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Chapter 650: Broken Arm!


Zhu Yue had already been displeased with Su Zimo the entire journey. At that moment, he released his Golden Core phenomenon without hesitation and shouted, “You have to get through me first!”

“Southern Duel Star Formation!”


The heavens were initially dotted with stars.

All of a sudden, six stars shone brightly with a glaring beam and shrouded Su Zimo.

A series of terrifying auras burst forth around Zhu Yue – that was the power of his phenomenon!

“Escape yourself,”

Su Zimo patted the Golden Lion beneath him and leaped down with a cold gaze. In a flash, he vanished from the spot.


In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived beside Zhu Yue.


It was too fast!

Most cultivators could not react in time.


Su Zimo opened his mouth and Sanskrit boomed!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect who stood beside Zhu Yue and wanted to draw the line between them and Su Zimo exploded into blood mists – none of them were spared and they all died!

A single Sanskrit word blasted them to death without any corpses remaining!

Zhu Yue was shocked as well.

His Golden Core phenomenon was shaken with a single Sanskrit word!

The six Southern Duel Stars up in the heavens flashed repeatedly and showed signs of dispersion!

“How strong!”

Zhu Yue was taken aback.

In reality, if not for the protection of his Golden Core phenomenon, that single Sanskrit word would have blasted him to death given their distance!

He would not have met with a different ending compared to his sect mates.

Before that thought of his was finished, Zhu Yue felt his eyes blur.

Su Zimo’s figure did not pause at all.

His knees buckled forward like a sprinting stallion as he charged over with a surging blood qi!

His aura was terrifying!


There was a split delay between the both of them.

Immediately after, Zhu Yue’s body was sent flying and the phenomenon power that surrounded his body dispersed entirely; the six Southern Duel Stars in the skies dimmed completely.

His body hovered in midair before splitting into pieces, dying the voids red with blood!


A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

Most of the cultivators in the ancient city had heard of Su Zimo’s reputation but there were few who had seen him fight personally.

Or rather, most of the people who had seen him attack were dead.

Right now, when everyone witnessed how Su Zimo destroyed a Golden Core phenomenon domineeringly with his bare body, the blow to their mental states was immense!

How could the power of bloodline and one’s body reach such a level?

Zhu Yue was someone who was once on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Although he was ranked near the end, he was one of the paragons!

Nobody expected him to last less than a single round despite the release of his Golden Core phenomenon.

Su Zimo was strong 20 years ago.

However, the power of his bloodline and body had not reached this level.

There had not been anybody who had witnessed his actual combat strength 20 years later!

Although Ye Tiancheng’s group watched the sight with constricted pupils, they were still composed. Instead, a mocking look flashed through their eyes.

Naturally, Glass Palace was thoroughly prepared before entering the ancient battlefield this time round.

Nothing that happened so far had gone beyond Glass Palace’s expectations.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless flying swords tore through the air.

Countless spirit arts blanketed the skies.

Su Zimo stared at Ye Tiancheng who was at the highest point of the main hall and killing intent surged in his eyes. His body’s blood qi flooded and echoed with the sound of a tsunami in a shuddering manner!


Kicking off from his toes, Su Zimo vanished instantly.

Spiderweb cracks appeared on the stone slab he stood on originally and extended outwards.

A figure darted into the crowd with an unstoppable might like a human weapon, sending many cultivators flying!

Most of the flying swords and spirit arts missed.

When some of the flying swords got close, Su Zimo reached out and grabbed wildly in the void – he caught most of the incoming flying swords in his palms!


Exerting strength in both arms, he yelled!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The flying swords in his palms were snapped by his bare hands!

Most of those flying swords were supreme-grade flying swords.

The sharpness of a supreme-grade flying sword could not injure Su Zimo’s flesh!


Su Zimo opened his mouth and released Thunderclap Kill against the descent of many spirit arts.

A tremendous roar boomed forward, accompanied by the power of thunder.

The entire main hall shook!

Right in front of everyone, countless spirit arts dispersed before they could make contact with Su Zimo’s body, turning into spots of spirit light that dissipated into thin air!

The crowd was in an uproar.

There were countless rumors about the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island, however, none of them experienced the same shock as they did now since nobody saw it personally.

Right now, none of the cultivators in the ancient city realized it.

The true massacre had only just begun.

What they witnessed today was merely the tip of the iceberg for this strongest monster incarnate in history!

Su Zimo tread in thin air and nobody could match his edge!

If Su Zimo could destroy a phenomenon on the ranking barehanded, the Golden Core phenomenons of ordinary cultivators could not stand in his way at all!

He was getting closer to Ye Tiancheng.

“Senior Brother Ye, should we release the formation?”

A Glass Palace cultivator behind Ye Tiancheng whispered.

“There’s no need,”

Ye Tiancheng’s hands were hidden deeply in his robes and he smirked, remarking coolly, “I’m rather curious to test and see just how strong this monster incarnate is in monster incarnate!”

“Senior Brother Ye, there’s no need to take that risk personally… right?”

Another Glass Palace cultivator frowned.

“Take the risk personally?”

Ye Tiancheng harrumphed coldly. “In the past, I wasn’t weaker than Xi Wuya in melee combat. So, where does the risk come from?”

“Furthermore, Glass Palace is famous for body tempering! Why should I fear a beast?”

“Watch out, Senior Brother Ye!”

Everyone from Glass Palace tried to warn repeatedly.

Ye Tiancheng’s expression turned cold as he charged towards Su Zimo who was arriving.

“Su Zimo, take my punch!”

Striding forward, Ye Tiancheng’s blood qi surged and his hair flew furiously as he threw a punch towards Su Zimo’s head violently!

Although he threw out a punch, his palm was still hidden in his robes and wasn’t revealed, merely showing the shape of a clenched fist.

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo did not retreat or avoid and returned with a punch of his own!

Apart from the top of the Phenomenon Ranking, Di Yin, he had never encountered any other cultivator of the same cultivation realm who could match him in melee combat.

Ye Tiancheng’s eyes shone with uncontrollable excitement when he saw Su Zimo’s decision to take the punch head-on.


The two fists collided!

Ye Tiancheng’s sleeve was ripped apart instantly, flying away like butterflies.

Six spirit patterns shone brightly on Ye Tiancheng’s fist!

He was wearing a glove and it was a connate spirit weapon!

That was his killing move!

Therefore, Su Zimo had just collided against a connate spirit weapon head-on rather than flesh!

Their fists had already collided and it was too late to avoid even if he wanted to!

A light injury would cripple Su Zimo’s arm.

A heavy injury would result in his death if Ye Tiancheng took advantage of the situation!

“Haha, Su Zimo! Prepare to die!”

Ye Tiancheng laughed menacingly.

Before his laughter subsided, his heart sank.

There was no hint of panic in Su Zimo’s eyes – they were calm as water!

“It can’t be!”

Before that thought was finished, Ye Tiancheng shifted his gaze.

Su Zimo’s fist merely collided gently against his before turning limp. Like an anaconda, it wrapped forward along with the momentum.

Wrap, hit, pull!


A mist of blood filled the air.

Ye Tiancheng’s arm was ripped off by Su Zimo just like that!

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