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Chapter 659: Topple Nations and Cities

The most intense conflicts on the battlefield happened at the East side.

There were only dozens of Glass Palace cultivators above the South city wall guarding the Demon Revealing Mirror.

At that moment, the dozens of cultivators were drawn to the commotion on the East side. Suddenly, from a corner of the South city wall, a streak of red light burst out and bolted towards the Demon Revealing Mirror not far away!

The streak of red light was tiny and maneuvered through the legs of many Glass Palace cultivators at an extremely fast speed like a wisp of smoke!


“What’s that?!”

Dozens of Glass Palace cultivators were momentarily stunned before they reacted to it and shouted.

The red streak of light was the little fox.

Su Zimo was both surprised and delighted when he saw that the little fox was fine.

However, the next moment, when he realized what the little fox was up to, he found himself on edge once again.

The moment of the fall of the Demon Revealing Mirror on the East city wall was the moment when the cultivators felt the most relaxed. Bolstering her courage, the little fox clenched her teeth and dashed towards the Demon Revealing Mirror!

However, everyone realized by the time she passed by a few figures.

Right as she was in the midst of sprinting with her full might, she felt her body lifting into the air, pulled by the tail.

Someone yanked her from behind!


The little fox whimpered and she was lifted with ease.

Because she was scurrying too quickly, there was a ripping pain beneath her body when she was pulled up by the tail. Coupled with the fear deep within her heart, the little fox’s body could not help but tremble.

“Fufu, it’s a fox.”

“We can’t kill this fox.”

“I heard that after taking on human form, those of the fox race are fairy-like beauties. With perfect figures and an innate charm, they are the best at pampering their masters.”

“Pfft! That sounds great!”

A group of Glass Palace cultivators circled around the little fox and snickered lustfully.

With an embarrassed and furious expression, the little fox clenched her tiny paws and swayed her tail gently. Instantly, a fragrant aroma emanated from her lower body and spread.

The first to be struck was the cultivator grabbing the little fox’s tail.

The Glass Palace cultivator was dazed with a gaping mouth, drooling in his imaginations. He relented his grip and the little fox broke free!

When the surrounding cultivators caught scent of that fragrance, all of them froze on the spot with intoxicated gazes, as though they had lost their souls.

That bewitching aroma was a means unique to the fox race.

People who were kind and open by nature would not be hurt by the aroma. On the contrary, it would be a boon for their cultivation and would help boost their physical and mental healths.

People who were evil and lustful would be mesmerized by the fragrance and even lose themselves completely, allowing them to be manipulated by the foxes!

The little fox scurried past dozens of cultivators and sprinted towards the Demon Revealing Mirror with her full might!

She had to be fast!

Given the strength of the Glass Palace cultivators, it won’t be long before they snapped out of their stupor.

By the time they realized what was going on, she would not have any chance left!

The Demon Revealing Mirror was right in front of her.

Suddenly, a pair of boots appeared right before the little fox!

A dark shadow dawned down.

Before she could react, she felt her breathing choke – her throat was gripped by a thick arm!

A Glass Palace cultivator gripped the little fox’s throat with his arm and whisked her up, smirking with a cold, mocking expression.

He was Jiang Hui, the leader of the dozens of cultivators and also the strongest among them. He stood right in front of the Demon Revealing Mirror and had never left it. As such, he was naturally not affected by her attack.


Jiang Hui glared at the little fox and sneered in ridicule, “Little thing, you think you’re strong enough to create trouble?”

The little fox struggled with her petite body.

However, Jiang Hui’s palm was like an iron grip that she could not break free from!

All of a sudden!

The little fox’s figure shuddered and right in front of Jiang Hui, she transformed into a young lady in her prime.

The young lady wore a red, thinly veiled dress that accentuated her curvy figure. Most of her long legs were revealed in a barely visible manner.

Jiang Hui shuddered and lust surged in his lower body.

He turned to look at the young lady’s face.

She was truly befitting of the word ‘peerless’.

Even the most beautiful descriptions in this world would do injustice to the features of this young lady.

Her beautiful eyes were clear as water and seemed like they could draw out one’s soul.

The young lady’s expression seemed like she was grumbling and her eyes were deep. With a straight nose and slightly agape cherry lips that revealed her pearly whites, she emanated a faint fragrance.

Instantly, Jiang Hui’s mind went blank with a bang.

His grip relented instinctively.

Cultivators who were rushing over from other places to give reinforcement paused in their tracks instinctively when they caught sight of the young lady’s features.

It was accompanied by a clanging commotion.

The weapons in their hands were falling one after another!

This was what it meant to topple nations and cities.

The little fox broke free from Jiang Hui’s hand and ran towards the Demon Revealing Mirror that was not far away.

She had barely taken a few steps when she heard a deep growl behind her!

Like a wild beast, Jiang Hui lunged towards the little fox with bloodshot eyes. He panted heavily as he gripped the little fox’s throat tightly, shouting, “Demoness! Don’t dream of bewitching me!”

The little fox could not catch her breath and her legs flayed wildly. However, her arms were still fervently trying to reach the Demon Revealing Mirror that was close by.

‘Even if I have to use all my strength, I have to knock the Demon Revealing Mirror over!’

That was the only thought in the little fox’s mind.

When he saw that, Su Zimo clenched his teeth tightly and circulated his blood qi to its limit. His eyes were bloodshot as he let out a shuddering roar from the depths of his throat!

Not far away on the city wall, a yellow-haired burly man had half a foot out and was prepared to seize the chaos and escape.

However, he froze when he saw that.

For some reason, he felt his blood boiling!

“Bloody hell, damn it! I’m going for it!”

The yellow-haired burly man took back his feet and roared, lunging towards Jiang Hui at the side.

In midair, his figure transformed into a mighty Golden Lion with outstretched claws and a widened mouth baring its fangs.

Jiang Hui’s mental state was in complete chaos right now.

In reality, he had been completely bewitched by the little fox. However, the secret skills he had cultivated such as the Glass Sutra were reminding him constantly that something was amiss!

The two conflicting thoughts clashed in his mind, resulting in the current situation.

He did not even notice the Golden Lion lunging in.


The Golden Lion chomped down on Jiang Hui’s head, crunching it before devouring it!

At the same time, the dozens of Glass Palace cultivators at the side stirred awake and rushed over.

“I’ll hold them back, hurry and leave!”

The Golden Lion did not have time to look at the little fox and merely left that comment before rushing towards the dozens of Glass Palace cultivators.

The little fox struggled to get up and sprinted to the Demon Revealing Mirror before she could even catch her breath. She reached for the corner of the Demon Revealing Mirror and shoved it with all her might!


The Demon Revealing Mirror was knocked over.

Yet another column of light vanished from Su Zimo.

Instantly, it seemed as though the world had gone silent.

The air went stale.

The ancient city was filled with a murderous intent!

An extremely frightening aura was being released gradually from the center of the ancient city.

It was as though an extremely terrifying existence was being awakened!

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