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Chapter 656: Attack the City!

Su Zimo’s roar reverberated through the world and penetrated metal and stone.


The tiger roar sounded once more with a hint of excitement mixed in.

The two roars harmonized with one another in midair!


A wild laughter echoed from outside the ancient city and was piercing like the clashing of metal!

When he heard that laughter, a tall figure with long limbs covered in its own feces appeared in Su Zimo’s mind and he could but help but chuckle.


Spirit tiger!

They were both alive!

Both of them were here!

Su Zimo was elated.

Ever since what happened in Dongling Valley and Su Zimo was hunted down by Blood Crow Palace, he had to use Blood Escape to flee thousands of kilometers away. With his status unknown, monkey and the spirit tiger left Ethereal Peak.

Ever since then, he had not heard anything from them.

The thought of searching for them came across Su Zimo’s mind as well. However, without any clue, trying to find two demon beasts in this vast world was more difficult than searching for a pin in a haystack.

To think that the three of them would reunite in this intermediate ancient battlefield!


Dust billowed.

Countless demon beasts charged over with thundering gallops – the ground shook wildly due to their frightening might!

Most of the demon beasts sprinted on the ground with dust flying around them.

With their feet on the ground, they could make use of even more power to dodge.

Some ferocious birds tore through the skies with piercing screeches!

“Defend the city with all our might! We can ignore Su Zimo first, there’s no way he can escape!”

The Glass Palace Sealer, Elder Xiu, had a calm expression as he relayed the order swiftly.

With the Glass Palace cultivators leading the way, many cultivators in the ancient city rushed towards the East wall.

At that moment, nobody could retreat nor did they dare to!

It was night at the moment and if the ancient city’s defense was breached by the beast stampede, everyone would die!

Spirit light filled the skies.

Countless flying swords shot down towards the city wall.

Spirit arts descended with a blanketing might!

Although Su Zimo was rooted to the center of the ancient city and could not see what was going on outside, the situation outside was bloody and more than half the skies were already dyed red with blood!

It was clear evidence of how tragic the battle was!

The cries and roars of demon beasts sounded repeatedly.

The city wall was cramped with cultivators.

For cultivators in the ancient city, all they had to do was rely on their terrain advantage and the unyielding defense of the ancient city. By releasing their flying swords, spirit weapons and arts with those factors, they could deal the most damage to the beast stampede!

On the ground, any demon beast that was severely injured would be drowned in the pushing beast stampede.

More and more demon beasts fell!

However, the beast stampede had no intention of backing off!

That was because at the front of the beast stampede, there were two demon beasts with frightening auras leading the way, charging towards the ancient city with a murderous intent!

20 years had passed.

The spirit tiger had turned stronger and its aura was malevolent. Every single swipe of its claws produced a lightning flash and it was extremely shuddering!

Spirit arts and flying swords descended but most of them were slapped away by the spirit tiger with brute force!

After cultivating the Void Thunder Manual, it went through a complete transformation as well!

The sharpness of its fangs and claws could even repel perfect spirit weapons!

However, there were way too many spirit arts and flying swords in midair that rained down; even the spirit tiger could not avoid sustaining some injuries on its body completely.

Thankfully, none of those injuries were lethal.

Instead, those injuries enraged the spirit tiger further as it howled furiously and gained a burst in speed!

On the other hand, monkey kicked off from its toes and relied on its nimble movement techniques to dodge rapidly in the rain of swords and spirit arts.

Although it was silent, the scarlet glint in monkey’s eyes intensified!

The fact that the spirit tiger and monkey charged at the front and opened up a path of blood was the reason why the beast stampede at the back did not disperse and charged at the ancient city swiftly!

It was a path of blood that was made up of corpses and bones!

Elder Xiu stood in the air and looked down at the dense beast stampede with a cold expression. “A bunch of beasts that don’t know what’s good for them. Kill them all!”

Glass Palace has sent more than two thousand Golden Cores this time round.

Although hundreds of them died in the battle earlier on, there were still more than a thousand Glass Palace cultivators.

Coupled with the other cultivators in the city, there were close to 10,000 people. Alongside the terrain advantage, there was no way the beast stampede could break through the ancient city’s defense!

The beast stampede was bound to eventual retreat given the unfavorable circumstances!

As time passed by, instead of diminishing, the roars outside the ancient city sounded closer!

In fact, it was already approaching the ancient city!


Elder Xiu’s expression changed slightly as he gazed down at the battlefield in the East.

Beneath the ancient city, corpses were strewn and there were rivers of blood.

Although the beast stampede managed to push its way towards the ancient city, that short distance of a few thousand feet was filled with the carcasses and flesh of demon beasts. It was grisly and shuddering with a blood stench that resembled the purgatory!

The beast stampede had lost more than half of its numbers!

“Something isn’t right!”

Elder Xiu frowned and murmured, “Has the Demon King leading them gone mad? It’s insisting on attacking the city despite the heavy losses?”

Normally speaking, before half of the beast stampede was killed, the Demon King would be able to notice the situation and order for a retreat so that they could retain their strength to bide for a better opportunity.

But now, the two Demon Kings leading the charge seemed to have lost their minds as they ordered the remaining beast stampede to attack the ancient city relentlessly!

Beneath the ancient city, there were already mountains of corpses.

Be it on the side of the cultivators or the remaining demon beasts, both parties were immersed in killing.

The demon beasts trampled on the carcasses of their comrades and charged up the city walls with all their might!

The cultivators on the city walls defended with their full strength as well.

If the demon beasts managed to charge up the wall, countless cultivators would die.

That was because apart from Glass Palace cultivators, there were not many people who could engage demon beasts in melee combat.

The two Demon Kings were filled with injuries but they continued charging up the wall fervently with bloodshot eyes, intent on scaling it.

Each time they were pushed down, they charged back up!

Even Elder Xiu felt a sense of trepidation at the sight of that frightening determination, let alone the cultivators on the wall.

“What is pushing those demon beasts?”

Elder Xiu could not figure out – it was as though there was a treasure in the ancient city that the demon beasts were bent on getting their hands on!

“Hold on!”

A spark flashed through Elder Xiu’s mind.

He spun around furiously and glared at the green-robed cultivator in the middle of the city.

At that moment, the green-robed cultivator’s expression was so dark that it was scary.

His features were menacing and veins popped from his neck. The killing intent in his eyes was almost corporeal and could spew out!

“It’s him!”

“Those demon beasts are here to save him!”

Elder Xiu was enlightened!

At the same time, he sensed a chilling intent creeping up his back, causing his hairs to stand on end and his scalp to prickle.

Initially, there was no way Su Zimo could break free from the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation.

This was a doomed situation!

But now, a variable has appeared in the situation.

Finally, a hint of panic flashed through Elder Xiu’s eyes.

“Nothing must happen to the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation! If the formation is destroyed, who can stop Su Zimo when he breaks free? At that time, when the beast stampede breaches the city, everyone inside will…”

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