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Chapter 647: Baited

Deep at night.

Beasts roared and birds screeched. In the ancient battlefield, these various sounds intertwined and filled the world.

At the top of a towering mountain peak that was hazy with countless ancient trees, there were many powerful ferocious beasts coexisting.

However, the strange thing was that it was completely silent throughout the entire mountain!

In the leafy forests, pairs of green beast eyes appeared, gazing at the top of the mountain with fear.

Two figures stood on the mountain peak.

One of them was tall and although it looked humanoid, it was not wearing any clothes and it was covered with fur all over its body and face. Its arms were extremely long and slumped down naturally, extending to its knees!

It was clearly a demon beast!

The demon beast with long fur had a dark expression and stood on top of the mountain peak, gazing at an ancient city with a blood thirst in the depths of its eyes.

The other figure looked extremely strong with muscles that looked like steel. Covered with black and yellow stripes, it had a tiger’s head and its eyes shone fiercely.

The demon with the tiger head turned to look at the demon beast with long fur and whispered, “Boss, this ancient city withstood the test of time and is still standing right now. There’s also many cultivators guarding over it. It’s probably going to be difficult to take it down.”

“You’re afraid?”

The demon beast with long fur asked with a blood lust in its eyes.


The tiger-headed demon shuddered and shook its head.

A moment later, the tiger-headed demon asked once more, “Boss, when are we attacking?”

“Hold on, he hasn’t arrived,” The demon beast with long fur shook its head.

“What if he doesn’t come?”

“He will definitely come!”

With that said, the demon beast with long fur turned around and opened its mouth, letting out a deafening howl towards the forests beneath the mountain.

The ancient trees swayed and countless demons dispersed.


Su Zimo rode on the Golden Lion and arrived at the front entrance of the cave.

The Golden Lion looked listless and its eyes were even more lost than they were the previous day.

It was almost scared to death by Su Zimo the previous night and spent the rest of the night jittery, not daring to fall asleep. Now that it had to be awake this early, how could it have any energy left.

Of course, the greatest blow it received was mentally.

In its opinion, the only way it could leave now was if the scholar was compassionate enough to permit it to leave.

Otherwise, it would have to become a mount for this scholar for the rest of its life.

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect had reddened eyes and was drowsy as well.

Although this cave was extremely secluded, none of them dared to sleep when they heard the activity outside and spent the night fearfully awake.

Su Zimo was the only one who was energetic and seemed like he had a good rest.

He cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and his breathing and expiration was conducted even when he was asleep without being affected.

Zhu Yue glanced at Su Zimo without saying anything.

Tang Shiyun smiled and nodded in Su Zimo’s direction.

Everyone arranged themselves and under Tang Shiyun’s lead, headed for the ancient city.

Along the way, Tang Shiyun traveled beside Su Zimo and was extremely curious about him. “Fellow Daoist Su, which region did you come from?”

“North Region.”

“Oh, we’re from the South Region. The South and North regions are separated by millions of kilometers. If not for the ancient battlefield, we might not have had the chance to meet. This can be considered as affinity too.”

Zhu Yue followed behind the two of them silently with a darkened expression.

Tang Shiyun said, “Ah, right! Glass Palace is from the North Region as well! You must have heard of them, Fellow Daoist Su?”

“Yes, we’ve had some interactions before,” Su Zimo replied.

When he heard that, Zhu Yue stifled a chuckle. “Fellow Daoist Su, be careful of biting your tongue when you brag! Glass Palace is one of the immortal sects. Since you aren’t affiliated to any sect or faction, how can you be qualified to interact with them?”

“That’s not for sure,”

Afraid of another conflict between the two of them, Tang Shiyun added hurriedly.

Su Zimo smiled without replying.

Along the way, the group encountered many human corpses on the vast plains – their flesh was not dried up yet and looked horrifying.

Those humans seemed to have died the previous night.

Most cultivators who could not find a place to hide or a city with humans before nightfall would find themselves dead!

Cultivators slewed demons and demons devoured humans as well.

That was the cruelty of the ancient battlefield where ferocious beasts roamed!

At evening, a row of dark, ancient city walls finally came into view at the horizon ahead.

A vicissitude city gradually enlarged in everyone’s eyes.

When they approached, they could see cultivators standing on top of the city walls with cold expressions and sharp gazes. Wearing the same attire, it was clear that they were from the same sect.

On the city wall above the city gates, a triangular flag was erected with a massive word etched on it – Glass!

Dozens of Glass Palace cultivators stood on both sides of the city gates.

When Su Zimo’s group arrived, the city gates were about to close and the Glass Palace cultivators urged impatiently.

One of the city gates guards glared at the group from Southern Duel Sect and extended his palm, remarking without emotions, “20 Soul Nourishing Blood Ginsengs per person!”


“Isn’t it 10?”

“Why did it double?”

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect could not help but argue.

Tang Shiyun raised her brow as well, whispering to Su Zimo, “Normally, they collect 10 Soul Nourishing Blood Ginsengs from each person as an entrance fee into the city. For some reason, the price has doubled.”

“What are you complaining about?”

A guard remarked coldly with an icy expression, “The city gates are about to close. If you don’t have them, stay outside the city!”

When they heard that, the hearts of everyone from Southern Duel Sect sank.

Keeping all of them outside at this moment would be equivalent to sending them to their deaths!

Zhu Yue tidied his attire and headed front, saying deeply, “I am Zhu Yue from Southern Duel Sect. I wonder if an exception can be made?”

“Southern Duel Sect, one of the 108 upper sects?”

“Zhu Yue, someone from the previous Phenomenon Ranking?”

Two guards asked with a frown.

“That’s right!”

Zhu Yue declared proudly.

The two Glass Palace cultivators exchanged glances and nodded. “Alright, 10 Soul Nourishing Blood Ginsengs from you will do. The rest will still have to pay 20!”

They had to give some respect for any cultivators on the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking since these were true paragons.

When Zhu Yue saw the firm attitude of the two guards, he did not push further and nodded.

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect was exasperated and could only hand over the Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng that they had risked their lives for in the past few days.

Su Zimo did not have any Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng.

Tang Shiyun helped him hand over 20 automatically.

Expressing his thanks, Su Zimo said in a seemingly casual manner, “I’ll return you 10 times that in the future.”

Everyone entered the city.

Throughout the journey, Zhu Yue had not said anything.

Now that he had finally regained some dignity, he looked at Su Zimo with a provocative expression and mocked, “Su Zimo, didn’t you say that you’ve had interactions with Glass Palace before? Why didn’t you greet them earlier on?”

“How come you aren’t acting cocky anymore in front of Glass Palace?”

Su Zimo did not say anything.

He could not be bothered with Zhu Yue.

That was because the moment he entered the city, he had already sensed a faint and imperceptible killing intent!

Countless eyes hidden in the darkness gazed past his body.

One after another, spirit cranes delved into the darkness.

“The bait has been taken!”

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