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Chapter 657: Berserk!

Elder Xiu’s reaction was swift as he spun around and bellowed to the cultivators on the wall, “Defend the Demon Revealing Mirrors with all your might! Don’t let the beasts get their hands on it!”

The Glass Palace cultivators obeyed his orders and dashed towards the Demon Revealing Mirrors.

That sudden shift caused chaos to break out from the group.

Inevitably, an opening was revealed in the defenses on the wall!


A gigantic, thick arm filled with black fur reached up from below and slapped heavily against the wall!

An aura rumbled!

There were at least four cultivators who did not manage to dodge and were smashed into sludge by the gigantic palm, causing blood to splatter all over the wall.

Instantly, a pitch-black figure pulled up from the gigantic palm and arrived at the top of the wall!

It was a monkey that was filled with long fur. It bared its fangs at the cultivators with bloodshot eyes, pounding its arms furiously against its chest.

It was as though a divine being was beating the heavenly drums with a shocking aura!

When they heard that, the demon beasts beneath the city wall became even more excited and charged continuously towards the top of the city wall with the monkey.


There was a deafening tiger roar.

After monkey breached the wall’s defenses, the pressure on the spirit tiger decreased significantly and it charged up the wall as well. Diving right into the crowd, it swiped with its sharp claws and bared its menacing fangs!

The crowd was in chaos.

Cultivators who could enter the ancient battlefield were mostly capable elites of their sects and factions. However, it was the same for demon beasts as well!

In that distance, most cultivators were no match for demon beasts.

Monkey charged into the crowd and despite being barehanded, nobody could stand in his path – everyone in his way was overwhelmed!

Both monkey and the spirit tiger were covered with injuries.

However, they continued charging ahead fervently, as though they could not feel any pain!

Su Zimo watched from the center of the ancient city silently with a dark gaze. However, the slight trembling of his body was a clear sign of his inner emotions.

“Over there, I see him!”

The spirit tiger carved out a bloodied path and caught sight of Su Zimo who was in the center of the city.

Shrugging its head and tail, the spirit tiger wanted to charge down and rescue Su Zimo right away.

Elder Xiu’s lips curled.

He was not worried of these demon beasts charging over.

Any demon beast that entered the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation would be killed, no matter how many of them there were!

“Don’t go!”

Monkey growled deeply.

The spirit tiger paused in its tracks with a confused expression.

Turning around, monkey glared at the Demon Revealing Mirror that was protected by a dense crowd with a shimmering gaze.

Prior to this, he had heard someone in the city yelling for the Demon Revealing Mirror to be protected!

Furthermore, monkey could clearly tell that the columns of light emanating from the Demon Revealing Mirrors on the four walls were the reason why Su Zimo was rendered immobile in the center of the city.

Those four Demon Revealing Mirrors were the key!

“Boss, it’s too difficult!”

The spirit tiger could also tell what monkey intended to do and curled its lips, murmuring.

The more than a thousand cultivators from Glass Palace had already abandoned the defense of the city wall completely and had gathered around the Demon Revealing Mirror instead.

If they wanted to get their hands on the Demon Revealing Mirror, they would have to get through the defenses of the Glass Palace cultivators first!

Every single Glass Palace cultivator was strong physically with immense strength that could match demon beasts barehanded.

Because the city wall was much longer, their strength had to be divided and it was inevitable that there would be weaker spots in the defense.

However, it was much simpler defending a single Demon Revealing Mirror!

It was impossible to bypass all the Glass Palace cultivators!


Pointing forward, monkey roared and the blood qi in his body surged. Without hesitation, he dashed towards the Demon Revealing Mirror in huge strides!

Even if the whole Glass Palace was ahead of him, monkey was going to run them over!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Many Glass Palace cultivators hollered and attacked at the same time.

Flying swords tore through the air.

Ignoring them, monkey’s speed did not dip at all as it swerved to avoid lethal damage while extending its gigantic palm to throw out a vicious slap!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Instantly, a few more wounds appeared on monkey’s body.

One of the wound was so deep that it even revealed his white bones!

However, monkey merely frowned and the ferocity in its eyes intensified. Exerting strength in its palm, it sent a few Glass Palace cultivators in its way flying!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard while the Glass Palace cultivators were in midair.

The full-powered attack of monkey was something that even Glass Palace cultivators could not withstand with their bodies!

It was way too ferocious!

Charging the entire way, monkey did not care about itself at all and was fighting with its life!

Even if it was injured, it was bent on fighting the Glass Palace cultivators to the end!

Although the Glass Palace cultivators were elites of their sects that had been through countless life and death bouts, none of them had witnessed such cruel and bloodthirsty methods!

Monkey’s eyes were already stained red with blood!

Under the night skies, he bore a pair of bloodied eyes!

It was even brighter than the stars in the skies!

Nobody dared to meet his gaze!

A bloodied gaze was born!

A power deep within the bloodline of monkey was silently awakened!


It was a power that was unique to the Sanguine Ape race!


Monkey reared its head and howled into the skies, completely immersed in its berserk state!

It no longer had logic or reason.

The only thing in its mind was the thought of… killing!

The true terror of the berserk state was that monkey’s strength and speed would increase and it would not sense any pain at all!

The only thing that could stop it from its killing spree was an extremely severe injury!

In fact, it could not even remember the spirit tiger!

Anything that stood in its path was killed, killed and… killed!

Monkey swung its thick arm and swept through the crowd like a heavenly-piercing pillar. All the cultivators in front of it were slammed away with broken bones and tendons!

Its gigantic fist resembled a pitch-black seal!

With each punch, the city wall would tremble once!

The spirit tiger followed closely behind, killing with its full might as well.

The lightning in its claws had already faded and turned gradually weaker.

In fact, there were countless cuts in its claws that were inflicted by the spirit weapons and they could snap at any moment, no longer as sharp as before.

However, it was still trying its best to kill.

Even without its claws, it would use its fangs to chomp!

Even if its fangs were shattered, it would use its head and body to ram ahead!


“These two beasts have gone insane!”

The cultivators were shivering in fear.

Most cultivators in the ancient city had fought against demon beasts in the past one way or another.

However, none of them, including Elder Xiu who was almost a thousand years old, had ever seen demon beasts fighting to the extent where they were no longer concerned about their own life and deaths!

On the southern wall of the ancient city, a yellow-haired burly man was initially contemplating an escape out of the city.

However, when he saw what happened, he felt a shock that resonated deep in his heart and gripped his fist subconsciously.

It was the feeling of blood boiling!

In fact, he wanted to rush forward and help the monkey and spirit tiger!

However, he calmed down swiftly and had to remind himself constantly.

‘Do not be reckless, do not be reckless!’

On the other side, a fiery-red fox that was hidden in a corner watched everything with a nervous expression.

From time to time, her gaze would shift towards the Demon Revealing Mirror which was guarded by dozens of Glass Palace cultivators.

The little fox was biding her time for an opportunity.

Her target was the Demon Revealing Mirror on the southern wall!

Although there were only dozens of Glass Palace cultivators guarding, it was more difficult than ascending the heavens for the little fox to break through their defenses and get her hands on the Demon Revealing Mirror!

She had never exchanged blows with humans before.

At that moment, her heart was filled with fear.

However, she knew that she had to stand forth!

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