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Chapter 652: Affecting the Heavens With His Torrential Killing Intent!

That scene shocked all the cultivators in the ancient city!

The death of four Sealers in exchange for an opportunity to kill Su Zimo – that seemed like a price that was too heavy.

However, it had to be said that this was the only way to ensure that nothing went wrong!

That was because even if the six Sealers of Glass Palace joined forces, they might not have been able to kill Su Zimo.

Now, Demon Revealing Mirrors on the walls on all four directions were activated with Dharmic powers, forming a formation that targeted demons specifically. As such, Su Zimo was rooted to the spot motionlessly!

This power had far surpassed the strength of the Golden Core realm!

Even if a hundred pure-blooded ferocious beasts were to arrive, they would be turned into meat sludge!

In other words, if this was Su Zimo 20 years ago, he wouldn’t be able to last 10 breaths!


Ye Tiancheng’s face was pale as he had lost a significant amount of blood after his arm was ripped off. However, he still reared his head in wild laughter and grit his teeth. “Su Zimo, why aren’t you cocky anymore? So what if you’re the strongest monster incarnate in history? You’ve still got to die under Glass Palace’s Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation!”

Su Zimo’s expression was dark and he remained silent.


His bloodline was already channeled to its limits and echoed with the dull sound of a tsunami.

Heads started bobbing everywhere.

Countless cultivators formed a wave of humans and encircled Su Zimo in the middle layer after layer.

All the cultivators wanted to personally witness the moment of the strongest monster incarnate in history’s death!

Outside the crowd, a yellow-haired burly man stood at the side and gazed towards the center of the ancient city. Staring at the green-robed man who was rooted to the spot motionlessly, he could not help but pout his lips and mutter, “What a pity that such a monster incarnate of an entire generation has to die by a group’s ambush.”

“Although you suppressed me and forced me to be your mount, we can call off this grudge between us given that you don’t have long to live.”

The yellow-haired burly man was the Golden Lion in human form.

The Golden Lion sighed and turned to leave, preparing to escape out of the city.

Not far away, a red fox squatted on the ground and swayed its huge, furry tail. It clutched its tiny paws tightly with a nervous look on its face.

It had eyes that resembled black gemstones, blinking at the green-robed man in the crowd with a layer of mist over them.

A moment later, the little fox reared its head and sniffed. Wiping away the tears in its eyes, it gazed at the Demon Revealing Mirror that was erected on the wall above it and emitted a scary column of light. A hint of resolve flashed through its eyes.


A streak of red light burst into the darkness and the little fox vanished.

In the crowd…

Tang Shiyun seemed like she had lost her soul and was squeezed and pushed forward by countless cultivators.

She had gone through way too many changes in the past two days.

Of more than a hundred Southern Duel Sect cultivators, she was now the only one left.

The cultivator whom she had regarded as a benefactor and even had affections towards was a demon that was despised by everyone.

She glared at the front squarely.

The green-robed man who was struggling bitterly against tens of thousands of people looked pitiful and tragic, like a trapped beast that had lost its fangs.

In fact, Tang Shiyun wanted to scream.

She wanted to scream that even though he was a demon, he had saved her life!

However, what would that do?

She could not change the situation at all.

The green-robed man wouldn’t be able to escape death.

In fact, he would have to endure an unimaginable amount of humiliation before his death!

All the cultivators around her were worked up and yelled loudly.

“Kill him!”

“Drink his blood and consume his flesh!”

All those cultivators had scary looks in their eyes as they wished for nothing more than to rip Su Zimo apart!

“It’s all my fault.”

“If I hadn’t suggested it, he wouldn’t have come here and neither would he have met with Glass Palace.”

Tang Shiyun had a pained expression.


Her gaze met with Su Zimo’s in midair.

Instantly, tears streamed down Tang Shiyun’s face as she shook her head and muttered repeatedly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

However, her voice was nothing compared to the clamor around her and was drowned immediately.

Right then, Tang Shiyun caught sight of a smile.

Even despite the situation, the green-robed man smiled and seemed like he was consoling her!

She bawled loudly in tears.

Su Zimo retracted his gaze.

Tang Shiyun was not to blame for this.

Even without her, he would have definitely come here!

That was because he had said that he would make Glass Palace pay with blood!

The crowd not far away dispersed and a path appeared as Ye Tiancheng strode over with a cold expression, clutching the area of his broken left arm.

Arriving ten feet before Su Zimo, Ye Tiancheng stood firmly. His eyes were vengeful with a hint of ridicule as he glared down coldly before snickering sinisterly.

Su Zimo pursed his lips.

Given normal circumstances, he had a hundred methods of killing Ye Tiancheng on the spot in less than a breath given this distance!

However, he was now suppressed by the power of the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation and could not even lift his arm.

Ye Tiancheng pushed down into the air with his palm.

The crowd gradually went silent.

Glaring at Su Zimo, he chuckled. “Beast, your Golden Core has already been destroyed and your Inner Core is sealed. Right now, you’re like fish on a chopping block that’s waiting for me to cut up!”

“Since you broke my arm, I’ll snap your limbs!”

Ye Tiancheng slapped his storage bag and a saber appeared in his palm.

He injected spirit energy.

The saber trembled and shone with five spirit patterns.

A perfect spirit weapon!

Dragging the saber, Ye Tiancheng looked at Su Zimo in a relaxed manner and was in no rush.

He was relishing this sensation.

Ye Tiancheng circled around Su Zimo and sized up the latter. He gestured at Su Zimo’s body and pretended to be in deep thought. “Hmm… where should I start?”

“Fellow Daoist Ye, how about letting out some blood first to share with everyone!”

“That’s right! The blood of this monster incarnate must be delicious!”

Many cultivators in the crowd shouted.

“Alright, let’s do that then.”

Ye Tiancheng was in a great mood.

Right then, Su Zimo turned his head and surveyed his surroundings. Due to the immense pressure on him, the sounds of bones cracking could be heard from his neck.

With a dark expression, Su Zimo smirked and revealed a set of pearly whites before remarking coolly, “I’m going to give all of you a final chance. This is a grudge between me and Glass Palace. Anyone that’s unrelated should get lost now!”

“Bloody hell! This demon is trying to be cocky on the brink of death!”

“What a sharp tongue!”

“I say we should slap his mouth until it’s battered first!”

Many cultivators sneered and mocked.


Lowering his head, Su Zimo let out a chilling laugher as the killing intent in his eyes intensified – it was almost materialized and could spew out!

The stars in the heavens above went into chaos, flickering constantly.

His killing intent was torrential and had affected the heavens!

Outside the crowd, the remaining Sealer of Glass Palace stood in midair. Sensing something, he reared his head and frowned.

Although he knew nothing about astrology, he knew that the chaotic alignments of the stars was an evil omen symbolizing that something big was about to happen!

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