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Chapter 651: Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation

Ye Tiancheng’s eyes were widened with disbelief as he let out a jarring shriek while blood drained from his face!

He truly hadn’t expected a victor to be decided between them within a single round of their clash!

If he was dealing with inexperienced cultivators, his methods would have worked.

However, he was naive to think of tricking Su Zimo.

How fast were Su Zimo’s reactions?

The moment he sensed something amiss in the clash between their fists, he had already changed tactics to release a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness to rip off Ye Tiancheng’s arm!

The two of them were way too close.

Su Zimo had no intention of letting Ye Tiancheng escape.

“You’re the one who should prepare to die!”

Roaring, Su Zimo strode forward and reached out with outstretched fingers.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Jade-white fingernails protruded, shining with a cold glint like daggers as he grabbed for Ye Tiancheng’s head.

If that grab landed, five bloody holes would definitely appear on Ye Tiancheng’s head!

All of a sudden!

A sense of danger rang in Su Zimo’s mind.

Without time to hesitate, Su Zimo gave up on killing Ye Tiancheng decisively and retreated swiftly.

A rainbow-colored glass light shot down and brushed past his body – it was extremely sharp and almost wanted to sever the void!

If Su Zimo was a single bit slower, he would have been cut into two by that glass light!

A terrifying energy fluctuation spread through the void.

The energy had already surpassed the power of phenomenons!

Dharmic powers!

The Nascent Souls had attacked!

It was one of the two Sealers behind Ye Tiancheng!

The information filtered into Su Zimo’s mind as he retreated without turning back.

Only Sealers would have that reaction and could rescue Ye Tiancheng from his hands!

Nobody else would have been able to do it!

True enough.

Not far away, the eyes of an old man with gray hair and beard dimmed as he shook his head. “This man is way too frightening. We can’t even trap him with our combined forces.”

Suddenly, the void behind the old man ripped apart and a dark tear appeared silently. Sinister winds gusted from within, threatening to devour everything!

The appearance of Dharmic power would result in a dimensional fluctuation.

With the fluctuation, dimensional tears would appear to cleanse the origin of that energy so as to ensure the stability of the dimension!

The old man sighed. “Summon the formation.”

The moment he said that, his body was swallowed by the dimensional tear in the void and his Essence Spirit was destroyed – he turned into dust with nothing left behind.

The tear in the void closed slowly until there was no gap left.

Summon the formation?

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly as he felt a sudden sense of danger!

Another Sealer behind Ye Tiancheng surveyed the surroundings before soaring into the air and declaring, “Everyone, please help us to kill this lad!”


“It’s wonderful if I can kill a monster incarnate like this before my death!”

“Hahaha! My life won’t be wasted with this lad’s death to accompany mine!”

A series of voices echoed from above the four walls of the ancient city.

North, south, east and west, old men with gray beards and hair appeared. Although they did not release their powers, there was a shuddering aura repressed within their bodies!

Four Sealers!

Typically speaking, it was already at the limits if there were two Sealers that accompanied the paragon of a sect into the ancient battlefield.

In fact, some super sects would not even have any Sealers.

After all, Sealers would die the moment they attacked.

Even if their lifespans were about to end a few years later, no cultivator would be willing to enter the ancient battlefield.

Yet, Glass Palace activated six Sealers this time round!

This was clear proof of how highly they regarded Su Zimo.

No matter what, Glass Palace had indeed felt immense pressure from Su Zimo’s declaration letter of war!

During this period of time, Ye Tiancheng’s injury had already been bandaged.

He glared at Su Zimo venomously and snarled, “Su Zimo, I’m going to slice the flesh off your body piece by piece and eat it up! I’m going to torture you to death!”


Su Zimo stood in the air and burst into laughter. “You think that you can kill me with just four more Sealers?”


Ye Tiancheng smirked menacingly. “Don’t get cocky! We knew that you would send yourself to us so we prepared a long time ago! Prepare yourself!”

The fingertips of the Sealer on the East city wall shifted repeatedly and his glabella shone, emitting a series of bright beams that landed on a circular spirit weapon.


The spirit weapon spun and instantly emitted a column of light that engulfed Su Zimo.

“Hmms? Demon Revealing Mirror!”

Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly as he released his blood qi. His body flashed repeatedly as he tried to get away from the radius of the Demon Revealing Mirror’s column of light.

However, no matter how fast his movement techniques were, they were not faster than light.

The Demon Revealing Mirror was not harmful against demon beasts by itself.

Its only purpose was to restrict the Inner Core or Essence Spirit.

When the Inner Core was restricted, demon beasts would lose the power of their Inner Cores and that was the reason why their true forms would be revealed.


Another column of light shone from the West and shot down.

Su Zimo’s body shuddered.

A mysterious energy was trying to penetrate his body to reach his circulating Inner Core.

However, the Mingwang Prayer Beads that were hidden on his wrist shone and blocked the energy!

The Mingwang Prayer Beads was a connate Dharmic weapon to begin with.

Although two Buddha Beads were missing and it was incomplete, it still managed to retain some of its mysterious Dharmic powers.

When the column of light shone on Su Zimo, he paused for a moment and his blood qi circulated furiously. The power of his Inner Core surged and his speed received a massive boost, allowing him to break free from the light column.


A Sealer exclaimed softly, “A single Demon Revealing Mirror is not enough to hold him down!”

“Thankfully, we’re prepared!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Another two columns of light shone down.

With nowhere to run, Su Zimo was pinned to the spot by the two columns of light!

Immediately after, the first two columns of light descended on Su Zimo as well.

Four columns of light from four Demon Revealing Mirrors in all directions shone down on Su Zimo’s surroundings!

Su Zimo could clearly feel that his Inner Core was completely sealed and was unable to circulate!

The Mingwang Prayer Beads was a damaged Dharmic weapon after all.

At the same time, Su Zimo had not cultivated an Essence Spirit and could not release the true strength of the Mingwang Prayer Beads. The most he could do was use the damaged Dharmic weapon to defend against one of the Demon Revealing Mirrors.

Now that Glass Palace had brought out four Demon Revealing Mirrors, even the Mingwang Prayer Beads couldn’t do anything about it!

“Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation!”

The four Sealers shouted at the same time with stern expressions.

Suddenly, mysterious runes lit up on the areas the four columns of light from the Demon Revealing Mirrors shone on!

Su Zimo grunted dully and the pressure on him intensified!

In the hands of four Sealers, the four Demon Revealing Mirrors had turned into a formation!

The formation pinned down on Su Zimo like a gigantic mountain and exerted pressure relentlessly, locking him motionlessly on the spot!

Su Zimo could clearly feel his bones and tendons trembling inside his body, letting out cracking sounds that were jarring!

He refused to bow down and clenched his teeth with a ferocious glint in his eyes. Channeling his bloodline with all his might, he pushed against the pressure on his spine and green veins popped on his neck.

A series of dimensional tears appeared above the four walls.

The four Sealers were devoured in succession.

However, the formation was laid down and the situation was set in stone – Su Zimo could not escape even with the death of the Sealers!

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