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Chapter 664: Cleaning up the Battlefield

They had not seen each other for more than 20 years.

The spirit tiger was still as chirpy as before and monkey was as prideful as before – everything was the same as in the past.

Su Zimo felt a sense of warmth in his heart as he looked at them play around.

At times, it was simpler to get along with demons instead.

There were no schemes and plots.

On the other hand, humans were much more complex.

For monkey and the spirit tiger, everything became much simpler after they entered the ancient battlefield.

The same way Glass Palace predicted that Su Zimo could come knocking, the two of them thought about the same thing as well and subdued a group of demons to form a beast stampede.

The little fox had the same idea.

However, the regrettable thing was that there was still no news of Ming Zhen.

“Stay here and recover first. I’ll go clean up the battlefield.”

Su Zimo rose to leave after settling down monkey and the others.

Hundreds of thousands of people were buried in this battle.

All the storage bags of the cultivators had to be retrieved.

For Su Zimo right now, apart from connate spirit weapons or rare ancient treasures, no other spirit weapons could attract him.

However, he could not abandon the storage bags as well.

What was most important to Su Zimo were the Soul Nourishing Blood Ginsengs, Spirit Gathering Fruits and other elixirs that could be used to cultivate and nourish one’s Essence Spirit collected by those cultivators.

Those were consumables and naturally, the more the merrier.

There were demon beasts all over the ancient city.

However, when Su Zimo walked through the ancient city, all of them chose to avoid him instinctively.

A docile and shy young lady walked behind him – it was the little fox who had taken on human form.

“Is there anything?”

Su Zimo did not stop in his tracks and glanced sideways.

Slumping her head, the little fox snuck a gaze at Su Zimo with her huge, watery eyes, whispering, “Mister, are you angry at me?”

The little fox could have taken on human form a long time ago, however, she chose to conceal that fact due to some embarrassing reasons.

She was still feeling uneasy.

After a moment of contemplation, Su Zimo said intentionally, “Since you don’t trust me, you don’t have to follow me from now on.”

The moment the little fox heard that, she was flustered. She stood on the spot blankly with tears brimming in her eyes that could fall at any moment.

“My mother is dead and now you don’t want me anymore after bringing me out of the cave. I don’t have any kin at all.”

“And from now on, nobody wants me anymore! Boohoo!”

The little fox bawled and broke out into tears.

Su Zimo was shocked.

He had only mentioned it casually to tease the little fox – he hadn’t expected her to take it for real.

A few heads popped out one after another from the top of the city wall.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and the Golden Lion sprawled on the top of the wall and looked over in secret – all three of them had flames of gossip blazing in their eyes.

The spirit tiger said, “Su Zimo must be treating Foxy badly and bullying her! I’m going to head down and help her!”

Monkey replied, “Go on.”

The Golden Lion commented, “Rest in peace, warrior.”

Spirit tiger: “…”

Su Zimo turned around and wiped away the tears on the little fox’s eyes gently, smiling bitterly. “I was only teasing you. How could I be angry at you for something so small?”

“For real?”

The little fox stopped crying and tilted her head slightly, asking in slight disbelief.


“So you won’t chase me away in the future?”


“Thank you, mister.”

The little fox broke into a smile. There were still droplets of sparkling tears hanging onto her long lashes, reflecting a brilliance under the shine of the sun.

Su Zimo only managed to clean up the battlefield after a long time.

He gathered the items within the storage bags – there were close to a hundred thousand spirit weapons, various elixirs and countless talismans.

Su Zimo did not have much use for those items.

He could not be bothered with ordinary spirit weapons.

For elixirs, he only consumed perfect-grade elixirs with five patterns.

There was only a single connate spirit weapon among the hundred thousand spirit weapons.

It was the glove that Ye Tiancheng wore previously.

Although there was only one, that was already sufficient for Su Zimo.

His right hand was in possession of the divine phoenix bone and even Dharmic weapons wouldn’t be able to destroy it!

As long as he wore that connate glove on his left hand, he could catch almost any weapon barehanded with both his hands!

He would be close to invulnerable!

There were more than a hundred Spirit Gathering Fruits in total.

Be it demons or cultivators, they merely had to consume two at most while cultivating their Essence Spirits – consuming more won’t make a difference.

With more than a hundred, it was enough for them to split evenly.

There were a total of 12,000 stalks of Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng!

At first glance, that seemed like a massive number.

However, Su Zimo had a hunch that the number of Soul Nourishing Blood Ginsengs he required was much more than ordinary cultivators!

It wasn’t only because he had both demonic and immortality cultivation.

More than that, be it his Golden Core or Inner Core, they were different from ordinary people.

Furthermore, monkey, the spirit tiger and the other demons also required Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng for a breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm.

Therefore, Su Zimo had to collect as many Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng as he could in the ancient battlefield!

10 days later.

Monkey’s bloodline was extremely strong.

After the spirit tiger cultivated the Void Thunder Manual, its bloodline contained the power of thunder.

The rumbling of thunder in spring brought about the birth of all living beings.

To begin with, the power of life could be found within thunder.

Although monkey and the spirit tiger were the most badly injured, their injuries had mostly recovered after 10 days.

Both of them were active by nature and did not want to continue staying in the ancient city.

Su Zimo asked, “What plans do you guys have after leaving the ancient city?”

“I’m following you,” Monkey replied.

To begin with, Su Zimo was the reason why he entered the ancient battlefield.

The spirit tiger scratched its head and coughed gently. Licking its face, it walked over to the little fox and smiled deviously, wagging its tail. “Foxy, where are you headed for?”

The little fox replied, “I’m naturally following mister.”


The spirit tiger slapped its thighs and shouted, “What a coincidence! We’re both thinking about the same thing!”


A massive palm appeared from the side and landed squarely on the spirit tiger’s face, sending it flying.


The spirit tiger’s shout could be heard from midair.

The little fox snickered endlessly.

Su Zimo turned around and looked at the Golden Lion. “What about you? If you wish to leave, I’ll split you some of the Spirit Gathering Fruit and Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng.”

The Golden Lion replied, “I don’t have anywhere to go either.”

After pondering for a moment, the Golden Lion said with a hesitant expression, “If you don’t mind, I can even be your mount.”

Through the battle in the ancient city, it had already witnessed how strong Su Zimo was.

In the depths of its heart, although it was unwilling, it was not embarrassed if it could become a mount for someone as strong as this.


Su Zimo reared his head in laughter and patted the Golden Lion on the shoulder. “I should be thanking you for standing out for me righteously a few days ago! How can I still see you as a mount! Don’t look down on me, Yellow Hair.”

When it heard the first part, the Golden Lion was initially touched.

However, its expression darkened and it grumbled when it heard ‘Yellow Hair’, “Is there any other name?”

“Yellow Hair is pretty good,”

Monkey consoled, “If it was up to me, I’d call you a lion dog…”


The Golden Lion remarked, “Yellow Hair’s better.”

Su Zimo waved forward in an awesome manner. “Since that’s the case, let’s head to the center of the ancient battlefield and take a look at the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking as well as the paragons of Tianhuang Mainland! I’ll definitely get my hands on the top spot of the ranking!”

“Let’s go!”

“Time to go!”

“Foxy, wait for me…!”

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