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Chapter 649: Massacre

Under the lead of the Glass Palace cultivator, everyone from Southern Duel Sect arrived at the center of the ancient city and entered a majestic grand hall.

At that moment, there were many cultivators from various major sects and factions gathered in the hall.

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect did not stand out when mixed in the crowd.

Around them, there were many cultivators riding on ancient remnant beasts and it was bustling with the roars and cries of countless demon beasts.

In fact, some Golden Cores rode on ancient war chariots that were pulled by ferocious wyrms and some of them even stood on ancient ferocious birds – all of them looked imposing!

There was nothing special about Su Zimo riding on a Golden Lion.

“What’s the reason why Glass Palace invited us to this banquet?”

“I’ve got no idea as well nor do I know what’s the purpose of this banquet.”

“I think that it should be for the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island. They probably intend to have us help out and make contact with them the moment anyone sees any trace of that person.”

The crowd was bustling with noise.

Any cultivator that was famous could gain a seat in the main hall.

Some of the itinerant cultivators or cultivators from minor sects merely stood outside the main hall and watched by the sidelines.

Zhu Yue glanced at Su Zimo beside him and smirked, raising his head. “Fellow Daoist Su, if not for our Southern Duel Sect, you won’t be able to enter at all given your status, got it?”

“Entering this main hall might not be a good thing either,” Su Zimo remarked indifferently.


Zhu Yue scoffed coldly. Just as he was about to rebut, Tang Shiyun interrupted them and pointed to the side. “Hurry, look! Someone’s heading over!”

Not far away, a group of cultivators arrived in the skies.

Their leader was a man in faint golden robes with hands behind his back. He had a dignified demeanor and sharp brows that complimented his sharp gaze, seemingly able to reflect a rainbow glass light through his eyes.

“That’s Ye Tiancheng of Glass Palace!”

“So, that’s him! I heard that after the death of the number one Perfected Being of the North Region, Xi Wuya, 20 years ago, Ye Tiancheng was the one who replaced the former.”

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold at the mention of Ye Tiancheng.

Demoness Ji had told him previously that the one who led the cultivators to massacre the 13 cities of Yan Country was Ye Tiancheng, one of Dao Being Xuan Yu’s disciples!

Shifting his gaze behind Ye Tiancheng, Su Zimo narrowed his gaze.

Two old men with gray hair followed close behind, seemingly stiff in their movements. However, both of them gave Su Zimo an extreme sense of danger!

They were Sealers!

Those two old men were definitely Sealers of Nascent Soul realm!

Su Zimo sneered internally.

In reality, although Sealers in the ancient battlefield were Nascent Souls that could release Dharmic powers, they did not pose much of a threat to him!

That was because the ancient battlefield was a pocket dimension that was unstable.

There were way too many restrictions for Sealers.

As long as they were to invoke the strength of Nascent Soul realm, they would cause a fluctuation, resulting in a dimensional tear that would devour them!

In other words, Sealers only had a single opportunity to attack.

If they failed, they would be the ones dead!

Behind the three of them were dozens of Golden Cores.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Tiancheng and everyone else had already arrived at the foremost of the main hall. Surveying the surroundings and looking down at the many cultivators below, he let out a pensive smile.


Although Ye Tiancheng’s voice was neither loud or soft, it echoed through the entire main hall.

The crowd gradually went silent.

“I’m sure everyone’s curious about the intention of today’s banquet,”

Ye Tiancheng laughed and said, “Actually, it’s nothing much. We just don’t want to let everyone miss out on a good show.”

The cultivators below revealed puzzled expressions.

Slowly, Ye Tiancheng said, “I’m sure everyone has already heard that a monster incarnate appeared in the North Region. He’s inhumane and murdered millions of cultivators, even declaring that he wants to kill off cultivators of Glass Palace.”

“I’ve heard of him!”

“Divine Phoenix Island’s monster incarnate!”

“I know! That man’s name is Su Zimo!”

“Yes, I heard that he loves to wear green robes and looks like a scholar.”

A series of voices sounded from the crowd.

The expressions of everyone from Southern Duel Sect changed as they turned around slowly to look at Su Zimo beside them by instinct.

The more Zhu Yue listened, the more unnerved he became and his eyes flickered with uneasiness.

Su Zimo patted him gently on the shoulder and said with a gentle voice, “Don’t be afraid.”

Zhu Yue shuddered and his hairs stood on end.

Ye Tiancheng’s gaze shifted towards the group from Southern Duel Sect and said with a fake smile, “Let me tell everyone… that monster incarnate is among you right now!”

The crowd was in an uproar!

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect was flustered and looked at Su Zimo in fright, retreating as quickly as they could to put distance between them and the latter.

Many cultivators followed Ye Tiancheng’s gaze and gradually noticed Su Zimo as well.

“It’s him!”

“Divine Phoenix Island’s monster incarnate!”

“He has truly come!”

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was isolated in the entire main hall.

Tang Shiyun was rooted to the spot, somewhat lost and dazed as she looked at Su Zimo, as though she could not manage to react.

Despite the circumstances, Su Zimo’s expression was still calm. He turned around and asked gently, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“I don’t know,”

Tang Shiyun shook her head with a conflicted expression. “I only know that you’ve saved me and is my benefactor. I can’t…”

On the contrary, Zhu Yue turned to Ye Tiancheng after distancing himself from Su Zimo, declaring agitatedly with cupped fists, “Fellow Daoist Ye, I’m Zhu Yue of Southern Duel Sect. I barely know this guy and I truly didn’t know of his identity!”

“T-That’s right! We don’t know him at all!”

The other Southern Duel Sect cultivators chimed in and could not wish for more than to draw the line between them and Su Zimo.


“We have to be cautious of everyone that isn’t of our race!”

“Kill him as revenge for those millions of cultivators!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The crowd was fervent and excited.

Everyone had bloodshot eyes and wanted to rip Su Zimo up alive!

The group of cultivators formed a torrential force that was crushing. If it was anyone else, they would have broken down even before they were attacked!

Although the Golden Lion was a pure-blooded ferocious beast, it sprawled on the ground in fear at that moment and did not dare to move.

A single spirit art released by everyone present could destroy him without any corpse remaining!

It cried internally but no tears came forth.

However, Su Zimo was still calm.

There was an invisible and unparalleled aura shrouding him. In fact, it was not weaker compared to all the cultivators inside and outside the main hall!


Ye Tiancheng reared his head in laughter and looked down at Su Zimo. “Su Zimo, to think that you would have the guts to enter this city! However, you’re not qualified to fight against Glass Palace!”

Expressionlessly, Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings and said slowly, “This is a grudge between me and Glass Palace and has nothing to do with all of you. Anyone that doesn’t wish to get involved should leave as soon as possible.”


Zhu Yue hollered and declared righteously, “You’re a demon so you’re a common enemy of all cultivators in the world!”

Ye Tiancheng sneered coldly and raised his voice, “Everyone, there’s only a single dish in tonight’s banquet… the flesh and blood of this monster incarnate! This man has a rich blood qi and his flesh contains a tremendous amount of lifeforce essence which is a great tonic! Whether or not you get to enjoy this delicacy depends on yourselves!”

Many cultivators smacked their lips instinctively and their eyes shone with excitement.

“Well, well, well!”

Su Zimo nodded and commented indifferently, “Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for the massacre!”

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