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Chapter 653: Dragon Roar!

“Beast, how dare you get cocky! I’ll have you kneel down first!”

Ye Tiancheng’s shout broke off the thoughts of Glass Palace’s Sealer.

Instinctively, he looked down.

Right in the middle of the crowd, Ye Tiancheng swung the saber and circulated his Golden Core. Spirit energy surged forward and the saber shone with a spirit light, slicing at Su Zimo’s knees!

“Nothing should change. There’s no way a spirit demon can escape from the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation that was created with the death of four Sealers.”

The thought crossed the Glass Palace Sealer’s mind.

Immediately after, his expression changed!

He was a Nascent Soul after all and had cultivated an Essence Spirit. Although it was restricted and he could not attack at will, his senses were much sharper than ordinary Golden Cores with his Essence Spirit!

He sensed spirit energy fluctuating in Su Zimo’s body!

Furthermore… it was terrifying!

“Ancient… Dragonification… Art!”

Su Zimo’s eyes were frighteningly bright as he snarled word by word.

A primordial energy seemed to be awakened as the aura in Su Zimo’s body climbed endlessly!

“Spirit energy!”

“That’s the aura of a Golden Core! His Golden Core hasn’t been destroyed!”

“That’s impossible!”

The crowd fell into an uproar.

There were many cultivators that witnessed a Void Reversion destroying Su Zimo’s dantian personally in the battle of the paragons in the North Region.

But now, Su Zimo’s Golden Core had reappeared and was even more terrifying than before!

Immediately after, right in front of countless gazes, an extremely long living being appeared from thin air. It coiled a couple times around his body before extending upwards into the air!

Ye Tiancheng’s saber was repelled before it could reach Su Zimo’s knees and a series of sparks burst forth in the void!

His body shuddered and he could not maintain his grip on the saber as it was blown away!


“What is this?”

Many cultivators gaped with disbelief.

Green scales appeared one after another on the living being’s body, shimmering with a cold light. The bones on its back and its sharp fangs and claws were fully exposed with horns thrusting fiercely above its head.

“I-Is that a… dragon?!”

A cultivator asked with a trembling voice and frightful expression as he nearly knelt on the ground.

Although none of the cultivators in the ancient city had seen how a dragon looked like, that was the only answer that crossed their minds when they caught sight of that living being.

It was one of the Primordial Nine Races, the dragon!

Only a True Dragon could release such a terrifying aura!

The True Dragon was life-like and its scales, bones and claws were fully formed with flesh and blood.

The eyes of the dragon opened gradually.

Those eyes opened and closed together with Su Zimo’s eyes in unison.

Its gaze was cold, dignified and unquestionable!

Against the sweeping gaze of the dragon’s eyes, some cultivators could not withstand the pressure and knelt onto the ground with a thud, shivering from head to toe in silence.

Back in the primordial era, humans were enslaved by ten thousand races and were puny as ants with cheap lives.

The primordial dragon race was the leader of the ten thousand races, riding over all of them and dominated the world!

It was a suppression of the bloodline, a fear that originated from an ancient memory!

Although Su Zimo was still unable to move against the power of the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation, his aura had intensified with a True Dragon coiling around him!

That was the terror of a True Dragon.

Yet, how frightening was a man who could command the True Dragon?

A divine being!

This was a divine being who could control the world and decide the fates of all beings!

Even the Glass Palace Sealer who stood in the air afar felt chills run down his spine, let alone the Golden Cores in the surroundings.

“Ye Tiancheng, hurry and retreat!”

The Glass Palace Sealer was the first to react and shouted.

Ye Tiancheng shuddered and snapped out of his stupor. Instinctively, he wanted to retreat and pull himself away from Su Zimo.

However, it was all too late.

Su Zimo’s eyes were like lightning as he took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

Almost at the same time, the True Dragon coiling around him took a deep breath and its body expanded a few times. Puffing its chest, a gigantic air current churned and formed a cyclone in midair.

The True Dragon also opened its massive mouth at the same time, revealing menacing fangs that dripped with drool!


Both of them opened their mouths and let out a deafening roar that could break metal and rocks!

Su Zimo’s black hair danced wildly and the veins on his neck popped up. With a sharp gaze, he howled in front of him and the sound of a dragon roar burst forth from his mouth!


The weather changed as sand and rocks flew.

That was a True Dragon roar.

It was much more powerful than Thunderclap Kill!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Most of the cultivators in the circle closest to Su Zimo could not endure the shock of the dragon roar and exploded into blood mists.

Some of the cultivators that were slightly further had scars of blood appearing on their faces – although their bodies did not explode, their organs were already ruptured into dust!

There were more cultivators who stood on the spot motionlessly with widened eyes as blood oozed out of their seven orifices – all of them were dead!

After the dragon roar, silence ensued.

The demon beast mounts of some cultivators, be it ancient remnant beasts or pure-blooded ferocious beasts, were all shivering in fear at the moment with poop and pee flowing freely.

There were countless people who died from the dragon roar!

Corpses were strewn all around Su Zimo and rivers of blood were formed – it was akin to purgatory!

The Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation could restrict his Inner Core and root him to the spot but it could not seal his Golden Core!

“Even if I can’t move, I can cull all of you like dogs!”

Su Zimo’s voice was cold and his killing intent was torrential!

Ye Tiancheng was the only one who could remain standing in a radius 30 feet around Su Zimo.

It was true that his body was strong.

He was not dead despite that dragon roar.

However, his eardrums were ruptured and the injury of his right arm had burst again as well. Right now, his mind was blank and his consciousness was hazy – he could no longer sense what was happening around him.

“Hurry and retreat!”

Glass Palace’s Sealer yelled.

Many Glass Palace Golden Cores were bolting through the crowd towards Ye Tiancheng, hoping to save him.

Gradually, Ye Tiancheng regained some of his senses and his eyes were filled with fear as he tried to retreat.

The next moment, he saw Su Zimo smirk with mockery.


Su Zimo opened his mouth and said a single word indifferently.


The True Dragon that coiled around him upwards surged down and descended upon Ye Tiancheng’s head instantly, glaring down with a fixed gaze.

Ye Tiancheng was scared out of his wits.


In fact, Ye Tiancheng did not even dare to wipe his face when drool dripped from the corner of the True Dragon’s mouth onto his face!


The next moment, the True Dragon lowered its head and chomped down on Ye Tiancheng!

Blood splashed out with a slight warmth.

Ye Tiancheng was dead, devoured alive by the True Dragon conjured by Su Zimo!

The killing intent in Su Zimo’s eyes surged.

This was the first time that he released the Ancient Dragonification Art after 20 years of dormancy at the bottom of Dragon Burial Valley.

He could clearly sense that the True Dragon around him had gotten more corporeal and sentient, as though it possessed a life of its own!

In reality, there was a huge difference between this and the description of the Ancient Dragonification Art.

The Ancient Dragonification Art merely made use of a trickle of dragon blood and spirit energy to conjure an illusory dragon.

But the dragon summoned by Su Zimo was life-like and complete with flesh and blood!

More than that, the beguiling thing was that he had a feeling this True Dragon seemed to have an extremely close connection to him – it was as though the origin of their bloodline was inseparable!

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