he had the backing of the Golden Lion race and they had their own territory.

As the name implied, the Wild Lion Ridge was ruled over by the lion race and the Golden Lion race was one of them.

To the Golden Lion, the fact that monkey and the spirit tiger could reside in the Wild Lion Ridge for a full 20 years without any backing and even obtain two spots to enter the ancient battlefield was impressive.

Monkey glanced at the Golden Lion and nodded.

It was not easy to garner such a response from monkey.

In the fight earlier on, monkey and the spirit tiger saw how the Golden Lion saved the little fox and held back Glass Palace cultivators alone.

That was precisely the reason why they felt that the Golden Lion was qualified to sit around them.

The spirit tiger was elated after being complimented by the Golden Lion. However, it put on a front and nodded at that moment. “Yellow Hair, you’re pretty sharp. Not bad, I like it!”

At the mention of ‘Yellow Hair’, the Golden Lion frowned and rolled its eyes.

The little fox sat at the side and covered her mouth, chuckling.

Since she was young, she lived in the underground cave locked up by the gigantic crocodile and spent her days in fear.

Now that she was reunited with Su Zimo and had so many companions, she was truly overjoyed listening to their conversations.

The spirit tiger smiled sheepishly at the sight of the little fox’s smile and wagged its tail in a pandering manner – there was no ferocity in its behavior at all.


Monkey could not stand it anymore and slapped the spirit tiger on the face, scolding disappointedly, “Bloody wagging your tail again! Are you a dog?!”


Su Zimo roared in laughter, as though he had returned to the past.

The spirit tiger did not dare to fight against monkey and climbed up, clasping its tail while grumbling, “Why are you always getting physical! Just talk things out! Furthermore, these are new friends! Give me some face!”

Monkey snorted with a chuckle and placed its hands behind its back, looking up the skies and ignoring the spirit tiger.

Turning to Su Zimo with an aggrieved expression, the spirit tiger closed in on the little fox and whispered, “Foxy, let me tell you, I didn’t like to wag my tail in the past. It’s all Su Zimo’s fault!”

The little fox shuddered at the way the spirit tiger addressed her and backed off a few steps with goosebumps rising.

Su Zimo raised his brow.

How was he to blame for that?

The spirit tiger said in a mysterious manner, “Foxy, you’ve got to keep your distance from Su Zimo in the future. He’s got a fetish!”

“Back then, after he captured me, he forced me to roar everyday until my throat went hoarse. Forget about that… from then on, I started wagging my tail unconsciously. Before I met Su Zimo, I was extremely manly!”

Su Zimo smiled.

Back when he captured the spirit tiger, he wanted to use its roar to unravel the secret behind the sound of tigers and leopards in the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

That was the reason why he forced the spirit tiger to roar.

Up till now, the spirit tiger did not know the reason for it and merely thought that Su Zimo was perverted.

The little fox pouted her lips in displeasure.

She disliked people talking bad about Su Zimo.

“You’re the one with a fetish! You like wagging your tail! You’re a small dog!”

With that, the little fox turned around and darted to Su Zimo’s side, leaving the spirit tiger alone, flustered and howling internally, “I’m not a dog, I’m Hu Batian!”

The little fox wanted to hop onto Su Zimo’s body like in the past.

Unexpectedly, he retreated and glared at her, asking with a fake smile, “Little fox, when were you able to take on human form?”

“A long time ago,”

The little fox lowered her head shyly and in a turn, transformed into the young lady with peerless looks in a red veil dress once more.

She bowed towards Su Zimo and said tenderly, “Greetings, mister.”

Drip! Drip!

An odd sound came from the side.

The spirit tiger’s eyes widened as drool dripped from its gaping mouth. Its tail wagged furiously behind it…

Monkey reared its head and sighed before sending the spirit tiger flying with a slap, snarling, “Sorry, can’t help it!”

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