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Chapter 654: Reappearance of Phenomenon

The Glass Palace Sealer had a terrible expression.

Ye Tiancheng was the youngest, most talented and strongest Golden Core paragon in Glass Palace after Xi Wuya.

He was definitely poised for a top 30 position for this Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

However, the Sealer did not expect that Ye Tiancheng would be killed by Su Zimo’s spirit art without the chance to even release his Golden Core phenomenon.

Glass Palace was going to return without anything for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round.

“Destroy that Azure Dragon!”

The Glass Palace Sealer was enraged and pointed to the menacing Azure Dragon in midair with a darkened expression, shouting, “That dragon is merely condensed through spirit energy! What are you guys scared of!”

Many cultivators calmed down rapidly with the words of a Sealer.

“I refuse to believe that this monster incarnate can get out of hand!”

“That’s right! Let’s join forces!”

“Let’s kill him and take revenge for senior brother!”

The crowd was worked up.

Many cultivators released flying swords that flew over like an arrow rain.

Countless spirit arts blanketed the skies and crushed down with a terrifying might!


Su Zimo spat out coldly.

The True Dragon understood his intentions and reared its head malevolently before soaring into the air with a torrential ferocity. Baring its fangs and claws, it lunged into the crowd!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many flying swords and spirit arts shattered upon collision with the True Dragon and only perfect spirit weapons could survive.

Even for supreme-grade spirit weapons, cracks would appear upon contact with the True Dragon, causing their spirit lights to dim and the weapons rendered completely useless!

Although the spirit arts in the air surged like a tsunami, they could not withstand the power of a True Dragon!

Another blood storm was created as the True Dragon crashed into the crowd!

Even without using its sharp claws and fangs, the passing of the True Dragon’s body was enough to shatter supreme-grade flying swords – there was no way the cultivators could defend against it with their physical bodies!

The Ancient Dragonification Art was a spirit art created by the Human Emperor and could even go against the power of ordinary Golden Core phenomenons!

Furthermore, it was clear that the spirit art had already transformed in the hands of Su Zimo.

It was much more powerful and frightening than before!

Even the combined forces of many cultivators could not defend against the killing power of the True Dragon!

Finally, some cultivators were forced to release their Golden Core phenomenons.

An energy fluctuation that was even more terrifying than spirit arts surfaced!

“Heavenly Piercing Pillar!”

A thick stone pillar appeared behind the cultivator, piercing through the world with an ancient and majestic aura. It crushed down towards the body of the True Dragon.

Without even taking a look, the True Dragon swiped its tail viciously.

A True Dragon’s tail whip!


The Heavenly Piercing Pillar was destroyed completely by the dragon tail!

The expression of the cultivator changed starkly and he spat out a huge mouthful of blood. With dimming eyes, he fell from midair.

Another Golden Core had just released his phenomenon when it was swiped away by the sharp claws of the True Dragon and his body was ripped apart!

However, it was clear that the glow on the True Dragon’s body had dimmed slightly after enduring the impact of two Golden Core phenomenons.

“Fellow Daoists, let’s join forces! This evil dragon won’t be able to last much longer!”

Someone yelled.

Many cultivators were invigorated.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thousands of Golden Cores attacked at the same time with their Golden Core phenomenons, sending an apocalyptic blast towards the True Dragon!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The True Dragon froze in midair and cracks appeared on its massive body, extending and deepening.

Of the thousands of Golden Core phenomenons, there were even Glass Palace cultivators who released ancient phenomenons from their sect such as the Glass Divine Light.

The combined power of those Golden Core phenomenons was like the convergence of countless streams into a massive river with the capability to annihilate all life – the True Dragon was instantly destroyed!


“Even if it’s a True Dragon, so what?!”

“So what if you’re the strongest monster incarnate in history? You can’t fight against all of us heroes in the world singlehandedly!”

“Kill him!”

Many cultivators released their Golden Core phenomenons excitedly and yelled as they charged towards Su Zimo!

As long as they could kill Su Zimo personally, they would be famous throughout the world!

“You dare call yourselves heroes?”

Su Zimo’s expression turned increasingly cold as he roared in laughter.

Even despite the circumstances, there was no hint of panic in his eyes. Instead, they turned brighter and fiercer!

An endless amount of phenomenon power surged over.

It was a suffocating pressure!

Against that pressure, the Golden Core in Su Zimo’s dantian churned wildly and a frighteningly shocking phenomenon rose behind him.

With a boom, the firmaments were shattered!

Water currents surged and meteors rained endlessly – it was an apocalyptic sight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

An incomparably massive ancient demon descended with a terrifying aura and four legs that were akin to heavenly-piercing pillars. Standing in the middle of a dark, deep sea, it did not move and suppressed the raging tides.

Lightning flashed and that massive demon’s shell held up the broken firmament, blanketing over the world as it protected all living beings from the surging water currents.

“This phenomenon…”

“It’s the Divine Turtle!”

“That’s the long lost Primordial Divine Turtle!”

A series of exclamations could be heard from the crowd.

The Divine Turtle had arrived and reared its head, roaring into the skies!

Instantly, it was filled with a torrential rage!

The size of the Divine Turtle was larger than the ancient city. Protecting Su Zimo under it, all the incoming Golden Core phenomenons were blocked!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Primordial Divine Turtle stood unyieldingly against the impact of thousands of Golden Core phenomenons!

Many cultivators were shocked.

The Primordial Divine Turtle’s defense could not be broken with the combined force of thousands of phenomenons!

“The Primordial Divine Turtle lives up to its reputation indeed!”

The Glass Palace Sealer murmured softly.

Legend has it that the Primordial Divine Turtle could be ranked as a top ten on the Phenomenon Ranking when its true power was released!

That was a divine being that saved countless living beings in the primordial era!

Suddenly, as though he called something, the expression of Glass Palace’s Sealer changed.

“This is bad! It’s said that this lad has cultivated another phenomenon apart from the Primordial Divine Turtle!”

The Glass Palace Sealer howled, “Watch out!”

Bang! Boom! Boom!

His voice was drowned by an explosion before it could travel over.

Another phenomenon appeared behind Su Zimo!

“What is this?”

“It’s a double phenomenon!”

The ground caved continuously, opening up bottomless ravines one after another.

A baleful aura surged forth.

The mountains were tumbling and the ground was disintegrating!

Lava surged forth endlessly with a scorching heat, flowing rampantly on the vast lands and burning everything in sight – countless living beings were turned into ashes!

In midair, the Golden Core phenomenons of some cultivators who could not endure it dissipated.

Without the protection of their Golden Core phenomenons, those cultivators were exposed to the torrential waves and were devoured instantly, vanishing without a trace.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Some cultivators who were splashed by the scarlet lava burst into flames as they howled in misery.

Although most of the cultivators were still channeling their Golden Cores furiously to gather their phenomenons, the chaos within the crowd was evidently growing.

However, that was merely the start of Su Zimo’s counterattack!

A gigantic living being with a terrifying aura crawled out of the crack in the ground. It had a snake’s head, anaconda’s body and was lined with red, scarlet scales that were stacked on top of one another like flaming iron plates!

Snake’s head, anaconda’s body, dragon scales, phoenix wings, no horns on its head and no legs beneath its abdomen – it was the Primordial Soaring Serpent!

Divine beings had descended with the resurgence of the phenomenons!

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