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Chapter 648: Dark and Windy Night

The remaining structures in the ancient city were almost entirely made from gigantic rocks and were filled with signs of age.

Some of them were mansions and others were comparatively cramped stone huts and rooms. There were even some huge palaces scattered around various parts of the city and their grandeur of the past could still be seen.

Of course, there were also many structures that looked relatively new in the ancient city that were built later on.

Although it was evening, there were many cultivators on the spacious streets of the ancient city and it was bustling.

Every few thousand feet, there would be Glass Palace cultivators walking on both sides of the streets.

There would even be cultivators patrolling in midair from time to time – security was tight!


Zhu Yue frowned slightly and remarked softly, “Something seemed to have happened for Glass Palace to send this many cultivators for the ancient battlefield this time round.”

“I guess it’s because Glass Palace is trying to attain a better position on the Glass Palace Phenomenon Ranking?” A Southern Duel Sect said.


Zhu Yue shook his head. “The Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking is an individual measure of strength and has nothing to do with the number of cultivators or the strength of any sect.”

Riding on the Golden Lion, Su Zimo listened to everyone’s discussions with an indifferent expression. However, a mocking look would flash through his eyes from time to time.”

“Fellow Daoist, please hold on,”

Zhu Yue held back a green-robed cultivator and asked with cupped fists, “Fellow Daoist, may I ask you what happened to Glass Palace? Why does it feel like they’re facing a great enemy?”

The green-robed cultivator looked at Zhu Yue from head to toe and asked instead, “Fellow Daoist, you’re not from the North Region, right?”

“I’m from an upper sect of the South Region, Southern Duel Sect,” There was a hint of pride in Zhu Yue’s voice.

After all, apart from the super sects of Tianhuang Mainland such as the immortal, Buddhist, fiend sects and unorthodox groups, the 108 upper sects were the most famous!

Indeed, the green-robed cultivator greeted them with cupped fists immediately upon hearing that and said softly, “Fellow Daoist, you don’t know but the monster incarnate of the North Region has returned alive once more!”

“Monster incarnate? What monster incarnate?”

Zhu Yue asked hurriedly.

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect closed in curiously.

The green-robed cultivator said, “There’s no other monster incarnate than the one from Divine Phoenix Island!”


A look of realization flashed through Zhu Yue’s eyes.

He had heard about some rumors regarding the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island as well.

Back in the elementary ancient battlefield, that monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island defeated all paragons and overwhelmed strong foes beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace, obtaining the Human Emperor’s recognition. Not only that, he had caused quite a ruckus in Tianhuang Mainland.

The green-robed cultivator continued, “I heard that the monster incarnate openly declared war to Glass Palace before entering the ancient battlefield, saying that he was going to murder all Glass Palace cultivators who entered!”

Tang Shiyun could not help but ask, “Why?”

“I heard it’s because Glass Palace massacred 13 cities of mortals. That’s the reason why the monster incarnate wants to kill them,” The green-robed cultivator replied.

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect was stunned.

None of them could comprehend why someone would bother offending a major faction such as Glass Palace for the sake of mortals.

“How stupid!”

Zhu Yue laughed coldly. “A single Golden Core wants to go against Glass Palace. He truly doesn’t know his place!”

Tang Shiyun raised her brow slightly. “In my opinion, I think that this person isn’t bad by nature just with the fact that he’s willing to stand up for mortals.”

“Isn’t bad by nature?”

The green-robed cultivator sneered, “When the monster incarnate reappeared, he triggered a beast stampede and murdered millions of cultivators. There were mountains of corpses and rivers of blood and you say that he’s not bad by nature?”


Tang Shiyun’s expression changed slightly.

Millions of cultivators… that was no small figure!

“That’s not all.”

The green-robed cultivator continued, “The dantian of the monster incarnate was destroyed 20 years ago. Right now, he’s a true blue demon. Anyone that isn’t of the same race is a common enemy of all cultivators in the world!”

Noticing cultivators of Glass Palace patrolling nearby, Zhu Yue remarked loudly, “That’s right! The reason why our generation of cultivators have cultivated is just so we can get rid of evil! If that b*stard dares to show himself here, I, Zhu Yue of Southern Duel Sect, will be the first to strike!”

The patrolling Glass Palace cultivators merely glanced at Zhu Yue indifferently before brushing past everyone.

The green-robed cultivator bid Zhu Yue farewell with cupped fists as well.

The group continued forward, prepared to look for an empty house to rest.

“Fellow Daoist Su, you’re from the North Region as well. Have you also heard of that monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island who murdered millions of cultivators?” Tang Shiyun turned and conversed with Su Zimo.

“I have,” Su Zimo nodded.

Seemingly interested towards the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island, Tang Shiyun asked, “Why did he have to murder so many cultivators?”

“Hmph, the reason is because he’s a demon while the cultivators are human!” Zhu Yue harrumphed and interrupted.

Tang Shiyun frowned and asked in confusion, “If so, why is he standing up for those mortals?”


Zhu Yue was rendered speechless.

Turning around, Tang Shiyun asked again, “It sounds like this monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island used to be a human. Do you know what’s his name, Fellow Daoist Su?”

Su Zimo smiled gently and replied, “I think it was… Su Zimo.”

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect froze.

Suddenly, the air was still.

A strange mood filled the air!


Tang Shiyun was the first to laugh and reached out, thumping Su Zimo on the shoulder gently with her fist and teasing, “This joke isn’t funny at all!”

“What’s wrong?” Su Zimo asked with a smile.

Tang Shiyun replied, “Haven’t you heard from that guy that the dantian of the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island was destroyed? He has no spirit energy so how can it be you?”

When they heard that, everyone from Southern Duel Sect exchanged glances and heaved sighs of relief.

A moment earlier, everyone had truly thought that Su Zimo who was beside them was the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!

However, Tang Shiyun’s words set everyone’s minds at ease.

The dantian of the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island was destroyed while everyone had witnessed Su Zimo use spirit energy personally – the two of them could not be the same person.

The night darkened and the skies were dotted with stars.

Suddenly, a Glass Palace cultivator strode over quickly and stood still before Zhu Yue and the others, greeting with cupped fists. “Our sect is holding a banquet in the main hall of the city. We’d like to invite cultivators of Southern Duel Sect to participate.”


Zhu Yue was delighted and instantly turned to look at Su Zimo with a proud and provocative expression.

Su Zimo was indifferent and merely looked up into the skies deeply. A faint smirk appeared on his lips as he murmured, “Killing on a dark and windy night…”

At the same time.

In the wilderness in a part of the ancient battlefield, a slightly rotund cultivator in gray robes walked idly.

He passed by countless ferocious beasts but none of them reacted, as though they could not see him!

Birds flew above his head, seemingly oblivious to this man as well.

The gray-robed cultivator held a folding fan and the fingertips of his right hands shifted and made contact with one another rapidly, letting go after every single touch as though he was divining something.

After a while, the gray-robed cultivator suddenly raised his head, sensing something.


His expression changed.

The countless stars in the heavens were shifting positions rapidly and the constellations above were completely disoriented.


Gasping, the gray-robed cultivator had a grim expression. “What a strong killing intent to be able to move the heavens and cause the stars to shift! Something big is about to happen!”

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