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Chapter 658: Breaking the Demon Revealing Mirror

The killing on the east wall was still ongoing.

Monkey’s bloodshot eyes were widened, resembling two sinister red lanterns in the dark night.

Wherever the lanterns passed, a blood storm would rise!


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

A Glass Palace Golden Core seized advantage of the chaos to close in, waving his fist to pummel monkey’s kneecap fiercely.

The kneecap turned into a bloodied mess of flesh and blood and the bones were shattered on the spot!

Although monkey was in a berserk state and could not feel any pain, the severe injury on his left kneecap cost him to almost fall from a lack of balance!

That brief delay in his movement technique caused a few incoming flying swords from the air to shoot right into monkey’s tall figure.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Arrows of blood splattered.

Instantly, a few bloodied holes appeared on monkey’s body.

One of them penetrated his chest and was right beside its heart – a slight difference would have ended its life there and then!

Filled with injuries all over, monkey’s body was drenched in blood as it panted heavily.

Every single pant would cause blood to spurt out of its nose and mouth – it was a shuddering sight!

Gradually, monkey’s footsteps came to a stop.

It was truly tired.

If not for the berserk power that was triggered from the depths of its bloodline, it would have collapsed a long time ago.

The blood glint in monkey’s eyes faded gradually.

The berserk power was vanishing from its body!

What replaced it was throbbing pain from every part of its body that intensified by the moment.

Apart from physical weakness, the large amount of blood lost also caused monkey to experience bouts of dizziness and blurred consciousness – even its vision was fluttering.

Monkey shrugged its head.

Blood spurted out of its mouth and nose.

The Demon Revealing Mirror was not far ahead.

There were only two rows of Glass Palace cultivators before him.

Right now, monkey was fully exhausted.

However, it was indignant!

Although the blood light in monkey’s eyes dimmed, their ferocity was not reduced as it glared furiously with clenched teeth at the Demon Revealing Mirror that was not far ahead!

The cultivators on the opposite end did not dare to advance recklessly after meeting with monkey’s gaze.

Two Glass Palace cultivators stood out and composed themselves. With a shout, they summoned their flying swords once again and thrust towards monkey’s head!

The two flying swords shone with five spirit lights.

Two perfect spirit weapons!

All the cultivators who managed to survive up till this point were the strongest elites of their respective sects and factions. As such, it was only natural that their weapons were special.

Monkey wanted to dodge when it caught sight of the two incoming flying swords, however, its body felt incomparably sluggish and would not obey its mind!

If it was struck by the two flying swords, monkey would definitely die even if it had 10 lives!

All of a sudden!

A dark shadow bolted over from the side and sent one of the swords flying.

The other flying sword stabbed into the shadow.

The black shadow fell to the ground weakly with a grisly hole that spewed with blood in its abdomen!

It was the spirit tiger!

At the last moment, the spirit tiger had rushed over to save monkey.

To begin with, the spirit tiger was already exhausted. Now that its abdomen was pierced by the flying sword, it no longer had the strength to get up and could only lie on the ground and whimper with dimmed eyes.

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he gripped his fists so tightly that his knuckles went white.

Unknowingly, sharp fingernails had protruded and stabbed into his flesh but he did not realize it at all!


When monkey saw that, it was first stunned. Immediately after, its massive body convulsed in a seemingly spastic manner as it roared to the front!

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Dragging its battered body, monkey used the final bits of its strength and took three consecutive strides towards the two rows of Glass Palace cultivators at the front!

“Glass Divine Light!”

One of the Glass Palace Golden Cores harrumphed and released the legacy phenomenon of Glass Palace towards monkey.


The power of phenomenon surged and Glass Divine Light shone brightly!

Streaks of rainbow light shone behind the Glass Palace cultivator one after another!

Some of the demon beasts nearby were enveloped by the rainbow lights and their flesh crystallized immediately, cold as ice without any life in them.

A single touch would turn them into ice blocks to shatter onto the ground.

Monkey had a menacing expression and charged towards the Glass Divine Light with no intention of stopping. It reached out for the Glass Palace cultivator with its massive palm!

“You must have a death wish!”

The person sneered and snarled.

Given the might of Glass Divine Light, there was no way monkey’s arm could come into contact with him – even the bloodline of a pure-blooded ferocious beast would be turned into powder by Glass Divine Light!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

True enough.

Monkey’s arm was instantly covered by a layer of rainbow crystal upon reaching into Glass Divine Light. Its fur fell off and its flesh was revealed!

In the blink of an eye, even the flesh on its arm was covered by a layer of rainbow crystal!

Once the power of phenomenon seeped into the arm’s flesh, blood and bones, monkey’s arm would be as good as gone!

However, monkey’s arm had already reached the throat of the Glass Palace cultivator before it was fully penetrated by Glass Divine Light!

“How is that possible?”

The Glass Palace cultivator’s eyes were widened with disbelief.

There was only a single explanation.

Monkey’s bloodline was even stronger and more frightening than a pure-blooded ferocious beast’s bloodline!

It managed to defend against the penetration of Glass Divine Light for the time being!

At that moment, as long as monkey exerted some strength to its fingers, it could kill the Glass Palace cultivator right away!

However, monkey did not do that.

Gripping the person’s throat, it made aim and tossed the person viciously towards the Demon Revealing Mirror that was not far away!

The Glass Palace cultivator’s head spun from the toss and he could not control his figure at all, maintaining his Golden Core phenomenon subconsciously as he flew through the crowd.

A few cultivators who did not manage to dodge in time were crystallized by Glass Divine Light and smashed into powder!

Of the remaining cultivators, nobody could release Golden Core phenomenons to defend against this person.


The person smashed heavily into the Demon Revealing Mirror.


The Demon Revealing Mirror rolled and fell from the city wall!

There were initially four columns of light from the four city walls.

But now that one of the Demon Revealing Mirrors was sent flying, there was one less column of light!

The pressure on Su Zimo’s body diminished by a fraction.

However, the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation was not completely dispelled yet!

He could only break free if there were at least three Demon Revealing Mirrors that were moved!

On the city wall, monkey heaved a deep breath of air when it saw the Demon Revealing Mirror fall over. Its eyes dimmed and it could no longer hold on.

With a thud, monkey’s massive body fell weakly onto the city wall, causing blood to splash and dust to billow.

Slanting its head, monkey gazed at Su Zimo in the center of the city and tried its best to shift its chaffed lips and smile, the same way it did back in Cang Lang Mountain Range.

A layer of mist filled Su Zimo’s eyes.

In midair, Elder Xiu’s palpitating heart calmed down as well.

The fall of a single Demon Revealing Mirror did not have much impact on the current situation.

Furthermore, the two Demon Kings were already exhausted and could be killed at any moment. The remaining demon beasts were of no threat either.

“Everyone, heed my orders! Abandon the East city wall and guard the other three walls with all your strength! Protect the other three Demon Revealing Mirrors!”

Before Elder Xiu’s words were finished, something happened on the Southern city wall!

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