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Chapter 646: News of Glass Palace

Su Zimo returned to the back of the Golden Lion, prepared to leave.

Tang Shiyun bit her cherry lips and bolstered her guts, saying with cupped fists, “Fellow Daoist Su, the skies are dark now and we’ve got to find a resting place. Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, shall we travel together? We can look after one another at the same time.”

In the ancient battlefield, the night was home to countless demon beasts and variant species of living beings!

This was a place which opened up once every hundred years. Flora grew wildly and fauna treaded overwhelmingly – many powerful living beings would awake from their slumber!

For most cultivators, traveling in the ancient battlefield at night was equivalent to having a death wish.

Naturally, Su Zimo had nothing to fear about that!

He was just about to decline when Tang Shiyun spoke again, “I know that there’s an ancient city near here where many cultivators use as a resting place. It takes around a day to get there by foot.”

In the ancient battlefield, there were many ancient cities left behind from the ancient era and could be used to defend against ferocious beasts.

If powerful sects or factions were to guard the ancient cities, they could even defend against the rush of most beast stampedes!

Tang Shiyun commented, “Furthermore, I heard that Glass Palace has occupied that ancient city all these years.”

When he heard that, Su Zimo raised his brow slightly, seemingly moved.

Tang Shiyun was delighted when she noticed that and said hurriedly.

“Glass Palace is one of the immortal sects and is the strongest body tempering super sects in the cultivation world. Their legacy disciples can even take on ferocious beasts barehanded! With that super sect guarding the ancient city, there would definitely not be any danger.”

Initially, Su Zimo had no interest in the ancient city at all.

But he changed his mind upon the mention of Glass Palace.

Back in Tianhuang Mainland, he mentioned that he was going to make Glass Palace pay by blood for the massacre of 13 cities of Yan Country!

Su Zimo nodded. “Alright, I’ll have to trouble you to lead the way.”

“It’s fine, there’s no trouble!”

Tang Shiyun replied ecstatically.

On the other end, Zhu Yue’s panting had already calmed down gradually.

He was not injured to begin with and had already recovered after this short period of rest.

However, his expression darkened as he listened to the conversation between Su Zimo and Tang Shiyun!

He lowered his head and covered his appearance with his long hair. His eyes shone coldly and a thought swam through his mind endlessly.

Right now, he had two choices.

The first was to endure everything for the time being and look for another opportunity after understanding more about this person.

The second was to strike now and release his Golden Core phenomenon with his full power without giving this man a chance to get close!

After a long hesitation, Zhu Yue chose not to attack in the end.

He could not figure out if Su Zimo had any trump cards still.

If he were to attack now and that man had unrevealed trump cards, more than his face, he would lose his life instead!

Su Zimo’s gaze had been flickering casually past Zhu Yue from time to time.

Zhu Yue did not know at all that he had just barely escaped death’s door!

He thought that he had concealed himself well. However, what he did not know was that Su Zimo’s spirit perception was way too frightening and the latter had sensed every single bit of his hostility!

If he had made any unusual movements, he would have been dead by now!

The skies were dark and night had already arrived.

“Let’s go and find a place to rest for the night,”

Su Zimo patted the Golden Lion beneath him. “Go and look for one.”


The Golden Lion replied listlessly.

As a pure-blooded ferocious beast, it naturally knew best as to where was comparatively safer in the ancient battlefield.

Furthermore, it had just been subdued by Su Zimo as a mount and was thoroughly embarrassed – it wanted nothing more than to avoid other demon beasts.

Therefore, the Golden Lion carried Su Zimo and sprinted at the front.

Everyone else from Southern Duel Sect followed close behind.

Not long after, they arrived beneath a mountain peak and located a cave.

The Golden Lion stood at the cave’s entrance and its cold eyes widened. Twitching its ears, it sniffed into the cave to check if there were other living beings.

“Go on it, it’s empty,”

Before it could detect anything, Su Zimo already patted it on the head.

Su Zimo had cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and was much sharper than the Golden Lion in terms of eyesight, hearing or smell!

The Golden Lion entered warily with slight disbelief. After taking a spin around, it discovered that there was truly nothing.

There were many turns in the cave but it was linked from the front and back with two exits.

It was better that way as well – if they truly met with an ambush, there would be an escape.

Su Zimo said, “You guys can rest near the entrance here. I’ll take the entrance at the back mountain. Once day breaks, we’ll set off from this place.”


Tang Shiyun nodded.

After mulling for a moment, Tang Shiyun pulled Su Zimo alone to a corner and whispered, eying the Golden Lion nearby, “Fellow Daoist Su, you didn’t sign a blood oath with this Golden Lion. Isn’t that way too careless?”

Su Zimo smiled and did not explain.

When she saw the nonchalant attitude of Su Zimo, Tang Shiyun reminded again, “It’s a pure-blooded ferocious beast after all. Although it’s submitting to you for the time being, it has a feral nature. You should keep a distance away from it while asleep or it might betray and kill you!”

“Got it,”

Su Zimo could tell that Tang Shiyun was saying it out of goodwill and nodded in agreement, embarrassed to correct her.

Thereafter, he left the place with the Golden Lion and arrived at the back entrance after many turns.

The night got darker.

Outside the cave, the roars of ferocious beasts echoed everywhere!

From time to time, there would be hurried and piercing screeches from birds.

The scuttling sounds of ants and insects crawling was even more unnerving.

The Golden Lion was sound asleep and drooled all over.

Su Zimo placed his arms behind his back as a pillow and closed his eyes motionlessly, maintaining the same position. Four hours passed and it seemed like he was fast asleep.

All of a sudden!

The Golden Lion turned around without any sound in the silence and opened its eyes slowly.

Those eyes were bright without any bit of drowsiness in them!

It had not slept the entire time!

They would arrive at the ancient city where cultivators gathered the next day and it would no longer have a chance to escape.

Therefore, tonight was its only chance!

The Golden Lion stared at Su Zimo who was fast asleep not far away and hesitated for a moment, lamenting to itself internally, “Forget it, I’ll spare your life tonight on account that you didn’t force me to sign a blood oath.”

Rising slowly, the Golden Lion tiptoed towards the entrance.

Before it could leave, a voice sounded in the cave.

“Where are you going?”

The Golden Lion jumped and its fur stood in shock. It did not dare to turn back at all and replied with a quivering voice, “T-To take a piss outside.”

There was no more sound behind and it seemed like it had permission to do so.

Feeling relieved, the Golden Lion tried its best to compose itself and walked out of the entrance calmly. It arrived beside a stone slab and stood as though it was pissing while looking back at the cave.

It was dark inside and silent without any activity.

Hmph, you really believed that I was going to take a piss?

The Golden Lion sneered and lamented internally, “I’m still the smarter one after all. I’ll be long gone by the time you realize what’s happening!”

Just as it turned around and was about to leave, it looked upwards by instinct.

On an ancient tree not far away, a green-robed scholar sat on a branch with bright eyes, swinging his legs idly while looking down at it with a fake smile.

“Holy sh*t, motherf*cker!”

The Golden Lion fell on its bum in shock and in its nervousness, spoke in human tongue with some funky words it had learned…

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