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Chapter 660: Break Free!

The shuddering aura emanated from the center of the ancient city and permeated to every single corner, shrouding over every cultivator!

On the South city wall, many cultivators were about to charge up to kill the spirit tiger and monkey. However, they paused in their tracks all of a sudden.

On the East city wall, the young lady transformed from the little fox panted slightly.

The Golden Lion’s massive figure fell to the corner of the wall, coughing out huge mouthfuls of blood with a tuckered expression.

Although it was a pure-blooded ferocious beast, it could not withstand the combined force of dozens of Glass Palace cultivators – it was severely injured the moment they clashed!

However, the dozens of cultivators did not continue in their pursuit.

Every single cultivator in the ancient city felt a chill down to their bones and turned around instinctively.

Nobody knew what would happen after two Demon Revealing Mirrors were knocked over.

All the cultivators wanted to know if the remaining two Demon Revealing Mirrors could support the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation and continue locking the monster incarnate where he was!

Even the heartbeat of the Sealer, Elder Xiu, in midair skipped a beat.

At that moment, it seemed as though time had frozen.

One breath.

Two breaths…

Su Zimo was still motionless where he was.

Although there were two Demon Revealing Mirrors missing, the runes of the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation were still present and hovered above Su Zimo’s head with a firm lock!

Elder Xiu was the first to react as he yelled, “Everyone, don’t panic! The runes of the formation are still present and that beast can’t break free! The rest of you, head over to guard the Demon Revealing Mirrors on the West and North city walls!”

“Nothing must happen to the two Demon Revealing Mirrors!”

Elder Xiu bolted towards the West city wall as he spoke.


Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed from the middle of the formation in the ancient city in an unsettling manner.

Elder Xiu was not wrong.

Su Zimo was still unable to break free after two Demon Revealing Mirrors were knocked over.

However, it was also logical that the strength of the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation would diminish after two columns of light were gone.

With the diminished strength of the formation, another power within Su Zimo’s body had already been unsealed!

Turning around, Su Zimo glared at the back of Elder Xiu coldly.

Elder Xiu who was in midair suddenly frowned.

He could vaguely sense that someone was glaring at him from the back; it was like a piercing light.

Immediately after, he felt an extreme sense of danger surging from the depths of his heart!

It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Elder Xiu turned around.

Immediately, his eyes were widened with fear in them, as though he had just witnessed an incomparably horrifying scene!

In the middle of the ancient city, a white light was bouncing in Su Zimo’s right eye, intensifying and turning brighter!

“Visual technique?”

Elder Xiu could not react from his stupor in time.

A bedazzling beam of light shot forth from Su Zimo’s right eye, illuminating the entire world like day as though it was a blazing sun!

Illumination Eye!

The first power to break free after two Demon Revealing Mirrors were knocked over was the Illumination Eye!

Illumination Eye was cultivated through gazing at the blazing sun day and night.

In reality, it had already transcended beyond the power of Inner Core and was almost on the same level as the Heaven and Earth powers.

In other words, the power of Illumination Eye was a type of Dharmic power!


An incomparably brilliant beam of light shot forth and penetrated the void, almost crossing half the ancient city as it pierced Elder Xiu’s abdomen!

The world seemed to have gone still.

Instantly, the darkness in the ancient city was purged away by the beam of light.

A gigantic hollow wound appeared on Elder Xiu’s abdomen and his body was almost snapped.

In fact, there was no trace of blood around the wound – everything was scorched into ash by the power of Illumination Eye and it was terrifying!

The beam of light did not strike Elder Xiu at his vitals.

However, all life had been wiped away from Elder Xiu at that moment.

Illumination Eye had already burned away every single bit of life in his organs!

In reality, that body was already a corpse at that moment!

The only reason why he did not fall immediately was the presence of his Essence Spirit.

Unfortunately, he was almost at the end of his lifespan to begin with and his Essence Spirit was extremely weak. Even if it could break free from the shell of his body, it would not last for more than three breaths!

The murderous intent that shrouded the ancient city alone was more than enough to destroy his extremely fragile Essence Spirit!

Elder Xiu’s dimmed and he no longer had any hopes left.

His death was certain and he did not have any regrets.

His true concern was that the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation was most likely unable to hold down the monster incarnate any longer!

The true target of the visual technique was not him, but the Demon Revealing Mirror on the West city wall behind him!

The beam of light penetrated his body and struck the West city wall.

Five cultivators that were standing guard in front of the Demon Revealing Mirror were pierced by the beam of light instantly.

One of them had a full half of his body cut off entirely.

Another cultivator’s head was sliced into half!


Eventually, the beam of light from Illumination Eye struck the Demon Revealing Mirror and knocked it onto the ground.

Another column of light from the Demon Revealing Mirror disappeared from Su Zimo.

Night loomed down once more.

At the same time, a dark fog enveloped everyone’s minds.

Although the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation was still present, the runes surrounding it had faded considerably.

“All Glass Palace cultivators, listen up! Hurry and leave this place, escape as far as you can!”

Elder Xiu exhausted the final bit of his strength and bellowed.

Immediately after, Elder Xiu’s glabella shone and a black mountain peak the size of a thumb appeared in midair.

Dharmic power fluctuated right after.

The black mountain peak expanded rapidly with the wind and blanketed Su Zimo’s head with a large shadow before crushing down!

Elder Xiu knew that he was dead for sure and this was the final thing he could do.

It would be for the best if he could kill Su Zimo on the spot.

If not, he would still make his death worthwhile if he could buy enough time for the remaining Glass Palace cultivators to escape.


The moment he knew that monkey and the spirit tiger had attacked the city, Su Zimo was already fuming with rage.

Now that three Demon Revealing Mirrors had been knocked off and the pressure on him was relieved considerably, he could not help but rear his head and release a deafening roar filled with killing intent!

The final Demon Revealing Mirror that was remaining and the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation could no longer seal his Inner Core!

Su Zimo’s eyes shone brightly, dark as ink, and his black hair swayed in the air.

Blood qi surged in his body while his Inner Core circulated wildly, releasing a scarlet demonic qi around him – his body was expanding at a rapid pace!


Pang! Pang! Pang!

Su Zimo’s tendons and bones sounded at the same time as he flesh expanded.

Right in front of everyone, that body that was around seven feet tall instantly grew to more than a hundred feet – he was like a towering ancient fiendcelestial with a torrential ferocity!

Many cultivators on the city walls were already scared out of their wits.

Right in front of them, the massive figure grew to a height that was even taller than the city walls!

What happened was way too shocking!

Like a demon king and divine being, that figure seemed like it could crush and destroy everything in its path!

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