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Chapter 662: The Deep Ties Between Brothers

Overnight, the ancient city was destroyed.

There were more than 2,000 Glass Palace cultivators with six Sealers included… but none of them survived!

Tang Shiyun stood squarely on the city wall, gazing at the derelict ancient city that was strewn with corpses and blood with a dazed expression.

The ancient city was already occupied entirely by demon beasts.

She was the only cultivator still alive.

If Su Zimo had not handed her over to the side of the monkey, spirit tiger and the other demon beasts, she would have been ripped apart by the demon beasts a long time ago.

Although it was only a short night, it felt like a long time to Tang Shiyun.

She witnessed with her own eyes her sect mates being murdered mercilessly by someone.

However, that person was her lifesaving benefactor.

She witnessed hundreds of thousands of cultivators buried here.

She also witnessed a flourishing and relentless ancient city transform into a ruins overnight!

Tang Shiyun should feel hatred towards Su Zimo.

After all, that man killed Southern Duel Sect cultivators personally and attracted a beast stampede to kill off more than half the cultivators in this ancient city.

However, she could not bring herself to do that.

It wasn’t only because Su Zimo had saved her previously.

More than that, it was because in the depths of her heart, it was difficult to distinguish between who was right or wrong.

At that moment, that man returned, basked in sunlight.

Monkey grinned and the spirit tiger yelled in joy. The Golden Lion reared its head and roared while the little fox clutched its tiny paws with an emotional look.

During Tang Shiyun’s moment of silence, the man had already descended upon the city wall.

Pursing her lips, Tang Shiyun headed forward and said with cupped fists, “Thank you for not killing me, fellow Daoist. I’ll… take my leave here.”

She had already sensed how out of place she was with everything here.

There was no way she could stay on.


Su Zimo replied, “Although it’s daytime now, there are still many dangers lurking in the ancient battlefield. If you’re not in a hurry, you can rest here for the time being and I’ll escort you to another gathering spot.”

What he meant by the time being was for monkey, the spirit tiger and the other demons to recover.

Tang Shiyun shook her head.

She truly did not know how she should get along with Su Zimo in the future.

When he saw that, Su Zimo did not force her and said, “Take care along the way then.”

Tang Shiyun nodded and turned to leave.

Not long after she left the ancient city, she could not help but turn back to gaze at the green-colored figure, saying, “It won’t be long before news of what happened here spreads to the rest of the ancient battlefield. You’ve got to… take care as well.”


A reply transmitted over from the ancient city.

Sighing internally, Tang Shiyun let go of the slight reluctance in her heart and sped into the distance.

On the city wall.

Su Zimo swept his gaze across monkey, the spirit tiger, little fox and the Golden Lion. When he saw that they were recovering nicely, he finally smiled, unable to conceal the joy in his eyes.

There was nothing more joyous than to reunite with old friends and acquaintances.

There seemed to be endless things to say between Su Zimo, monkey and the spirit tiger and they could not stop conversing.

“Su Zimo!”

Ignoring its injury, monkey strode over and extended its fist, thumping heavily on Su Zimo’s chest.


Su Zimo did not dodge and took the blow.

The man and monkey looked at one another and smiled.

It was as though in that moment, they had gone back in time and returned to the days when they fought side by side in Cang Lang Mountain Range.

Golden Lion looked on and felt envy at their chemistry and relationship.

After witnessing the terror of Su Zimo’s strength, it wanted to get to know him as well.

However, at the end of the day, it had only known Su Zimo for a couple of days. Previously, it was even just a mount for Su Zimo and there was naturally no way it could compete against the status of monkey and the spirit tiger.

The spirit tiger walked over and shrugged its head, chuckling. “After forming his Inner Core, the first word that Boss said in human tongue was your name.”

Su Zimo felt warmth in his heart.

Previously, be it monkey or the spirit tiger, neither of them formed an Inner Core and could not speak in human tongue.

Their interactions were mostly a series of shouts.

To think that the first word monkey said would be his name.

They had not seen each other for more than 20 years.

Monkey had changed a lot.

The only thing that remained the same was its feral nature, the pride in its eyes and its feelings towards Su Zimo!

The spirit tiger said smugly, “After we could take on human form, we gave ourselves names so that it would be more convenient for us to roam the world.”

Monkey pouted its lips in disdain.

The spirit tiger perked up and took a deep breath before speaking as though it was declaring something of paramount importance, “My name is… Hu Batian[1]!”


The little fox could not help but blurt out laughing.

Su Zimo could barely hold it in as well.

The moment the spirit tiger saw that, it was worked up. “What are you guys laughing about? What’s bad about that name?!”


Monkey snorted and remarked ruthlessly.

The spirit tiger’s eyes widened and it raised its chin, arguing with a flushed face, “What’s so shameless about it? It’s such a great name that’s rare in the world and absolutely dominating!”

Su Zimo laughed. “The name is crude and gaudy, but I guess it’s quite matching with your character.”

“All of you guys are jealous!”

The spirit tiger’s face darkened as it clenched its teeth in a huff, trembling from head to toe such that its wounds reopened.

“What about you? You didn’t get yourself a name?”

Su Zimo turned towards monkey.

Pouting, monkey’s eyes were filled with disdain as it raised its head. “I’m me, I don’t require a name! I’m going to be the strongest monkey demon in this world from this day forth! The moment anyone mentions a monkey demon, I’ll be the first to come to mind!”

Su Zimo nodded.

That was the true meaning of domineering!

Monkey’s ambitions had never been small.

Back in the Cang Lang Mountain Range, it was already bent on being the demon king of the mountain range!

Eventually, it was proven that monkey indeed had the capabilities.

Its bloodline was extremely unusual!

Su Zimo witnessed how monkey entered a berserk state on the city wall.

This secret skill of triggering one’s power of bloodline was definitely a legacy of an extremely powerful and rare race!

Suddenly, something else came to Su Zimo’s mind.

In Tianhuang Mainland, apart from him who knew about the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, monkey also knew about one of its sections – the Tendons Transformation section.

It was highly possible that Die Yue had imparted that to monkey personally.

The fact that Die Yue was willing to teach it was proof that monkey’s background might be rather special!

Su Zimo asked, “Where did you guys go after leaving Ethereal Peak? Why did you enter the ancient battlefield and come here?”

“Boss could not stay in Ethereal Peak any longer after knowing that you were missing and there was no news of whether you were dead or alive,”

The spirit tiger said, “Later on, Boss insisted on leaving to look for you and I followed along. There was no meaning to us staying in Ethereal Peak if you weren’t there.”

“Initially, that stupid bird wanted to sneak out along with us as well. However, it was caught by the old immortal crane and had no choice but to stay in Ethereal Peak.”

At the mention of the stupid bird, there was a reminiscent look in the spirit tiger’s eyes as it showed a rare display of emotions. “I wonder how that stupid bird’s doing. Has it formed its Inner Core yet?”

The stupid bird the spirit tiger was referring to was the child of Ethereal Peak’s immortal crane.

The spirit tiger and little crane spent the most time together and their relationship was naturally closer.

[1] Tiger dominating the world

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